If there is a destination in the world that can deliver dream holidays, it’s certainly the Maldives. This exotic country in the Indian Ocean boasts an iconic landscape of white, powder sand beaches, shallow emerald waters, a rich undersea environment, and super extravagant resorts that give it a well-deserved spot on every traveler’s bucket list.

However, the Maldives has a uniqueness. The country is made of 1,200 small coral islands and sandbanks, and only a few of them are inhabited by locals. Actually, due to the small size of most of the islands, there is only space for one resort, thus most of the pictures that you may find on the internet are actually taken within the grounds of specific resorts.

Due to its unique topography, Maldives has now one of the highest concentrations of all-inclusive resorts in the world. Of course, the choice to go half-board or B&B is available, but is it worth it? Let’s find out why going all-inclusive is the best way to enjoy your holidays in the Maldives.

All-Inclusive Resorts offer a complete destination Experience, which is very important in the Maldives as you will spend your entire holidays within a hotel’s grounds

As mentioned above, Maldives is an island country that consists of a thousand small islets. You will spend your holidays on a single, small island, thus you have to ensure that your resort offers several dining options and things to do.

Actually, all of the all-inclusive resorts take the above into consideration, and they try to include as many dining options and activities as possible. After all, all-inclusive resorts try to deliver the destination experience with-in their grounds.

You won’t need to make extra research on things to do at the destination, as you will schedule your entire trip with one booking

For some of us, planning trips is a fun activity. For others, it’s a nightmare. Truly, planning an entire trip by yourself is quite stressful, as you have to make all the arrangements including where to eat, things to do, and organize your entire holidays from a distance. Not to mention the fact that you will have to ensure that your schedule is to the likings of the people that you will travel with.

Going all-inclusive solves this problem. You will only have to book your resort and flights. Your dining options will be included in your stay, while all the activities and things to do at the destination can be arranged by the hotel. So, you avoid all the hustle of planning with a single booking. How cool is that?  Of course, that doesn’t mean that you won’t have any control of your Maldives holidays, just their planning will become much easier.

You will be informed and be able to do activities that, otherwise, you wouldn’t be aware of

Planning your holidays in a foreign country is a hustle, and most of the time, it’s practically impossible to know all the available activities and things to do there. An All-Inclusive Resort will actually inform you of all the available activities, thus helping you enjoy your trip to its fullest.

More specifically, most of the resorts in the Maldives offer a wide range of activities to fill your days there, including water sports, wild excursions, snorkeling, and other amazing things that you can enjoy mainly in water. Of course, the most popular activity in the Maldives is laying on a white, powder-sand beach with your favorite cocktail on hand.

Finally, we would like to note that the Maldives is mainly a romantic destination, so there are plenty of romantic things to do there. However, there are several resorts that have actually included kid facilities so that families are welcome as well.

All-Inclusive Hotels in the Maldives offer special packages and offers to result in overall cheaper holidays

The first argument on all-inclusive holidays is their price compared to the B&B options. True, when booking, the price might seem to be significantly higher, but if you give it a better thought, you will realize that it’s actually much cheaper to go all-inclusive than any other option.

Most of the Maldives resorts offer special packages and offers to all-inclusive travelers like discounts on spa services, free room upgrades, free transfers, bar discounts, restaurant discounts, etc. So, your holidays will end up being much cheaper than the standard B&B option.

That said, Half Board & Full Board are great alternatives food-wise, but they are not nearly as good as all-inclusive in terms of special discounts and offers.

All your daily meals will be taken care of; thus, you won’t need to waste time on needless searching

Finding where to eat during your holidays is definitely one of the most challenging procedures of vacation planning. One could spend hours on Google Maps searching for restaurants, reading reviews, and deciding where to dine. Well, that’s not the case when you go all-inclusive in the Maldives, as all your meals will be already planned.

At the same time, for some reasons, the dining costs are never considered during the trip planning, which is wrong as they take up most of the budget during one’s holidays. In the Maldives, particularly, you will be limited to the dining options within your hotel, so going all-inclusive will result in much cheaper holidays for you.

Keep in mind that most of the Maldives resorts might boast several restaurants, but the all-inclusive package usually includes meals at the main restaurant, served in a buffet style. Of course, it is very common for the resorts to provide special offers to the all-inclusive guests for other restaurants as well.

In the end, it’s all about enjoying your vacations to their fullest 

So, these are the major reasons for someone to go all-inclusive when visiting the Maldives. Your vacations will become so much simpler and cheaper, that it would be a shame if you picked any other option. That said, the options for bed and breakfast, half board, and full board are always available, so, in the end, the choice of going all-inclusive or not is up to you and how you plan to spend your holidays in this beautiful, exotic country.

Reethi Faru: An All-Inclusive Resort in the Maldives that marries comfort with luxury in a beautiful setting

To save you valuable time, we did extensive research on the top All-Inclusive Resorts in the Maldives and found a luxury resort that not only boasts a luxury stay, but a journey full of unique experiences to remember. Reethi Faru is a premium complex of villas, that promises seclusion, luxury accommodation, and an abundance of activities for all sorts of travelers, from couples to families and solo. Its best feature is definitely the extravagant accommodation, as it offers from lavish beachfront villas, directly connected to the beach, to the iconic Maldivian overwater villas, or even the villa with the pool for those who are looking for an enhanced experiecne. Overall, there are villas for all sorts of travelers, even for those who want to go budget-friendly.

At the same time, Reethi Faru offers a fulfilling Maldivian experience within its grounds, as it’s home to several restaurants and bars, presenting a rich dining experience with tastes and flavors from every corner of this world, and has created an extensive menu of activities and excursions to fill your holidays with fun things to do. You can choose between the standard All-Inclusive Package that includes three meals per day (breakfast, lunch, dinner) served at the resort’s main restaurant in a buffet style, 2 excursions per person, and a 15 minutes massager per person per stay.

Or, you could opt for a premium All-Inclusive Stay with the Full Dine Around Experience. Which, in addition to the standard three meals per day at the hotel’s main restaurant, also includes an Afternoon Tea with an assortment of freshly prepared pastries, access to the hotel’s A la Carte Restaurants, access to many of the resort bars for chill-out evenings, special benefits and discounts at the sports activities and excursions, 15% off any spa treatment, and 10% off at the boutique range, the jewelry shop, and the souvenir shop.

Overall, it’s pretty clear that the latter package is the best option for travelers who want to make the most of their Maldives vacations. Of course, in case you are not a foodie lover, or simply want to enjoy your holidays peacefully on a white sand beach, you can go for the   Full Board Package, which is actually a great option for those not fond of fancy stuff!