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This website (hereinafter to be referred to as the “Website”) is the exclusive property of the company under the name “DESTSETTERS MARKETING & PROMOTIONAL SERVICES SOLE-MEMBER LTD”, having its seat in Athens, Attica, Greece, as is legally represented (hereinafter to be referred to as the “Company”), which exploits the Website in order to present and promote its statutory and business purposes and activities as well as to market its products and activities to the visitors/users of the Website. The use of the Website is subject to the official “Terms of Use” that can be found on the Website and which every visitor/user of the Website is advised to carefully read before navigating in the Website.

By means of the present Cookies Policy the Company wishes to inform the visitors/users of the Website particularly about the way it uses files called “cookies” and the legal conditions of their use as well as about the rights of the Website’s visitors/users with regard to the said information. More specifically:

1.         What are cookies?

Cookies are small files with information that a web page (specifically, a web server) stores on a user's computer / tablet / mobile phone so that whenever a user login to the particular site, the latter retrieves that information and provides the user with services related thereto. A typical example of such information is the user's preferences on a website, as stated by the user's choices on the site (e.g. selecting custom “choices", searches, ads, etc.). 

2.         What is the legal framework?

Cookies are governed by e-privacy Directive 2002/58 / EC as amended by Directive 2009/136 / EC (incorporated into Greek law by N 3471/2006) as explicitly provided for in the 2016/679 Protection Regulation Personal Data Recital 173.

According to the applicable law N3471 / 2006 (see article 4 par. 5 of this law as amended by article 170 of Law 4070/2012) "The installation of" cookies "is allowed only with the consent of the user and after appropriate information.

Therefore, when the user first visits the website a pop-up window appears where the visitor can declare his / her consent to the installation of the specially mentioned cookies and are non-functional cookies aimed at improving the products and services presented on the Site such as: statistical analysis cookies on the number of visitors to the site and the number of pages viewed without direct user identification, promotional cookies with information collection for online advertising purposes that are part of some general categories or areas of interest of the user by looking at the websites he sees and the links liege other websites and emails from which opens and the links it chooses from selecting ads only based on data that does not allow the user to be instantly identified.

3. Which cookies are installed?

A. With your consent

As long as you provide your consent when entering the Website in the way described above all cookies mentioned below fulfilling the following mentioned special operations shall be installed / stored.

  • Analysis Cookies

These cookies allow the Company to collect data related to the use of the Website by you, including the content you on which you ‘click’ on while navigating, aiming at improving the performance and design of the Website. These cookies may be provided by a third provider of detailed tools but are only used for purposes related to the Company’s Website. Furthermore, these cookies can remember information related to the use of the Website so that the Company can provide promotional and other information to you through the Website. They also allow the Company to store information about the route the users followed in order to reach the Website. This should be ascertained so that, among others, any associates of the Company can be paid accordingly. Τhese cookies are also used for collecting anonymous statistical data that makes it clear that the public uses the Website, while this data also helps the improvement of the Website’s structure and content.

  • Cookies Related to Promotional Services (Remarketing – Retargeting)

The Company could possibly use marketing services in order to present commercial messages to the public. Marketing - remarketing services include the promotion of commercials/advertisements through collaborating advertisers or through advertising networks using cookies of third parties. Τhese cookies are activated when you visit out Website and are read only by the relevant collaborating advertiser. Besides, the Website may use retargeting in order to secure that the presented advertisements respond to your interests. Cookies provisionally stored for this reason provide our collaborators assigned with retargeting services with the possibility of recognizing the Website's visitors (alias-name) and presenting only those products that could attract our visitors. The cookies of retargeting collaborators do not provisionally save personal or sensitive data, while the data collected is not merged with data allowing the identification of our visitors. In particular, the above services provide the Company with the possibility of:

  • evaluating success and estimating the cost of advertising,
  • spotting the advertisements you have already seen in order to avoid showing the same,
  • count the number of visitors of the Website,
  • detecting the internal search requests,
  • recognizing the condition of your connection.

B. Without Your Consent

The current legislation introduces an exception from the obligation to inform the user and request their consent with regard to the use of cookies considered "technically necessary" for achieving a connection to a webpage or for providing online services. As a result, the said necessary cookies are installed / stored in the hard disk of the computer of each visitor/user immediately after they enter the Website, regardless of their consent. The Work Group Article 29* (Recital 4/2012) has further clarified the categories of cookies falling within the above exception, as follows:

These are (see also Wp29 Opinion 4/2012)

  • Cookies' that are necessary to identify and / or maintain content entered by a subscriber or user during a session on a site throughout that connection. (For example, such cookies are required when completing an online form).

In the same category, persistent "cookies" are installed for the same purpose and last for a few hours.

  • "Cookies" that are necessary to authenticate the subscriber or user to services requiring authentication
  • "Cookies" installed for security purposes, such as "cookies" that detect repeated failed attempts to enter a user's account on a particular website.
  • "Cookies" with multimedia content, such as a "cookies" flash player, during a session on a website. Such are, for example, "cookies" that are installed by viewing a video on the website that the user has visited.
  • "Cookies" that are necessary for the implementation of the load balancing technique in a connection to a website.
  • "Cookies" that "remember" the choices of the subscriber or user regarding the presentation of the website (e.g. "cookies" concerning the choice of language or the presentation of search results on a web page).
  • "Cookies" installed through plug-ins on social networking sites and related to the sharing of content between certified members who have already logged in.


4. How to control cookies

You can delete all cookies already on your computer, as well as set up most browsers in a way that prevents cookies from being installed. However, in this case, you may need to customize certain preferences yourself whenever you visit a site, and some services may also not work.

To control and / or delete cookies according to your wishes you can visit the following link:

5. How can I accept or deny cookies on this site?

You can easily accept or reject cookies on this site by choosing one of the following links:

  • I accept cookies / I reject cookies.


6.How do I know if the cookies policy changes

Any modification to this cookie policy will be displayed in time on the Site


7. How can I contact Heads

If you have any question:

Contact us at +30 2103245142

Or Sending email to


* WP29: Established under Article 29 of Directive 95/46 / EC on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data. The Group is advisory to the European Commission but is independent of it. It is composed of a representative of the Data Protection Authorities of each Member State and examines issues of particular gravity or issues of particular interest in the protection of personal data falling under the first pillar of the EU. Consideration of these issues takes place either at the request of the European Commission either on a proposal from the members of the Group. The Group publishes opinions and working papers. ¨ Already after the 2016/679 Regulation, the Regulation operates as the European Data Protection Supervisor

Category: Necessary (3)

Necessary cookies help make a website usable by enabling basic functions like page navigation and access to secure areas of the website. The website cannot function properly without these cookies.



Cookie purpose description: Preserves user session state across page requests.

  • _csrf       HTTP 

Cookie purpose description: Ensures visitor browsing-security by preventing cross-site request forgery. This cookie is essential for the security of the website and visitor.

  • rc::c                    HTML

Cookie purpose description: This cookie is used to distinguish between humans and bots.

Category: Statistics (4)

Statistic cookies help website owners to understand how visitors interact with websites by collecting and reporting information anonymously.


  • _at.hist.#         HTML

Cookie purpose description: Used by the social sharing platform AddThis to store the user's usage history of the AddThis sharing widget

  • _ga                  HTTP

Cookie purpose description: Registers a unique ID that is used to generate statistical data on how the visitor uses the website.

    • _gat

    Cookie purpose description: Used by Google Analytics to throttle request rate

      • _gid HTTP

      Cookie purpose description: Registers a unique ID that is used to generate statistical data on how the visitor uses the website. 

      Category: Marketing (15)

      Marketing cookies are used to track visitors across websites. The intention is to display ads that are relevant and engaging for the individual user and thereby more valuable for publishers and third party advertisers.


      • __atuvc         HTTP       13 months

      Cookie purpose description: Updates the counter of a website's social sharing features.

        • __atuvs         HTTP       1 day

        Cookie purpose description: Ensures that the updated counter is displayed to the user if a page is shared with the social sharing service, AddThis. 

        • _at.cww           HTML     Persistent

        Cookie purpose description: Used by the social sharing platform AddThis

        • _fbp             HTTP       3 months

        Cookie purpose description: Used by Facebook to deliver a series of advertisement products such as real time bidding from third party advertisers 

        • at_cm           HTML      Session 

        Cookie purpose description: Facilitates the sharing function on the website - The cookie also allows websites to track and target the user with advertisement based on the user's likes and shares. 

        • at-lojson-cache-#   HTML   Persistent

        Cookie purpose description: Used by the social sharing platform AddThis 

        • at-rand            HTML   Persistent

        Cookie purpose description: Used by the social sharing platform AddThis

        • fr                               HTTP       3 months

        Cookie purpose description: Used by Facebook to deliver a series of advertisement products such as real time bidding from third party advertisers.

        • google_ama_config    HTML     Persistent 

        Cookie purpose description: Collects statistical data related to the user's website visits, such as the number of visits, average time spent on the website and what pages have been loaded. The purpose is to segment the website's users according to factors such as demographics and geographical location, in order to enable media and marketing agencies to structure and understand their target groups t o enable customised online advertising. 

        • google_experiment_mod#    HTML  Persistent

        Cookie purpose description: Used by Google AdSense for experimenting with advertisement efficiency across websites using their services. 

        • google_pem_mod    HTML      Persistent

        Cookie purpose description: Used by Google AdSense for experimenting with advertisement efficiency across websites using their services. 

        • loc                        HTTP        13 months

        Cookie purpose description: Geolocation, which is used to help providers determine how users who share information with each other are geographically located (state level). 

        • test_cookie          HTTP         1 day 

        Cookie purpose description: Used to check if the user's browser supports cookies. 

        • uvc                      HTTP          13 months

        Cookie purpose description: Detects how often the social sharing service, AddThis, encounters the same user. 

        • xtc                     HTTP          13 months 

        Cookie purpose description: Registers the user's sharing of content via social media. 

        Category: Unclassified (1)

        Unclassified cookies are cookies that we are in the process of classifying, together with the providers of individual cookies.


        • _sp         HTTP    1 year

        Cookie purpose description: Unclassified

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