The Eternal City of Rome stands gracefully at the central-western part of the Italian peninsula, seducing thousands of couples and newlyweds every year. Its picturesque alleys have seen many break-ups and new loves being born. The hidden cafes around the city have hosted many forbidden – and not only lovers and couples. Romance and Rome are deeply connected.

Rome is an all-year-round destination, so you can schedule your romantic holidays/honeymoon whenever you want. The best season to visit is Spring (April-May) and Autumn (September-November). These months enjoy plenty hours of daily sunshine, and the temperatures are ideal for many romantic activities.

Nevertheless, no matter how ideal the weather might be, your romantic experience in Rome will not be complete if you don’t choose the right accommodation. Picking a hotel in the city’s center is essential since it will save you much effort and time. Its central location is one of the reasons why we picked CasaCau Apartments near Fontana di Trevi.

Let’s start your trip by checking in!

CasaCau: Vintage-Style Apartments near Historical Fontana di Trevi!

Being in the very heart of Rome, CasaCau Apartments will give you the freedom to navigate the city with ease and comfort. The apartments provide amenities and services that you would find only in the best hotels in Rome, upgraded with unusual and straightforward treats tailor-made to match your preferences.

CasaCau is in a 17th-century residential building that the owner, Mr. Pino Cau, converted into six apartments, aspiring to give true luxury to their guests. The building’s restoration was made carefully to preserve its historical character, furtherly upgraded with modern, contemporary touches. All apartments feature a unique design, offering a different stay to the traveler.

The Left and Right Corner Apartments are both fantastic for romantic holidays. The Left Corner is a bright room with an installation-bed in the middle. It has a spacious bathroom with Turkish bath and tub, while its open plan kitchen is superb for cooking. It’s a work of Martin Bachmann. The Right Corner stands out for its bed; overlooking the square and crowned by a large stuffed painting that reproduces a specific Roman fresco found in the “room of Livia”. These rooms can be joined to host two couples.

You will find a common room on the first floor called Sala Cau. There you may sit, relax, enjoy a cup of tea and socialize with other guests, or even read a book!

Now that you have learned a little about the hotel let’s discover romantic activities to do in Rome!

5 Romantic Activities to do in Rome!

A survey by Telegraph Travel showed that Rome comes third in the question “Where would you rather spend Valentine’s Day?”. It was only topped by Paris and Venice but is there a city that can mix history with urbanity as good as Rome? We think not!

Date #1: Make a wish at Fontana di Trevi!

2 minutes walking from the hotel, Trevi Fountain will be the first stop for your romantic evening in Rome. Mainstream? Yes! Romantic? Absolutely! No one can deny Fontana di Trevi’s beauty, especially when it’s lighted in the evenings. The project was fully restored recently and its more stunning than ever.

The fountain has been  used as a backdrop for many Hollywood blockbusters like Three Coins in a Fountain. Rumors say that throwing a coin into the fountain ensures that you return to the Eternal city. The money gathered every year are donated to charity!

Date #2: Go on a Cruise on the Tiber River!

Photo Credits: Viator

Venice might be reputed for its romantic gondola rides but nothing compares to a cruise at Tiber River. Tiber River is the third longest river in Italy and it passes through the city of Rome on its way to the coast at Ostia.

Hop on one of the various types of cruises like the the Wine Bar Cruise or the Dinner Cruise with Live Music, and watch Rome’s ancient sights from the water.

Date #3: Walk across Villa Borghese’s lush gardens!

Photo Credits: Get your Guide

Villa Borghese will impress you with its lush gardens and marvelous art collection, especially if you are visiting in Spring and Summer. Villa Borghese’s amazing art collection is housed at the Galleria Borghese Museum, which is definitely a must-visit.

What makes Villa Borghese so romantic is, of course, its beautiful, secluded gardens. Walk along the villa’s beautiful leafy garden and admire its huge trees, beautiful statues and little hidden fountains!

Take Me Rome!
Discover Rome from a different scope. Casacau offers a unique way to discover the city, rather than the common boring tours. Walk along unusual paths and discover Rome’s endless beauty. Put on your best running shoes and explore the city’s ancient landmarks through running.

Not as romantic as other activities, but surely a must-do!

Date #4: Walk across Ponte Sant’Angelo during Sunset!

Also called Aelian Bridge, Ponte Sant’Angelo is a Roman Bridge that was built in 134 AD. It is one of the most beautiful bridges in the world, connecting the Eternal City to Saint Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican.

Walk across the bridge during sunset hours and enjoy the breathtaking sunset landscape with Vatican as your backdrop.

Date #5: Dine at the hidden restaurants near Tiber River!

The seductive alleys near Tiber River are home to a wide range of traditional Italian trattorias and gelaterias that can host the most intimate moments of your romantic holidays in Rome. Its great location makes it excellent for romantic dinners and unexpected proposals. The streets packed with street musicians filling the air with music and local artists displaying their paintings to the public. It has three fountains with a seating around them, where you can stop off after your dinner and enjoy Italian Ice Cream!

Five activities, five more reasons to fall in love with your partner. In the end, Rome is such a romantic city, that you will find romance even in the simplest things. A stroll in the evening at the city's picturesque alleys will definitely prove us right. Don't delay your romantic trip at Rome any more and start scheduling your holidays by   checking prices at CasaCau here!