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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions of use


1.1 The following Τerms & Conditions of use of this web-site, owned by “DESTSETTERS MARKETING & PROMOTIONAL SERVICES SOLE-MEMBER LTD” (hereinafter “the Company”) are an integral part with the document titled "GRANTING BY USER OF LICENSE TO USE IP RIGHTS & OTHER MATERIAL", with the PRIVACY POLICY and with the COOKIE POLICY. In case a written agreement is executed between the Company and the User (either User-Hotel or User-Person), the written agreement will, also, apply cumulatively. By using this web-site, you, the User, agree to comply with and be bound by the following Terms & Conditions of use, which together with the document titled "GRANTING BY USER OF LICENSE TO USE IP RIGHTS & OTHER MATERIAL", the PRIVACY POLICY, the COOKIE POLICY and the written agreement (if a written agreement between the Company and you has been executed) govern your legal relationship with Company. In case you disagree with any part of these Terms & Conditions and/or the document titled "GRANTING BY USER OF LICENSE TO USE IP RIGHTS & OTHER MATERIAL" and/or the PRIVACY POLICY and/or the COOKIE POLICY please do not use this web-site. These Terms & Conditions may be amended by us at any time and at any frequency without specific notice to you. The latest Terms & Conditions will be posted on this web-site and you should review them carefully prior to using this web-site.

1.2 The Company owns and runs, among other projects of the tourism industry, Travel by Interest (TBI), which is an Online Hotel Search & Content Creation Platform. One of its scopes is to present selected hotels and/or properties sorted in various themed hotel collections and generate new and original content for the hotels and/or properties as well as new and original travel related content. This Terms & Conditions, the document titled "GRANTING BY USER OF LICENSE TO USE IP RIGHTS & OTHER MATERIAL", the PRIVACY POLICY and the COOKIE POLICY refers and applies to all services and activities provided by the Company to the User as well as for all on going and future Company's projects, both offline and online (including, as defined herein, and/or in written agreement(s) between the Company and the User, if written agreement(s) has/have been executed. 


2.1. The User-Hotel can submit to TBI a request for registration for FREE, using the dedicated online form (

2.2. The Request for registration in TBI does not guarantee the User-Hotel’s registration in the Travel by Interest website ( TBI will evaluate the request and may accept or reject the request at its sole discretion, depending on whether the criteria and standards of TBI are met. For more information on the TBI criteria, please contact In case TBI rejects the User-Hotel’s request for registration for the said reason, the User-Hotel may submit again in the future a registration in TBI and TBI shall accept the request if the criteria and standards of TBI are fulfilled (or reject the request again if they are not fulfilled etc.).

2.3. Upon the acceptance of the request for registration and the publication of the User-Hotel’s profile page, TBI will determine in which Hotel Collections the User-Hotel will be featured in. These Hotel Collections can be defined by segment (gay, luxury, food, wellness), by special destination features, by special themes or can be created by collaborating Travel Experts. TBI has the right to remove a User-Hotel from any Hotel Collection at any point if the criteria and standards of TBI are  no longer met or include it in a new Hotel Collection without requesting additional license from the User-Hotel or consent, which is hereby granted by the Hotel-User.

2.4. Upon approval by the TBI of the Hotel-User's request, the Hotel-User will be able to access its dedicated Hotelier Account (providing its username-e-mail and creating its password) and complete the necessary steps for providing all the required by TBI information. After the successful completion of all the steps, TBI will create and publish the Hotel-User's FREE Profile Page.

2.5. The Profile Page shall (or may) include the following, for which the Hotel-User grants to TBI full license of use according to the terms of "GRANTING BY USER OF LICENSE TO USE IP RIGHTS & OTHER MATERIAL":

- The hotel’s logo and photo and/or video material

- The hotel’s main features and facilities

- The hotel’s room types with images and facilities

- The hotel’s exact location on the map, with the most popular places & landmarks around

- Direct integration with the hotel’s official booking engine (provided that the hotel will provide to TBI all the requested technical info and provided that such integration is technically possible through the hotel’s official booking engine provider). The direct integration of the booking engine will allow travelers to set their search criteria in TBI website and receive the availability and prices results within the hotel’s official booking engine. TBI will not keep any commission for any confirmed booking and will not have any access to the hotel’s official booking engine system/statistics. TBI is not responsible and does not guarantee increase of sales.

- A dedicated button leading to the hotel’s official website.

2.6. The User-Hotel will also have access to the below tools:

2.6.1. Dedicated Hotelier Account

Through its account, the User-Hotel may track its performance statistics for any piece of content within TBI (paid or not paid). These statistics include profile page visits, website visits, price check actions, hotel interactions etc. and are provided for content related to the User-Hotel within Specifically, the User-Hotel has access to its dedicated statistics for all the hotel collections it is included in, for all of its landing pages (general profile page, segmented profile pages, map page etc), for all its offers and for all the articles it has been included in.  

Through its account, the User-Hotel is also able to update its profile by uploading new images, new information, new room types, change website URL, change logo etc.

2.6.2. Through its account, the User-Hotel is also able to create and publish special offers, that will appear in the User-Hotel's landing pages within Each offer has its own landing page and its own statistics, which can be tracked through the User-Hotel’s dedicated account.

2.6.3. Through its account, the User-Hotel is also able to request a special campaign by TBI (e.g. Search Campaign, Social Campaign, Hotel SEO Article). Following the request, TBI will contact the User-Hotel in order for both parties to negotiate and reach or not an agreement. 

2.7. The User-Hotel’s profile page will remain published indefinitely, unless the User-Hotel requests its removal or the criteria are no longer met, in which case TBI shall remove User-Hotel's profile page.


3.1. The User-Person can register to TBI for FREE, using the dedicated online form ( The User-Person, following the registration to TBI, has the status of  "Traveler" and may acquire the status of "Travel Expert" according to the following terms. 

3.2. The Profile Page shall (or may) include the following:

- Profile picture

- Cover picture

- Country

- A short bio

- A personal web-site

- Personal Facebook profile link

- Personal Instagram profile link

- Personal LinkedIn profile link

- Personal Twitter account link

- Personal YouTube channel link

3.3. The User-Person may have access to the below tools in TBI:

3.3.1. Save hotel collections by interest, theme, destination feature or Traveler/Travel Expert, as well as articles published in TBI. These saved hotel collections can be retrieved within the user-person’s profile page and will be accessed only by the user-person.

3.3.2. Create their own hotel collections, which may the below features:

- Hotel Collection Name

- Hotel Collection Description

- Hotel Collection Cover Photo

- The User-Person can choose any hotel that is already register in TBI and add it in any of their personal hotel collections. These hotel collections are accessible only by the User-Person and only within their personal account page, unless the User-Person chooses to submit a collection to TBI for approval. Following TBI's evaluation, the submitted for evaluation collection may become or not, at TBI's sole discretion, published. In case the collection submitted for evaluation is published, the User-Person is upgraded from Traveler to Travel Expert. Following the upgrade, the User-Person acquires a new, public profile page, which is accessible by anyone and which features the User-Person’s provided details as described in article 3.2. of these Terms & Conditions. Any hotel collections that have been created by the User-Person and have been made published by TBI, are listed in the User-Person’s public profile page and may also appear in different pages within TBI's web-site.


4.1 The Terms & Conditions set out the full extent of the Company's obligations and liabilities in respect of the service offered by the Company through TBI, unless as differently agreed in a written agreement between the Company and the User. With the reservation of the Company's rights stated in a written agreement and provided by law, there are no warranties, conditions or other terms that are binding on the Company except as expressly stated in these Terms & Conditions. 

The Company assumes no liability in case of:

(a) non-availability, non-performance, poor performance of services by third party providers (including technical malfunctions and/or the maintenance of TBI and/or third party's manipulation of TBI etc.); 

(b) acts, omissions and errors of third party providers and third parties (third party's manipulation of TBI, bugs, errors, problems or other limitations, viruses etc.); 

(c) force majeure and events which are not under the direct control of the Company; 

(d) information and material available on TBI which is provided and/or licensed by third parties (including the third party providers) or has been collected by third party sources (including the third party providers);

(e) comments and/or content published on TBI by any user; 

(h) any information provided to the Company by users (including the User-Hotel and the User-Person) through TBI.   

4.2 You agree to indemnify, defend and hold the Company harmless from and any liability, loss, damages, claim and expense (including reasonable attorney's fee) related to your violation of these Terms & Agreements or use of this web-site.


Unless otherwise indicated, the contents of the web-site are the exclusive intellectual property (registered or unregistered) of the Company and/or its content suppliers (as applicable). The compilation of all content included in or made available through the web-site and the look and feel of the web-site is the exclusive property of the Company. You may not use, copy, extract, re-utilise any content or parts of the content of the web-site for any reason (including commercial and/or competitive) without the Company’s express written consent. Where technically facilitated by the Company Users can share online certain content of the web-site. All trademarks, trade-names, company names, distinctive titles, distinctive signs, logos, brands and in general all intellectual property rights not owned by the Company that appear on the web-site are the property of their respective owners. TBI contains, also, material which is licensed to the Company. Reproduction is prohibited, unless the prior written approval has been given by the Company and/or the owner of the material.


The web-site may include hyperlinks to websites and content owned and administered by third parties. The Company is not responsible for examining or evaluating the said websites and contents and does not assume any responsibility or liability for the products, information and content of the said third party websites and contents and for the actions of the said third parties. 


7.1 The content of any comments made by you in TBI must be true, accurate and lawful and compliant will all applicable laws and must not infringe any intellectual or proprietary right of the Company or of any third party. The content of the comments must not be libelous, obscene, defamatory, pornographic, harassing, threatening, invasive of privacy or publicity rights, abusive, or otherwise objectionable. Comments must not serve any commercial or advertising purpose. The Company takes no responsibility and assumes no liability for any content posted by any user (including you, the User-Hotel or User-Person). The Provider reserves the right to adjust, refuse or remove comments at his sole discretion.

7.2 In addition to the provisions set out by legislation and to the provisions of the document titled "GRANTING BY USER OF LICENSE TO USE IP RIGHTS & OTHER MATERIAL" and the PRIVACY POLICY and the COOKIE POLICY and a written agreement between the Company and you (if a written agreement has been executed), the User, you may not:

- use obscene or offensive language,

- place on TBI any material which is defamatory, hateful, discriminatory, abusive or which applauds, entices, encourages abuse, discrimination or hate,

- place any material which may give rise to liability or is otherwise unlawful,

- place any material owned or licensed to any person or legal entity other than yourself, unless a prior written consent by the owner or licensor has been given to you,

- place any material that authorizes, enables or encourages the dissemination of junk mail or chain letters.


Official correspondence and communication between the parties will be made via the official e-mail addresses of each party in English or in Greek. All email messages exchanged between the parties are considered as valid and official (this includes emails concerning pricing or agreements between the parties). The Company’s official e-mail addresses are all the e-mail addresses followed by and


To the extent permitted by law, all services provided by the Company under these Terms & Conditions is subject to Greek law. Any dispute or discrepancy arising from the application or interpretation of these Terms & Conditions will be submitted to the Courts of the City of Athens, which have exclusive competency over any other venue. The exclusive jurisdiction of Athens Courts includes interim measures, temporary restraint orders and disputes arising from tort.

If any of these provisions cannot be applied for whatever reason, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions of the Terms & Conditions.

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