Santorini's unique landscape has gifted the island a worldwide reputation, and thousands tourists visit it every year to enjoy its picturesque white-washed alleys, beautiful sea views and exquisite sunset views. It's naturally the perfect romantic destination, however, the past few years, more and more families and solo travelers are interested to take a bite of its charm.

Fortunately, Santorini is packed with many wonderful activities to do either you are a family, couple or solo travellers. In this list we are going to focus on things to do that we would recommend to anyone visiting in Santorini. If you want to find activities for families, we highly recommend you read this article that focuses on this subject.

So, what kind of activities can you do in Santorini? All sorts of! But, one common characteristic among them is that they are all somewhat luxurious. From beautiful catamaran cruises in the caldera, to wine-tasting tours and luxurious dinners overlooking the sunset.

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1. Go on a Catamaran Cruise in the Caldera

Catamaran Cruises is one of the most popular things to do in Santorini, loved by all kinds of travellers. You can either go with a private catamaran cruise (favored by couples and large groups of friends), or you can enjoy a shared ride with other guests. Usually these cruises last for hours. On top of the catamaran, you will be enjoy fruity cocktails, delicious Greek food, and, of course, the beautiful views of the Aegean. These cruises tend to last until sunset, as many people think that from the sea is the best way to admire Santorini's sunset.

2. Try popular local wine labels with a Wine Tour

Santorini is the result of a tremendous volcano eruption that happened thousand of years back. This dreadful event has given Santorini its beautiful landscape, as well as a rich soil for grapes (and not only) to thrive. Santorini might be the most popular wine production area in Greece, so a wine tour is a must. There are plenty of wineries on the island that will guide you to the local vineyards, inform you about the local varieties, and, of course, let you try them accompanied by delicious local treats like olive oils, sun-dried tomatoes and more.

3. Stay in a Hotel in the Caldera

Your vacations in Santorini won't be complete unless you choose the right accommodation. Choosing a hotel in the caldera is now considered part of the Santorini experience. After all, nothing beats waking up in your cave suite, overlooking the breathtaking Palea Kammeni. These hotels are usually luxurious, so the budget is a bit higher - it's definitely worth it. Choose a suite with a private balcony/terrace and enjoy your breakfast overlooking the beautiful sea. If you feel avant-garde, we highly urge you to pick a room with a private jacuzzi/infinity edge pool - it will be your favorite spot to be during the evenings.

4. Enjoy Greek Cuisine with a Modern Gourmet Touch

Santorini is great for many reasons, but traditional Greek cuisine is not one of its strong characteristics. If you want to enjoy traditional Greek Cuisine, Crete might be a better option for you. However, if you want to enjoy Greek Cuisine with a modern twist, then Santorini will definitely surprise you. The island is home to an abundance of awesome luxury restaurants, serving gourmet cuisine in a beautiful setting. Many restaurants also offer private dinners overlooking the Caldera, which is a particularly popular activity.

5. Go Beach Hunting at Santorini's Multicolored Beaches

Santorini might not be known for its abundance of beaches, but the very few beaches around the island are exquisite and unique. Kamari Beach is the most popular beach on the island, known as one of the largest beaches on the island. The beach is also known for its black sand! The Red Beach is also very popular but it can get pretty hectic during summer. As the name suggests, it boasts red sand. Close to the red beach, there is also the White Beach that took its name from the surrounding white cliffs.

These are the top five things to do for every tourist in Santorini. Of course, there are tons of other things to do, but nothing beats a walk at the Caldera during sunset time. Feel free to stroll around the picturesque alleys of Oia, Imerovigli and Fira, and take some of the most memorable shots with backdrop the Aegean and Palea Kammeni.