Summer gaycation sounds amazing, but we still have to wait a couple of months more for it to happen. Until then, there’s one thing that’s amazing just the same, and that’s your annual winter gay vacation! It indeed sounds like the perfect getaway, especially if you’re into cold weather, but even if you’re not – why not face the snow and wind somewhere where you’ve never been before? You might opt to visit an exotic destination and enjoy the sun while it’s still freezing in your own home country, but the best idea would probably be to actually enjoy the perks of winter and visit a place that’s beautiful while it’s covered in snow, such as Iceland, Norway or Canada. However, if you haven’t had a winter gay vacation up to this point, or you have never been to a cold destination, you probably have no idea what the essentials for packing are. Take a look:

The down jacket

The most important thing that you need to take with you to a cold destination is definitely a cool down jacket. Making sure it’s quite fashionable is a must, but know that you should choose a good and warm down jacket– remember that this is your first line of defense against the cold weather. If you’re visiting a place where it rains or snows a lot, opt for a down jacket that’s waterproof so as not to get soaked.

Scarves and hats

Moreover, put scarves and beanie hats on the top of your to-pack list. They are very often overlooked, yet are extremely important for any cold weather destination. Since the body loses heat and grows colder when the skin exposed to cold air (especially your neck!), having a fashionable scarf will come in handy. As far as protecting your head goes, you can always choose to rock the hood that’s attached to your jacket, but you could also opt for a cool beanie hat that’s always quite trendy, especially if it matches your scarf and your jacket at the same time. It’s important to wear it with style! Remember that the scarf will not only protect your neck but your mouth, cheeks and nose as well. After all, why not use the scarf as an accessory, since there’s nothing else that can accentuate your fashion sense in the cold?

Cool underwear

It doesn’t matter where you’re going, if it’s a gaycation, then you know you’ll be looking for some hanky panky on the side. As the weather is quite cold and you cannot really be wearing see-through shirts to show how sexy you are, bring your secret weapon –sexy underwear. The definite must-haves are men’s boxers and make sure that you take with you the best pairs that you own, or simply purchase new ones for the occasion. Moreover, pack your thermals if you plan to go skiing– it’s better to come prepared as you never know how cold it will get.

Trendy shoes and boots

Packing would have been quite easy if it was the summer gay vacation we were talking about, but packing the essentials that are fashionable and cool is quite difficult now. As far as footwear is concerned, it gets even more complicated, as finding shoes that are fashionable, sexy and appropriate for these weather conditions is a difficult task. However, finding fashionable winter boots is not impossible; there are brands that produce really pretty ones. In any case, nobody will be looking at your shoes while you’re covered in snow, and the most important thing here isn’t to be fashionable, it’s to stay warm and dry. If you choose boots that are not that warm but they’re still waterproof, make sure to have extra pairs of socks.

Lip balm and sunscreen

If you want to experience some kissing, you need to take care of your lips. They might crack due to cold weather, so get yourself a good lip balm to always keep them fresh and clean. The lip balm will also give you an extra layer of protection against the harsh wind and cold weather. Apart from that, don’t forget to bring your sunscreen – contrary to popular belief, UV rays penetrate the clouds even when it’s not sunny, and you need to do whatever you can to protect your skin. In fact, UV rays are even more harmful and more penetrative in winter.

You might find yourself in your bedroom thinking “What the Hell am I going to pack for this?” So, unless you want that to happen, make sure to bookmark this article and always have it by your side. You will definitely need it!