How do you plan your travel destinations? Based on beautiful beaches, snowy mountains, Instagrammable landscapes? Or perhaps food? Every foodie likes to choose their destination based on the latter, and honestly, these trips are always filled with excitement and are quite unique. If you want to travel somewhere and eat good food or try something new, it’s very important to think outside the box. It’s not only Italy, China or Mexico that offer authentic cuisines; it’s every country in the world. So here are five excellent destinations for every food lover out there, so pack your bags and your utensils, book your ticket and simply let your palate enjoy.

Crete, Greece

The cuisine in Crete is simply one-of-a-kind. Not only does it embrace all the best from Greek cuisine, but it’s also one of the healthiest in the world. And even though healthy is not a synonym for tasty, you simply have to try it out as you will love it. If you happen to visit this amazing Greek island, make sure not to look for gyros and souvlaki only, as the cuisine here has so much to offer. First of all, it features the three F’s – freshness, fragrance and family, so each dish is rich in wild herbs and greens. Also, Crete has some of the tastiest fruit and vegetables in the world – nothing exotic, but each fruit and vegetable is crispy and completely fresh. If you want to experience this magnificent island, make sure to know which hotel to book as some might help you out in your pursuit for tasty food.

Madrid, Spain

Moving on to another European country – Spain. Yes, Spain indeed has a truly unique cuisine. First of all, you need to taste their paella, which is basically rice cooked with seafood, and you cannot try it out anywhere else in the world. If you have a sweet tooth, you will simply love their churros. However, you need to know where to get the best ones, and here you go: there’s a small chocolateria called San Gines that has been around since 1894 and is one of Madrid’s culinary treasures. What you also need to taste in Madrid are the tapas and always opt for a brunch – it’s simply amazing.

New South Wales, Australia

Australia is never associated with food, even though each part of it has some unique specialties that everyone should try out. Going to New South Wales is a great idea if you want to try something new, as this part of Australia is really known for its cuisine. You can hit a great restaurant where you will try everything it has to offer, such as the great Mollymook NSW restaurant, but mind that you might spend quite some time there as you will have the need to try everything. If you’re looking for specialties, make sure to have Sydney rock oysters or fish such as mullet, yellowfin tuna or John Dory. As far as the drinks are concerned, try their amazing wines such as Shiraz or Semillon.

Cologne, Germany

Cologne really is an underdog. This great town in Germany is very popular for its sweets, so if you want to try them out, you know where to go. Your first stop should definitely be the Lindt Chocolate Museum, and if you’ve ever tried Lindt chocolates, you will know what we’re talking about. Everything in Cologne is a mixture of chocolate and coffee, which definitely sounds like fantasy. So, if you’re up for a challenge, book a hotel there – some of them might help you explore the culinary scene even more!

New York 

Finally, let’s talk about New York. Everyone wants to go there because of the party scene, Manhattan or Central Park, but the real reason you should go there is because of the food. Even though it’s considered as junk, New York has indeed one of the most authentic cuisines in the world. First up, there are plenty of street food spots that you need to try out – definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Make sure to try the New York pizza and see why Joey from Friends was crazy for pizza.

All in all, you can go anywhere in the world and explore the cuisine of that particular place. Or you could go to these destinations that are proven to be the best for every foodie who is searching for their next travel destinations. These places do not only offer great food, but some amazing sights that are definitely worth seeing!