Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it also happens to be the best meal of the day. Every kid dreams of having breakfast for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and as they grow up, it doesn’t change much in that respect. If you’re a breakfast lover with a passion for traveling, there are a few destinations you have to check out. Breakfast might be the best part of every cuisine but it also varies a lot from culture to culture, and you can get to know new cultures through their breakfast traditions and enjoy your favorite meal in stylish places around the world.

Paris, France

Ah, Paris… There is no other place on Earth that is more stylish than this city, and the French are quite famous for their breakfast too. France is known for its bread and other baked goods and you’ll find they are a part of every traditional French breakfast. In the city of light, you can enjoy a lovely breakfast of croissants or toasted baguette with a cup of coffee. You can choose plain croissants and baguette slices or something with topping and filling of jam, honey, or butter. Like with fashion, the French are minimalists when it comes to breakfast too. Although simple, this morning meal is delicious and it will energize you and help you start your day on a stylish note.

New York City, USA

America might not be the place that first comes to your mind when you think about good breakfast, but there is so much more to this meal than cereals for Americans, and especially for New Yorkers. They take all of their food seriously and they managed to create a whole culture surrounding their favorite meal. American breakfast normally consists of some combination of eggs, bacon, and sausage, but they usually start each day with pancakes. It isn’t a proper breakfast unless it includes pancakes! Having one of the best food scenes in the world definitely means that breakfast in New York is amazing. The best part is that New York catering services offer great food choices, which means that people can enjoy restaurant-quality meals in the comfort of their home from the early morning.

Crete, Greece

You’ve been in love with Greek cuisine ever since you tried your first gyro, but you haven’t had a real Greek meal until you tasted their breakfast. Greeks are known for having a rich, healthy, and diverse cuisine. Breakfast is an important part of their culture as they like to start off their day the right way. Breakfast traditions do vary in different parts of Greece and the best one you can explore is Crete’s. On Crete, traditional breakfast is full of nutritious food like homemade bread, olives, and eggs with staka. A breakfast like this made with fresh produce will give you plenty of energy to explore the island and enjoy a midday swim in the sea.

Liverpool, UK

English breakfast is known far and wide. You can have it anywhere you travel but it will always be prepared best in its country of origin. A full English breakfast includes fried eggs, sausage, fried mushrooms, baked beans, hash browns, toast, and grilled tomatoes. It’s rich, it will fill you up and prepare you for the harsh English weather, and if you find yourself too busy for a lunch break during the day, no worries, you’ll probably be full at least until dinner. Although you can find a good English breakfast all over England, the best one is in Liverpool’s The Tavern Company. The public has chosen that restaurant as the one with the best English breakfast and it is the best place to try the morning specialty while in England.

Kauai, Hawaii

Hawaiian breakfast is quite a change of pace compared to the first four. It has two main variations – you can have Portuguese sausage, eggs, and rice or Hawaiian French toast, but know that whatever you chose it will be overshadowed by the plethora of fruit that is served with it. It is best on Kauai because of the fruit that is grown there. This is a breakfast with a strong foundation that will also refresh you and wake you up with all the vitamins it includes. Some of the fruit that is being served you already know but don’t limit yourself to the familiar tastes and try something you’ve never even heard of before.