Being on your honeymoon is one of the most beautiful and special feelings in the world – the wedding stress is behind you, and you can finally enjoy life with the person you love! That’s why people around the world start planning their honeymoons months before the wedding and finding the perfect destination is crucial. Of course, wherever you go will turn out to be just great because you’re together with your loved one, but, when you’re a part of a gay couple, not just any destination will do – you need to take things to a new level and find a spot that will tick all the boxes on your wish list. Therefore, here are five of the coolest honeymoon destinations all gay couples should take into consideration.


Photo Credits: Mercure Lyon Centre Château Perrache Hotel

When speaking about France, not all people immediately think of Lyon, thanks to the amazing city of Paris and the fantastic French Riviera you just have to love! However, Lyon is a surprisingly fabulous place that will astonish you again and again, not just because of its outstanding gay-friendly atmosphere, but also because it’s a place where couples feel particularly welcomed and appreciated.

And since you’re a part of a married couple now, spending a weekend in Lyon might be just the thing you’re looking for. Of course, you can always take a train ride down south, visit the Riviera and take a swim, but the time you’ll spend in Lyon, the historic sites you’ll see and the food you’ll taste are the things you’ll never forget!


SITGES, SPAIN JUNE 15, 2014 Kissing men at procession in last day of Gay pride parade in Sitges

If you’re not a fan of French culture and cuisine, you may try to visit a country that’s right next to it, but definitely much different – Spain! Finding the best gay-friendly spot in this fiery and exciting country might not be the easiest job in the world, and you’ll have a great time basically wherever you go.

But, it seems that the town of Sitges may be the spot gay couples around the world love, so you need to give it a chance as well. You can even throw your reception here, and turn your wedding into an adventure of a lifetime. You’ll certainly enjoy the food and the hospitality of local people, and the scenery is amazing, so it’s definitely a win-win situation for everybody!


If you don’t mind traveling a bit further, going to Australia is something you need to do at least once in your life. People in this beautiful country are welcoming, friendly and warm, and these are the things you need at your honeymoon.

Furthermore, the wonderful city of Sydney will give all the adventures and excitement you’re looking for – from the thrilling nightlife and dance parties to the unique Mardi Gras that’s unlike any other in the world! You can also explore some alternative ideas such as the craft bar scene that’s more than developed in this area, so going to the best craft beer bar in Sydney might easily turn out to be the most enjoyable part of your visit.


Photo Credits: Amara Bangkok

Now, this is probably the most perfect place for a gay couple – whatever you’re looking for, Bangkok has it all, and then some. Yes, the number of bars, clubs, discos, and pubs is almost unbelievably high, and you can have a great time in any place you pick, but the point isn’t the number of these establishments, but their impact.

Bangkok is currently reaching new heights when it comes to gay nightlife, and its ever-expanding gay community will be ready to welcome you, show you around, and tell you which places to see and which to avoid. After all, that kind of hospitality is what we all need when traveling, and this will ultimately turn your honeymoon into the best time of your life.


Photo Credits: The Late Birds Lisbon

If you’re looking for a romantic and exciting place that’s as far from your hometown as possible – wherever your hometown is – Lisbon is the right destination for you. It’s full of wonderful bars and exciting night clubs, but it also includes a peaceful area where you can enjoy nature and wake up to the sound of the birds.

Also, it has a huge number of great beaches you can visit with your new spouse, taking a swim and spending some time working on your tan. This will minimize your stress and help you forget all about the troubles waiting for you at home, helping you regain your inner peace. In the end, what more could you ask for?Honeymoons are all about spending time with your significant other, getting to know them and appreciate each other’s company on a more meaningful and special level, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun as well. Therefore, find a destination that suits you the most, and get ready for the time of your life!