New Zealand is becoming the premier destination for cross-country travel and outdoor adventure seekers. With nine national parks, mountains, and a rainforest across two large islands, discovering this beautiful island nation from the comfort of your campervan should be the next thing you check off your bucket list.

Making sure your campervan is fully stocked with all of the necessary essentials is important for ease and comfort on your journey. You want to enjoy the beautiful scenery and attractions while still experiencing all of the amenities of home. That’s one of the things that makes camper travel so great. 

Below, you will find a list of essentials you need in your campervan if you will be spending some time on the road.

Kitchen Equipment

Make sure the kitchen onboard your camper is equipped with all the equipment and utensils you’ll need to cook and eat during your trip. Most campervans have a small kitchen with a stove and refrigerator. Stock your camper kitchen with dishes, eating and serving utensils, pots, pans, and an electric kettle. With a sink and running water, cut down on waste with reusable dishes instead of paper plates and plasticware (or consider using eco-friendly plates instead!).

Healthy Travel Snacks

Snacking is a part of traveling. Even with a kitchen and refrigerator, you will want to have healthy snacks on hand for times between meals. Try to stay away from salty, fatty snacks. You don’t want to feel weighed down and sluggish when it’s time to hop out of your camper to explore the glowworm caves or one of the nine national parks. You also don’t want to feel hungry again soon after having a snack.

Choose something with loads of protein that will travel well like firm fresh fruit, protein bars, nuts, or trail mix. Protein keeps you feeling satisfied longer so you can enjoy the sights and not be distracted by a growling stomach.

A Good Digital Camera

New Zealand boasts some of the most beautiful views you will ever see. From Queenstown to Wanaka, there’s so much breath-taking scenery to behold. Capture the beauty of it all with a good digital camera. You don’t have to break the bank investing in a good camera. Just make sure to find one with the quality and specifications you need to capture the stunning colours, lush forestlands and cheeky keas while down at the South Island.

Whether you are hiking a nearby glacier, whale-watching off the coast, or touring the Marlborough Wine Region, take your memories with you and share them with your friends and family. Choose a camera with built-in WiFi and share your adventures instantly or upload pictures to your social media accounts as soon as you finish hiking up a mountain or relaxing in a thermal pool at Rotorua.

Wireless Devices

While you are vacationing in one of the most beautiful island countries on the planet, you will still have some downtime. Chances are you will pack at least one wireless device for your trip, like your cell phone or tablet. Your devices can provide entertainment with games or videos as well as keeping you connected while you are making your way across New Zealand.

WiFi hotspots are available all over New Zealand making accessing the internet easy for anyone with a connecting device. Cover your tablet with a military-grade classic or protective case to protect it against possible jostles as you embark on your adventures across Tolkien’s Middle Earth.

Fun Décor

It will take some time—days or weeks—to travel across all of New Zealand. Your campervan will become your home away from home. Bring life into your temporary living space with fun decor and personal items. Bring your favourite blanket or throw pillow. Hang a poster on the wall or a suncatcher from the window. Turn the beaming sun into a beautiful burst of colours. Transform your temporary home with comfort and personality and feel like you are travelling from your own living room.

Personality & Engagement

The most important thing you need to take on your trip is your glowing personality. You will be in the company of other like-minded adventure seekers and world travellers. Don’t be afraid to start some conversations and engage with new friends you will make along the way. You just might make some lifelong friends.

Whether you are travelling alone or with friends/family, take advantage of your new environment and spread your social wings. Ensuring that you have packed the essentials before your trip will let you focus on having fun, being present, and having the best vacation experience you have ever had in your life. Safe travels!