Getting married is surely a major step in one's relationship and life. It's the day when you literally devote your heart and body to your companion, swearing to spend the rest of your lives together. This day, of course, is surely one of the most important of your life, and you have to make it perfect.

So, where will you spend the most important day of your life after all? Even if you haven't thought about Cyprus before, you will seriously reconsider after reading this article. Cyprus, in general, is a very beautiful destination, characterized by the friendliness of its local people, its beautiful beaches, and, of course, its excellent food and dining opportunities.

You might be thinking that arranging your wedding in a different country could be risky and costly, except if you live in Cyprus, of course. That's not true at all! Nowadays, the hotels offer such great packages, that your wedding will cost almost the same amount of money as a regular wedding in your homeland. Of course, your wedding will become a reason for your guests to go on vacations, and they will surely love you for that.

There is only one thing that you should be cautious of when arranging a wedding outside your country, the announcement dates. Since we are talking about a trip after all, your guests might not be able to attend if you announce it the last minute, so, even if they want to, they will reject the proposal. 6 Months ahead of the wedding is a great time to send the invitation and begin the preparations.

Londa Hotel: A Few Words!

Londa is a boutique hotel that respects its branding as boutique, offering a personalized services that only a boutique hotel can offer. It is a great hotel to spend luxurious beach vacations, but also a great host of unique weddings and events. The hotel's pride, though, is its staff, which is characterized by its friendliness and high expertise.

Once you are in Londa Hotel, you will realize that even the smallest details have been given the required attention. Each one of its 68 rooms and suites features an individual character and design, meaning that there is actually a special room for every occasion!

The Honeymoon Suite is naturally the most beloved room for newlyweds and honeymooners, featuring a luxurious circular bed to keep you out of the ordinary, a free standing Jacuzzi bath where you can relax, huge throw cushions, and stunning views over the Mediterranean!

Of course, the hotel's staff is more than willing to further upgrade your romantic experience by fulfilling every request of yours, either this is a beautiful bouquet of roses, a bottle of champagne, or even rose petals on your bed!

We would recommend you to visit Londa Hotel before the wedding, in order to arrange the wedding areas and such.   Click here and Book Directly from the Hotel!

A Luxurious Wedding at Londa Hotel!

To start planning your wedding, all you have to do is to fill in and send the required form for wedding proposal. to the hotel. There, you will be able to provide all the facilities that you would like to use, include your personal details, and give more specifications about your inquiry. After that, you simply have to wait for the hotel to come back to you, with more details and information.

Your Wedding Day can start either with a luxurious wedding breakfast at Caprice Restaurant, or a relaxing treatment in the Spa. The hotel will make an appointment with a professional hairstylist who will give the perfect haircut to the groom and an impressive hairstyle to the bride that can keep up to the elegance of the wedding dress.

Regarding your suits and outfits during your wedding, the hotel will make sure that they will be ready on time. A professional make-up artist will make sure to make you look natural and beautiful at your wedding!

The Wedding  Ceremony can either take place at the hotel grounds, or on the beach. The options to arrange your wedding in a catholic church or in the city's town-hall are also available!

A special dinner will be served at Caprice Restaurant, while Α-Ω room is the perfect place to enjoy the after party with live music and DJ. Since we are talking about YOUR wedding day, the hotel is more than willing to customize your wedding day as much as you want!

Romance in Limassol & Other Events

The clear blue sky of Limassol and its beautiful crystal-clear beaches make it a much beloved destination for couples and newlyweds. Even though it's among the biggest cities in Cyprus, it exhales the feeling of a luxurious resort that very few lookalike destinations have preserved.

Very close to Londa Hotel and at the western edge of Limassol lies the birthplace of love, the rock that is said to be the homeland of Goddess Aphrodite. Also called Petra tou Romiou, its great beauty will surprise you. This could easily become a great photo-shooting location for your wedding, alongside the beautiful alleys of Limassol!

Last but not least, we should note that you can arrange all kinds of events at Londa Hotel, including memorable birthday parties, gala dinners, engagements, reunions, Christmas Parties, and all kinds of events that you could imagine.

Furthermore, each event can be customized to your needs, while the hotel's service will make sure to take your requests into high consideration! If you want to check out the hotel before you arrange your wedding there, do not waste any more time and   Check Prices at Londa Hotel here!