“Romantic holidays” have been a popular travel trend throughout the years, since couples often have the need to escape everyday life and enjoy some quality time for themselves. However, February could be considered the most “romantic” period of all, due to the fact that on the 14th day of the month we celebrate “Valentine’s Day”. This year, instead of buying chocolates and teddy bears, a truly sweet gesture to show your love to your other half could be the booking of a “romantic weekend getaway”. Traditional cottages, stylish city hotels, or lavish properties in nature could be the ideal choice for your holidays. The question is: which is the best hotel for this occasion?

  • Hotels with unique packages for couples

Accommodation combined with breakfast in bed or overnight stay along with a spa treatment? Couples staying at a hotel for their romantic escape, should be able to enjoy a complete experience. And this is confirmed by what travelers look for when planning their romantic holidays, as  keywords such as “romantic hotel packages”, “hotels with romance packages near me”, romantic spa getaways for couples near me” have more than 1.200 online searches per month. Hotels should take advantage of their facilities (e.g. spa, pool, gardens) and create attractive packages that would fit all couples’ needs.

  • Hotels with special offers for romantic getaways 

Hoteliers should also consider running year-round special promotional offers for couples wanting to visit their properties. Around 1.000 users per month search for “couples weekend getaway deals”, so an attractive “weekend offer” or “short stay offer” could generate a great number of bookings. When it comes to Valentine’s Day, they should keep in mind that the booking window is usually quite short, so a “last minute double room offer” could also be very successful. 

  • Hotels with idyllic facilities and romantic events

When it comes to facilities, couples usually opt for “romantic getaway with hot tub” (2.400 unique searches / month), “romantic hotels with jacuzzi” (1900 unique searches / month) or “romantic pool suites” (710 unique searches / month). These trends reveal that it is easier for hotels that offer these facilities to be promoted as “romantic properties”. However, lodgings that do not meet these criteria could also take advantage of their other facilities, such as their gardens, restaurants and bars, as well as their location (e.g. nature, beach, city) in order to be able to rank among “the most romantic hotels for couples”. Special events and activities such as “couples’ cooking classes” or “couples’ dance courses”, could also add a romantic ‘twist’ to a hotel.

Love is a feeling that must be celebrated every day, and a romantic getaway is always able to add some “sparkle” to a couple’s everyday life. If you wish to promote your hotel as the ultimate romantic property, you should visit Travel By Interest, register your property for free or contact TBI’s experts at hotels@travelbyinterest.com, in order to discover all the promotional potentials.