For most  of us, summer is inextricably linked to a vacation on a beautiful island or, alternatively, a picturesque mainland destination by the sea. This is because usually  in the summer, everyone wishes to dive in turquoise waters and sunbathe on the golden sand. This trend is undoubtedly reflected in the keyword searches of internet users regarding their upcoming vacations and the types of accommodation they choose for their getaways. It is no coincidence that more than 300,000 people per month are looking for the best "beach hotel" for their next trip!

What type of accommodation do travelers choose for their beach vacation?

After conducting a monthly report on the searches in Google, the team of found some of the most popular keywords regarding the type of accommodation travelers opt for when planning a beach trip. The keyword with the most searches (6600 unique searches per month) is "all inclusive beach resorts." All-inclusive holidays have always been one of the main choices of tourists, however, this year, 80% more tourists choose hotels that offer all-inclusive accommodation packages, compared to the same period in 2021. The need for luxurious and relaxing holidays, especially after the difficult days of the pandemic, is also confirmed by the search for "luxury beach resorts," which corresponds to 2900 unique users per month. Villas also appear to be an increasing trend in user searches, as 1600 people per month are looking for "beachfront villas." Finally, the keyword "seaside bed and breakfast" has a steady upward trend with 210 searches per month and an increase of 86% compared to the previous year.


What kind of services and facilities are travelers looking for in a seaside accommodation?

After carrying out a more specific research, Travel By Interest experts discovered some even more targeted keywords related to tourists' searches for accommodation near the sea. Quite a few users (1600 per month) searched for "resorts with private beach" in the last year. As we mentioned before, privacy is one of the main features that the modern traveler is looking for. The need for privacy is also reflected in the searches for "beach resort with private pool," which has increased by 85% compared to last year. As family getaways are very popular during the summer months, the keyword "beach resorts with water parks" is searched by 880 unique users per month. Finally, the travelers’ need for luxury vacations is also evident in more specific searches, as 300 users per month search for "beach hotels with jacuzzi in room."

Which collections will be published on Travel By Interest?

Always keeping in mind the needs of the modern traveler, already hosts dozens of collections for properties located near the sea. Based on the new research and the needs of the tourists, new collections for beach hotels will be created in May, such as:

  • Amazing tropical beach resorts around the world
  • Pet-friendly beach accommodation all over the globe
  • Hotels and resorts with private beach around the world
  • Oceanfront hotels with in-room hot tub

How can a hotelier benefit from Travel By Interest?

Hoteliers can register and publish their hotels for free on the platform of Travelers can find the accommodation of their choice through the collections of the website and search for prices and availability through the online booking engine of each accommodation. In order to increase the direct demand from targeted travelers, hoteliers may choose to activate an enhanced promotion campaign in the collections of their choice.

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