Living in the 21st century, one can say that traveling has become part of our daily lives. Organizing a trip has become as easy as a pie, with thousands of online websites and applications giving us the ability to organize our trips with a simple tap on our smartphones’ screens. But… are machines truly capable of arranging our vacations?

Well, when we are talking about food and dining, the answer is easy… no. These applications are usually based on other peoples’ reviews, so the results cannot be objective. Finding the best restaurants in a destination of your choice is much harder than before since you have to literally neglect most of the recommendations and search for the most hidden eateries to eat authentic local cuisine.

Athens, the capital of Greece is one of those cities-example where the fact that you can't trust the above statement is proven right. The city is literally packed with many small taverns and traditional eateries, offering delicious local dishes, but you will need to ask the locals to find since most of them are overshadowed by the popularity of the more touristy restaurants.

Of course, there is a third category of restaurants in Athens, which might seem touristic due to their reputation and location, however, they offer an authentic and satisfying dining experience. Point a is among those restaurants-examples that ‘break the rule’ and offer a gourmet dining experience on par with their reputation. 

The Three Surprises!

There are three moments that are going to define your dining experience in Point a, or as well call them "The 3 Surprises". Let's discover them: 

The View

The first "shock" comes the moment you “enter” the restaurant and see its stunning al fresco setting overlooking the Parthenon and the Acropolis Museum. Indeed, the landscape is so imposing that will leave you speechless for a second or two.

Of course, as the afternoon passes and the starry sky is revealed, you will notice that the landscape will become much more impressive than before. The Acropolis Museum will be lighted, just like the Acropolis, so the exhibits housed in the building will be visible with a naked eye

And if you are lucky, you might get to see the museum’s cleaners cleaning the huge windows, making you feel like you have reserved the best seat for the most impressive shadow theatre.

The Food Styling

The second surprise comes the moment the dishes arrive at your table.  It’s difficult to explain the feeling in mere words. Firstly, the dishes are well-crafted in terms of design, so they fully represent the high quality of the recipes that you are going to taste. They are not “simple” dishes, but each one of them is presented with its own unique way, making every dish look like an experience. At this phase, your stomach will most probably start growling since the aromas will drill into your nose, charming you like the sirens tried to seduce Odysseus with their charming voice – you will need to be tied somewhere to resist taking the first bite.

The Taste

The last part of your surprise will come when tasting the dishes. Even though the presentation of the dishes prepares you to try more alternative flavors, they are all 100% based on the local cuisine, offering traditional Greek flavors. It’s no wonder why all the dishes are prepared from a different part of Greece. Point a becomes the starting point of your Greek food journey, and the very last place that you will eventually want to return.

Don't forget: The menu changes every year but there is one recipe that has survived due to high demand: Loukoumades (fried round pastries with honey), which you cannot leave the restaurant without tasting them!

Extra Surprise 

As your dinner flows, you will realize that the staff is friendly and professional at the same time. The restaurant's environment resembles that of a Greek traditional eatery, with a more luxurious and intimate touch. Make sure to ask the waiter for his suggestions as well as details about every dish, while we highly recommend you to trust the sommelier's advice on your wine.

To wash it all down… 

After your dinner, you will feel so relaxed and full that a cocktail overlooking the Acropolis will sound like a bliss to you. Point a does not compromise neither on its quality or quantity. Many of the locals who frequent the bar characterize it for its honest and reasonable prices that surely do not prepare you for the experience.  

The cocktails look neat, while there is a secret ingredient that gives them the delicious flavor that you will get to enjoy. And it's none other than... Greek Herbs. All of the cocktails feature distinguishing aroma and flavors that derive from the Greek Herbs that grow on the mountains. 

It’s all part of a bigger experience!

We left he biggest surprise for the end. Actually… Point a is the restaurant of a luxurious urban city hotel in the heart of Athens. The hotel has given emphasis on the details and has created a cozy and warm environment, which, combined with its central location, make it the absolute hotel option in Athens.

Some key highlights in the hotel that will make you fall in love with it are:

Location ¬ In the heart of Athens: Literally two minutes away from Acropolis Metro Station, it’s the ideal hotel if you want to fully explore Athens. Moreover, some of the most popular sights of Athens like the Acropolis, the Acropolis Museum, the Odeon of Herodes, and the National Museum of Contemporary Art are less than 1 km away.

Roof Garden, Jacuzzi & Wellness Treatments: The roof garden of Herodion Hotel offers the ideal setting for relaxation, sunbathing and special treatments. It features, not only two amazing Jacuzzis with views to the Parthenon, but also refreshing massages and rejuvenating yoga sessions (both upon request). Last but not least, the small olive tree garden of the roof top releases delicate fragrances, which create a unique relaxing atmosphere. 

Lounge ¬ For the Book Worms: Even if the fireplace is lighted only during the cold months of winter, it’s a wonderful sight to see even in summer. It’s the perfect hot spot to relax, read a book, or play chess with your best friend.

Atrium Greek Bistrot: Offering a completely dining experience, Atrium Greek Bistrot operates both in winter and summer. It is located at the back of the hotel's front lobby and it is closed with huge panels of glass. It offers the perfect setting for dining during a moody rainy day! 

We highly recommend you to stay in the hotel, in order to try its exceptional Greek breakfast, as well. You can either make a reservation at the restaurant by visiting its official website, or    check prices at the hotel here!