It is a fact that hotels around the world are now planning their sales and promotion strategy for 2022. On their part, travelers have also started looking for destinations and accommodation for their upcoming trips, since one of the things that the pandemic has affected the most has been the freedom to travel. Keywords such as "All inclusive resorts", "Hotels with jacuzzi in room", "Boutique Hotels", "Beach Resorts" but also "Pet Friendly Hotels", "Village Hotels", "Mountain Cabin", have gained popularity on the most popular search engines.  On a first approach, we can make the conclusion that travelers are certainly looking for luxurious and unique experiences, but, at the same time, there is a need for contact with nature and isolation. These exact needs have been identified by Travel By Interest and, in 2022, the platform plans to create Hotel Collections that meet every type of travelers’ demands.

Which were the most frequent keyword searches in 2021?

As mentioned above, during the unprecedented period we live in, the world's need for travel is greater than ever. Keyword searches such as "All inclusive Resorts", "Beach Houses", "Wellness Hotels" were conducted more than 200,000 times per month. The keywords "Hotels with Jacuzzi in room", "boutique hotel", "hotel spa" are following with a range of 110,000 to 170,000 results per month. However, at the same time, travelers show a tendency for holiday destinations close to nature, as they have searched more than 135,000 times for "village hotels", and, more than 33,100 and 27,100 times respectively, for the terms "riverside hotel" and "mountain cabin". Couples have started planning romantic getaways again, since the keyword "romantic getaways near me" has reached the amount of 77,000 searches per month. Terms such as "pet friendly hotels" and "dog friendly hotels" are also very popular, corresponding to 135,000 and 65,000 results each month respectively. The trend for eco-tourism is also noticeable, as 18,100 users per month are looking for "eco resorts".

Which Hotel Collections will be created in 2022?

Based on the above results, as well as on other common keywords that emerge from reports on search engines’ results, the TBI Hospitality Experts have decided to create a variety of new Hotel Collections in 2022, which include:

  • Pet friendly hotels all over the globe
  • All-Inclusive resorts in amazing worldwide destinations
  • Beach resorts & villas that you should add to your travel list
  • Wellness hotels with gyms to workout during vacations
  • Family hotels to enjoy with your loved ones
  • Airport hotels with parking for your vehicle
  • Eco resorts & villas for green holidays

However, as tourist demands are constantly increasing and changing, new keyword reports will be created on a monthly basis, which will lead to the creation of even more Collections.

How can I list my property in the TBI’s Hotel Collections?

The registration of your property in Travel By Interest, its publication and its inclusion in the Collections that match your hotel features and promotional needs is totally free of charge and you can start your journey by clicking here. Moreover, in order to start accepting direct bookings from Travel By Interest’s visitors, you can enable the direct connection of your booking engine, as well as activate the ‘Visit Website’ button. If you feel that your property should stand out in a particular Collection, you can activate an annual Top of the List promotional campaign on that specific Collection. For more information, assistance and inquiries, you can contact us by phone at +30 21 0324 5142 or by email at