Gay Acceptance

Florence is a very beautiful city in Italy which you are surely going to love! The gay & lesbian acceptance might not be that high, but it's almost impossible to face any mean behaviors. The locals are very friendly people so you will feel really comfortable as well as you will meet many gay people!


Gay Hotspots

Florence is a city packed with gay hotspots. The places where you can meet the most gay people are:
Gay clubs. There are several gay clubs, so you will be given plenty of gay clubbing options. The most renowned are Tabasco Gay Club, Krisco Club and Love Club.
Florence Baths is the only gay sauna in the city and you will surely love it.
Cruising Clubs: You will find gay men in these clubs searching for sex. The most famous are Fabrik and Bar 85 / Hardbar.
Several Gay Events: These events gather the most gay people than any other hotspot.

Gay Accommodation

It's very difficult to find any exclusively gay hotels resorts or even small boutiques in Florence but you can find several gay friendly accommodation where you will be faced without any discrimination with the provision of luxurious facilities.

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