When my partner proposed, we spent the longest part of our wedding preparations, actually focusing more on our honeymoon than the ceremony. And that is, because when I met my other half, we promised to travel to Thailand together, as we both were dreaming to visit for years, this was the perfect occasion to share our mutual dream!

When deciding on the exact destination for our holiday, we picked Koh Samui, as it’s one of the most beautiful islands of Thailand, “decorated” with palm-fringed beaches, coconut groves and dense, mountainous rainforest. Purely an exotic setting to make the most memorable Koh Samui honeymoon!

Upon searching to book our stay, we found that one of the best beachfront hotels in Asia was in Koh Samui, the Renaissance Koh Samui Resort and Spa, and didn't regret it!


A pool in paradise!

As soon as we walked in   Renaissance Koh Samui Resort & Spa, we were thrilled by the vibes of the place, as the hotel is placed among beautiful gardens, and is right on the beach, creating the perfect scenery, resembling our idea of paradise. We had booked the pool suit, and we were happy to find out that it was actually far more beautiful than what the pictures implied. The best part was that the friendly staff had taken the initial to garnish our room with rose petals in heart formations, to congratulate us on our wedding, and to begin our Koh Samui honeymoon.

We immediately took off our clothes and washed off the trip and the heat with a refreshing swim in our spacious private pool, enjoying delicious exotic cocktails delivered by the room service. At that moment I really appreciated the benefits of picking one of the best koh samui luxury hotels!

Dream life on the beach

By picking one of the best beachfront hotels in Thailand, we had the sea always just across our suite. In the mornings after we would enjoy a luxurious breakfast including the best coconut I’ve had in my life, we would go straight to the beach, and just, relax and enjoy .Koh Samui is ideal for couples, as is a favorite destination for traveling with your partner, and it was quite enough for us to enjoy the sound of the waves, and stay till late to watch the sunset at all its glory daily.

We swam in the turquoise waters, we played with the pale white sand, and slept for hours under the straw umbrella, enjoying a freshly-squeezed juice made of fruits of my choice from the juice bar of the luxury  Renaissance hotel . I made as small collection of seashells as a souvenir from nature for our Koh Samui honeymoon! The exotic scenery of the beachfront hotel will never be forgotten!

Taste buds on new adventures!

As a food lover, wherever I travel I want to taste every signature dish of the local cuisine, and the Thai cuisine is one of our favorites with my partner! Thankfully the Banana Leaf restaurant located in the hotel is incredible, and a great choice for casual dining, but we were truly amazed by Tawaan, the signature restaurant of the Renaissance hotel. Among all the things to do in Koh Samui, I would strongly recommend having supper by the sunset at Tawaan, placed among fragrant tropical gardens, with the views of Lamai Bay on the background.

My husband surprised me with a dinner there on our first night, where we enjoyed all the Thai delicate and exotic flavors, prepared in a creative way, a unique experience for any Thai food enthusiast. As our hotel is close to the city, we had the opportunity to add more experiences on our things to do in Koh Samui list! We explored the traditional parts of the island, tasting amazing food in local restaurants, and we even learned how to cut a coconut from its tree!

Koh Samui, body and soul.

One of the things we enjoyed the most on our stay at our Koh Samui beach hotel, was the spa services that the luxury resort had to offer. He and my husband shared one of the most relaxing experiences in a honeymoon, a massage after a long sunny and salty day out our beachfront Koh Samui hotel! What an experience to offer to your body! This combination of the beach days, the spa and sextra swims on our private pool, gave us all the needed energy to enjoy more time exploring the local culture, visiting the giant Buddha statue and looking around for traditional art pieces.

On our last night, we had an amazing goodbye dinner, to celebrate the happy memories we created on our Koh Samui honeymoon, we would return back home and start our new life with the best possible way. Renaissance was to us the best beachfront hotel in Koh Samui, and made our Thailand trip as dreamy as we imagined, exotic, full of aromas, colors, sun and the wide sea! We can’t wait to go back on our anniversary to get even more nights under the tropical moonlight!