My partner collaborates with Chinese companies for years, so he has been going to China on business trips for quite some time now. Due to my work I couldn’t follow him on his business trips, but after he proposed to me, we decided that we would visit China together as our honeymoon trip. We decided to visit Guangzhou, a city that was recommended as ideal for our case. So we started organizing our Guangzhou honeymoon by first booking one of the best Guangzhou luxury hotels,   LN Hotel Five, a beautiful boutique hotel, in the best possible location to catch the city vibes.

Good Morning China!

Arriving at the city after a long trip, early in the morning, we needed some rest, so we picked a taxi, and went straight to LN Hotel Five. As we were approaching the hotel, I was delighted to find out that it looked even more beautiful that the photos online, especially in the early morning light! The hotel manager, made us feel at home from the very first moment at the hotel. We were escorted to our honeymoon suite, where flowers were settled upon the celebration of our honeymoon, a move that I thought so kind, and also added a touch of romance.

Also, little desserts were brought to the room on a complimentary base, to welcome us to the hotel, which both my husband and I found wonderful! The room itself was not only well furnished, but provided all the needed products in abundance, but came with an amazing bathtub, that we used right away to wash off the long trip. After a short nap on the king-size bed, we decided to have some breakfast and coffee before hitting the city. Thankfully, the hotel is very close to the central part of the city, so we just started walking around to discover ourselves the Chinese beauty!


Sunshine by the Pearl river

Guangzhou romance officially started with us walking around the river coast, mesmerized by the skyscrapers and the view of the city, holding hands in this amazing urban scenery. We did purchase one boat trip on the river, even if it sounded touristic, at first, it was a lovely experience after all, and may I add, ideal for couples. China seems chaotic to the western world, but to us is the absolute wonderland, especially when visiting the markets!

Qingping market was amazing, even though I could hardly recognize many things, but thankfully my husband, as a long time visitor in China, was familiar with most products. In Qingping, the Chinese medicine market we found herbs, spices, the best ginseng you can find, and therapeutical mushrooms. We had a quick lunch at one of the neighborhood’s traditional restaurants (is there a thing as “too many dumplings?”) and had some more sightseeing.

Dinner on the top

Guangzhou is a wonderful place for couples over-all, but the most romantic Guangzhou moment was no other, than our amazing dinner at the rooftop of our 5-star Guangzhou hotel! We first enjoyed an amazing dinner at the Tea 5 restaurant placed inside our hotel. The chef and his team, has taken Cantonese Cuisine in a whole other level, experimenting with modern techniques and versatile ingredients over the good old classics.

Both my husband and I, are Chinese food enthusiasts, and we love, everything. The weird combination, the sauces, the peculiar roots and vegetables, that make Cantonese cuisine so special, and of course the creative approach of the chef at the Tea 5, gave us the perfect honeymoon dinner. Afterwards, we moved towards the top of the building, at the Bar 5 Rooftop bar, a true gem of the city. The drinks menu is very exotic, and who doesn’t love a tasty cocktail/ We were lucky enough to be there on a live music night, and not only we enjoyed the panoramic view of the city, but also danced under the stars!

More of the Guangzhou romance!

The rest of our holidays, we kept completing our list of things to do in Guangzhou on our honeymoon. We visited some really nice museums, the Clan Ancestral hall and the Sacred heart cathedral, some places of the real Chinese cultural tradition. We also visited Shamian Island, a must see of the city, especially when being there in the end of Spring, when all the cherry trees blossom. What an amazing little extra on a honeymoon trip, to take some pictures among that pink beauty!

We also had some extra time, so we decided to visit Danxia mountains (best known as rainbow mountains), three hour ride away. They are considered to be some of the most unusual geologic formations in the world, and as nature lovers, me and my husband considered that little trip as the highlight of our honeymoon, and definitely crossed out a “must see” from our “what to do in Guangzhou” list.

On our last morning in our Guangzhou luxury hotel, we had some amazing breakfast, we thanked the staff that really made our stay at the LN hotel Five feel like home, and we went on the roof for a last view of the city, to seal our wonderful Guangzhou Honeymoon! I hope that next time my husband travels to China, I can come along, since this very first time was truly unforgettable and filled with love and romance!