If you a lover of the 18th century, then this is a hotel you must visit. I was lucky enough to attend my sister’s wedding at Chateau Rieutort, located in a beautiful wine Mendoza Region in Southern France. To me, Southern France is one of the most appealing destinations to begin with. All the classic French beauty in architecture, and style, the nature, the picturesque scenery, and of course, the wine!

My boyfriend and I, decided that we preferred to drive through southern France on our own, and get lost among the stunning roads and all the different villages spreading along the river Hérault.


The Arrival at the chateau!

When we reached Chateau Rieutort, we were already enchanted by the “small Versailles”, definitely the chateau carried all the southern France grace we had already seen. Even if we really like our family's company, and we enjoy all the family occasions with them, we luckily got a room for the two of us and we didn’t join the others in the hotel’s big family room. 

Our room was a dream. A neo-baroque interior design, wonderful furniture, mosaic floors, a lovely big bed, everything corresponding with the period the chateau was built. When we got in I run to the king size bed and stretched my car-tired body, inhaling the smell of the old times meeting the present.

The hotel is highly recommended for gay travellers, while it's also included among the top hotels for gay honeymoons in 2019.

Strolling around the wine domain

The best part of spending the weekend at Chateau Rieutort for my sister’s wedding was the wine domain. My boyfriend and my family as well as myself, are all wine enthusiasts. So early on the next day of our arrival, we had one of the most amazing France hotel experiences, a walk around the domain, and the pleasantly mandatory wine tasting and French cheese plateau.

South France wine, is an experience on its’ own, the tannins were strong, the taste profile very distinguished, still mellow, soft and very aromatic. All the different types of wine that we tasted had a special identity, and we were all very pleased to enjoy that privilege. Walking back at the Rieutort feeling tipsy and relaxed, surrounded by the trees and the gardens, was one of the best moments!

Team Bride having a spontaneous bachelorette!

In the afternoon ladies were separated from the gentlemen, and the girl gang, had planned a visit at the chateau’s Champagne Spa. I was surprised with how well the spa was in harmony with the rest of the 18th century building. You can’t have a wedding a Rieutort without spending some quality woman time while being polished into absolute beauty, enjoying refreshing massages and gorgeous facial masks! 

After we finished the spa, the bride to be, our mother, our friends and cousins and of course, myself, joined the male party who were enjoying cognac and cigars looking very absorbed into the “small Versailles” vibe of the Rieutort, and we all together enjoyed some additional French food, with some of the Merlot that we tasted the previous morning. The last night of my sister’s bachelor years was coming to an end, so we all got some well-deserved rest before the big day.

The wedding at Rieutort!

Our family vacation at Rieutort met the highlight of the weekend, on a glorious sunny morning. I cannot think of a better hotel to get married other than the chateau. The other guests that were invited to the ceremony started arriving early, and at almost noon we were all assembled at the Rieutort boutique hotel park, to begin the ceremony.

My sister and brother in law, exchanged their vows under the old trees and the green nature around them, and we all toasted our champagne glasses to wish them the best of happiness. Afterwards we moved into a spacious ceremony room, and enjoyed the wedding meal, combined with the wine from the Rieutort domain, the newly-weds danced to the classic music playing. As the evening reached us, we all moved to the pool side, and the wedding party began, and lasted until late at night.

It’s not goodbye, only “au revoir”

If someone asked me where to stay in southern France, I would definitely suggest Chateau Rieutort. In our case, the Rieutort combined the perfect family vacation scenery, all the needed spaces to have the most amazing wedding for my sister, and all that combined with the perks of being at a south France wine domain.

This herault boutique hotel was one to remember, an place that I want to come back to, and maybe one day have my own wedding or any other family occasion taking place. Leaving the Chateau Rieutort filled with the France hotel experience, I remember to buy some of the exceptional wines of the domain back home to accompany us until our return.