In terms of romance, the preferences are quite endless, and thankfully there’s space in the world for all of us. I am a mountain girl. As much as I love the sea, there’s nothing I enjoy more than mountain air. And, my significant other knows this too well to surprise me with our honeymoon destination by   booking a hotel at the best mountain destination in Europe, Engelberg. Rested under the glorious mount Titlis, lies the beautiful hotel Bellevue-Terminus, the place that got to host one of my most treasured memories of a lifetime.

Arriving by train, just to satisfy our shared train love, we reached the beautiful location just across the train station. The friendly stuff welcomed us and led us to our junior suite, where a welcome drink for the Mr and the Mrs was expecting us to make a toast to an unforgettable romantic honeymoon in Engelberg!

Cozy, warm, and kind welcoming at the pretty Engelberg hotel

After the train trip we needed some rest before exploring the little picturesque village, thankfully, our romantic hotel in Engelberg offered a comfortable bed, a great bathtub, and a general coziness, all the important factors to relax and enjoy your stay. After resting as needed, we decided to just walk around and enjoy the lovely city, enjoy Swiss cheeses in local little delicatessens, and some glasses of fine local wine.

We love how nature binds perfectly with the buildings, and a cool breeze interrupted the early summer heat as we were gazing up to the mountain top. Engelberg is such a wonderful place for couples, surprising you with this sudden unintentional romance. For our first evening of we preferred to celebrate in our honeymoon hotel in Engelberg, and thy the Yucatan restaurant, located in the Bellevue-Terminus, a place that kept some important reputation in the city.

Having a Night to Remember!

Yucatan was such a surprise itself! And the most exciting part was, that lovely open terrace where in the summer, the restaurant spreads on. Among the romantic things you can do in Engelberg, is actually visiting in the summer, and have a dinner at dusk with the company of your favorite person. We picked the special menu and enjoyed a wonderful bottle of wine, and shared the dessert. We smiled of happiness, full from the exceptional meal, and from the fascinating scenery under the twilight.

And just to remind ourselves, that we are still the in-love teenagers at soul, we took advantage of the live music played by a cool band on the venue of Yucatan, and danced ourselves to the tunes, until we were both tipsy and utterly happy. We went back to our room absorbed by the romance, confirming that we picked the most romantic hotel in Engelberg that fits to our relentless characters!

An active mountain honeymoon!

Summer in the mountains is a true revelation to anyone that has not enjoyed that experience! When you think of a summer honeymoon you probably think of exotic beaches, but what you can get by picking the mountain instead is incomparable! Both my partner and myself, are considered adventure people, we like outdoor activities, and we love the ones on the mountain. Although Engelberg is considered as a ski destination, I strongly recommend visiting in summer! On good weather, you can enjoy all the hiking trips you can imagine, and you can pick routes according to your experience.

On the list of the romantic things to do in Engelberg  I would definitely add a hiking activity through the nearby woods, and attempting to climb the Titlis slopes. While in the city, we booked through our Engelberg hotel, several different activities! We loved the biking, and we were lucky enough to have a wonderful guide and very experienced, but the most distinguished upon our taste, was by far the high rope park! We also did some sightseeing to the Engelberg Museum, a local monastery, and my absolute favorite, the artisan cheese factory. I really will never forget the taste of that fresh cheese! On of the best things to do in Engelberg is just to enjoy locally and genuinely. Engelberg for couples is a destination full of surprises!

Enjoying the good life in our couple hotel!

After having these activities daily, we were always feeling our bodies tired and soar, thankfully our hotel had a great spa service, where we enjoyed massage and treatments, pampering ourselves together was really a highlight of our Engelberg honeymoon hotel life! We were also very happy to find out that the Hotel Bellevue – Terminus offered a very good selection of breakfast choices, to start our day in the most delicious way, with the addition of perfectly made coffee, to fuel up our energy levels before experiencing the city.

By the time we were leaving, we were filled with the mountain magic. The clean air, had made our bodies  feel healthy, our outdoor activities made us strong, the amazing evenings at the Yucatan and the other restaurants and bars at the city made us feel like we were falling in love again! We left full, with the best memory to start our married life with! We can’t wait to visit again!