While you’re overwhelmed by all the joy of planning your Crete vacation, you can totally forget about packing. However, nothing can ruin a trip as fast as inappropriate luggage! Luckily, Crete is a wonderful place that won’t require too many special travel necessities. Still, if you want to pack everything you need, here’s a little guide that will ensure your packing goes smoothly.

Appropriate clothing

Because the days in Crete are very hot, you can leave jumpers, fleeces and thick pants at home. These are great news since you’ll have plenty of space left in your suitcase for shorts, tops and bikinis. Yes, plural! Your bathing suits take up so little space, so feel free to bring several. Putting on a still damp bikini is one of the worst feelings in the world—gross. Make sure to check out your activities in advance and see how many bathing suits you’ll need. If you plan to hit the beach in the morning, have a blast in a water park in the afternoon and attend a pool party in the evening, you’ll need three pairs. However, make sure to also pack a light cardigan or jersey for late night walks to battle the chilly winds.

Hiking gear

Crete is a gorgeous island with a long history and beautiful sceneries. It’s also the biggest of all Greek islands, so there are so many things to see and experience. When you hitch a ride to your destination in Crete (buses and taxis are a good choice) don’t hesitate to continue your tour on foot. For these occasions, make sure to pack some comfy and light walking shoes and a practical backpack for a few necessities like water, sunscreen and money. These few hiking items will allow you to explore the island, snap some amazing photos and learn many new things. Make sure to visit some of the most interesting places on the island like Chania, enjoy the coastal view in Loutro and explore the Holy Trinity Monastery!

Diving gear

Photo by Anurag Harishchandrakar on Unsplash

Since Crete has a very rugged terrain under the sea with various caves and abysses as well as shipwrecks and airplane carcasses, it’s a true paradise for the marine world and divers. So, when you’re traveling to this magical island, make sure to pack some diving gear that will allow you to see what lies beneath the surface. Luckily, today you can find all you need for scuba diving online and get it delivered just before your trip. From wetsuits and fins to regulators and dive computers, you’ll start your trip completely geared up! There are also many good diving clubs and schools around the island, so you don’t have to dive alone.


In the middle of the summer, Crete can be a real ruin for your skin. The last thing you want to do is spend your vacation in a hospital with serious burns and miss all the fun! So, make sure to be smart and pack plenty of sunscreen with a strong SPF. Also, don’t forget to apply it before you hit the beach and reapply it every two hours (more often if you’re swimming or sweating a lot). A wide-brimmed hat can also help protect your most venerable parts like your face, neck, chest and shoulders. Plus, oversized hats are all the rage and you’ll look Instagram-ready at all times!

Appropriate chargers

Photo by Daniel Korpai on Unsplash

If you want to keep your electronics full of juice at all times, make sure to pack a European adapter for your chargers. And pack a few of these! If all of you have to charge your phones, iPads, cameras and Kindles, you’re not going to have a fun time. Cary your adapter with you in case you see your batteries dying while you’re away from your room. Most places will allow you to charge your phone while you have coffee, so keep your chargers close!

Greece is one of the most desirable European vacation spots and Crete is its star. So, if you pack all of these necessities, you’ll have a smooth and unforgettable holiday.