A city that can only be explained in superlatives, Dubai is a luxurious metropolis with the world’s largest shopping center, the world’s tallest and biggest man-made structures, and some of the most unique travel experiences. Whether you enjoy splurging on luxury brands and spending your days relaxing by the pool or exploring the untamed desert on a camel, Dubai has become one of the most sought-after destinations for all types of travelers. If you don’t know where to start, here are some of the reasons why you need to add Dubai on your bucket list:

1. The incredible desert safari

You simply can’t experience Dubai without paying a visit to the Arabian Desert, and checking a few things off your bucket list all at once. Take a safari adventure, starting with an exhilarating dune bashing ride in a 4x4 vehicle. It’s a smooth ride from the hotel pick-up to the entrance of the dessert, but then you’re in for a heart-stopping journey, plunging down ultra-steep dunes and drifting dangerously close to toppling. Complete your safari adventure with an exciting ride on a camel, the ship of the desert, and then look forward to a traditional Middle Eastern dinner at an open-air Bedouin camp, while enjoying cultural performances, such as belly dancing and a Tanoura show.

2. The breathtaking skylines

A true symbol of Dubai’s magnificent modern architecture, the Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world and a globally iconic structure. There are two observation decks in the building to look out from, which provide some of the most stunning panoramic views. And while you’re there, you might even want to add another thing to your bucket list and dine in the world’s highest restaurant on the level 122. After making your way down this breathtaking structure, make sure to take some time to admire the skyline from the ground. The Marina provides one of the best vantage points for taking in the cityscape, while a dinner cruise on Dubai Creek aboard a traditional dhow allows you to witness the glistening high-rise skyline by night.

3. The booming beauty industry

Even though one might associate the Middle East with modesty, it is actually the fastest growing beauty market in the world, with the residents of Dubai being among the top spenders in the region. So, it’s no surprise that Dubai has emerged as the hub for beauty products and treatments. The Sephora in the Dubai Mall is one of the largest in the world, with endless high-end makeup and skincare brands to choose from, some even exclusive to this location. But apart from endless shopping opportunities, Dubai is also known for its luxurious spas and professional clinics where you can enjoy anything from the most incredible facial treatments to the most effective body contouring procedures, while in the hands of some of the top professionals in the field. So, if not for anything else, it is perfectly fine to visit this amazing city just because of a great aesthetic clinic in Dubai to fulfill all of your beauty related wishes.

4. The man-made islands and beaches

Dubai’s man-made islands, or artificial archipelagos as they’ve also been called, are just another example of the grandeur of this stunning metropolis. The Palm Islands, or Palm Jumeirah, are built into the incredible shape of a palm tree, and are among the only man-made structures that are visible from space. Primarily the home to luxury resorts and mega mansions, one of the most popular ways of exploring these islands is via a deluxe yacht trip. However, if you want to check another thing off your bucket list while you’re in Dubai, skydiving above this ‘eighth wonder of the world’ is an extremely popular activity, and a great way to experience the city from above.

5. The world’s most exciting waterslide

The biggest attraction at the Aquaventure waterpark, the Leap of Faith is located at the top of a majestic structure that is designed to look like a Mayan temple. And it’s called the Leap of Faith for a good reason – you’ll need to be a true adrenaline junkie to push yourself off a nine-story, almost vertical drop, only to enter a clear tube surrounded by real, live sharks. It’s one of the scariest waterslides in the world, with a free fall of around 60 feet. Aquaventure gives out free entry on your birthday, and up to six days later, so you might even get the chance for a cost-free adventure, if you time your trip correctly. So, if you’re brave enough to experience one of the most thrilling slides, this waterpark is reason enough to visit Dubai.

A fascinating destination that has something to offer no matter what kind of traveler you are, Dubai will spoil you with a multitude of options, and undoubtedly deserves a top place on your bucket list.