The small Greek island "Santorini" has a reputation that's nowhere close to its small size. The island's imposing landscape, breathtaking architecture, alongside its iconic hotels and towns perched on a steep cliff have lured thousands of couples with their immense beauty. Through its many years of existence, Santorini has seen from romantic honeymooners to forbidden lovers living "eros" on its grounds.

Santorini is naturally among the first destinations that one would think of for his/her honeymoon. There are many good values about the island: there is an abundance of activities to do while it's home to a diversity of gorgeous hotels and resorts that will gift you unforgettable moments on the island. That said, picking the ideal hotel for you can become quite tricky with so many accommodation options.

Among the many hotels and resorts of Santorini, we handpicked Athina Luxury Suites, a luxurious hotel that stands out for its gorgeous views of the caldera, amazing tranquility, luxury facilities and, above all, amazing services!

A Cave-like Honeymoon Suite for Couples in Love!

The very first thing that you are going to need for your honeymoon is your private "nest". A place that will make you feel cozy, while offering all the luxuries and amenities that you would not find in your home. This place is none other than Athina Luxury Suites' gorgeous Honeymoon Suite, made exclusively for couples.

The Suite is spacious enough, featuring a pretty unique design with earthy characteristics. Its lavish king-size bed is enough to convince you to stay there, featuring a high-quality mattress that will simply make you wanna take it back home. The villa's outdoor heated Jacuzzi will offer you some superb moments of relaxation and tranquility on the island.

The Honeymoon Suite also includes made-to-order individual breakfast, which you can enjoy on your private balcony overlooking the wonderful Caldera View. Overall, your experience at the Honeymoon Suite will be luxurious, hassle-free and totally relaxing!

A dinner for two overlooking the Caldera!

Private dinners at the Caldera provide an once-in-a-lifetime experience for the couples on their honeymoon. You cannot visit Santorini with your other half and not enjoy at least one romantic dinner overlooking the Caldera. Athina Luxury Suites will give you easy access to this activity with its wonderful Sperisma Bar & Restaurant!

All menus will welcome you with a glass of sparkling wine, to toast for the beginning of your new life as a couple!

Fresh flowers will adorn the table, and a personal waiter will attend to every desire of yours. All will take stage on a private balcony overlooking the Caldera. Is this a dream or reality? Watch the sunset while your personal waiter opens up a bottle of the finest Champagnes, and then proceed to enjoy a variety of delectable dishes from three award-winning menus.

Capture every moment of your delightful dinner on the Caldera with a photographer/videographer. Just ask the hotel and they will take care of it!

Three special menus were crafted for that very special meal of yours. The vegetarian menu will bring nature on your table, offering exclusively meat-free recipes. The meat lovers menu makes the most of meat through its carefully created recipes, satisfying all your five senses. The seafood menu will offer you a gourmet experience of fresh ocean!

A Honeymoon Package to surprise your partner!

Everyone loves surprises and Athina Luxury Suites will help you prepare the best surprise for your partner with an exclusive Honeymoon Package that was designed to spark passion. Your romantic experience will begin as soon as you enter your room, as a room full of candles and a lavish bouquet of flowers will be waiting you.

At your private balcony, you will find a bottle of high-quality champagne to toast to your new life as a couple while gazing at the glorious view of the Caldera. The experience will be topped with an ultimate dinner date night at Esperisima Restaurant, or a private dinner served at your balcony. Either case, you are going to have a blast.

Of course, you should not limit yourself to the Honeymoon Package. The Wine Lovers package, through which you will explore the local wine culture and tradition, is another great option for couples.While the Sea & Sky Lovers package will introduce you to all the beauties of Santorini. The choice is only yours to make! 

A memorable Honeymoon Experience "drenched in blue"!

So, you might be wondering by now what do we mean by saying "Santorini Honeymoon drenched in blue". If you pay a closer attention to our videos and photos, you will realise that during your stay at Santorini and Athina Luxury Suites, you will always enjoy undisturbed views over the Aegean Sea. These views alongside Santorini's total blue sky will be prominent all through your Santorinian honeymoon hereby making your Honeymoon Experience in Santorini "drenched in blue".

There is not a reason to search further cause you just found the ideal hotel for you. Don't waste any more time and   check prices directly at the hotel by clicking here, or you could learn more about the hotel by clicking here