If you’ve already ravaged the Northern hemisphere in terms of its queer hotspots, by all means, head to the Southern hemisphere’s capital of all things gay! Not that the wonderful Aussie continent in its entirety isn’t rainbow-clad in its entirety, but Sydney remains on the throne as the most diverse and beautiful city, so it makes perfect sense to rush and join its many queens.

From exotic beaches, cocktail bars, nightlife to shame many other a metropolis, and a vibrant gay scene altogether, Sydney has much to offer, and it will make you fall head over heels in love with its insanely vivid gay culture.

1. Royal Botanic Gardens

While we’re on the subject of thrones and queens, this green oasis in the very heart of the urban jungle is ideal for all those among you who like to enjoy a few serene moments in nature, sipping a takeaway latte from a nearby coffee place. If you’re into yoga or similar relaxing activities, you might want to take a sneak peek at a summer-perfect yoga class in the park – or simply observe the chiseled joggers passing you by as you picnic on the grass.

2. Surf at Bondi

The very image of tanned and toned Aussie men walking out of the waves glistening in the sun is more than enough to get you to the nearest swimsuit shop for your favorite speedos. If you’re not an expert, join a surfing class at Bondi, and you’ll blend the best of both worlds – the authentic beach life of Sydney with an incredibly hot learning session.

3. Join a gay tour

Yes, Sydney has you covered even if you’d like a full-blown gay-out with some of the queerest people around, as the Planetdwellers crew can take you to some of their signature tours. A buss-load of drags taking you to many a lively event during their famous Broken Heel Festival is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience you shouldn’t miss.

4. Get groomed

Up for a pamper with a funky twist? The Naked Barber is a unique experience Sydney has to offer, and a perfect one for those in need of anything such as shaving or waxing. In fact, the grooming expert goes much beyond your regular pampering session, as he’s happy to indulge in some of your fantasies, so he can tailor-make your own kinky grooming experience!

5. Get whiskey-warm

Australia is famous for its wine-making skills, but lovers of fine spirits will absolutely adore the other, much more adventurous experience. From learning how first-class spirits are made, blending your own gin or whiskey sips, all the way to a spirits-infused dinner, exquisite whiskey tasting in Sydney has earned quite a reputation of excellence. Get ready to get tipsy and have a ton of fun with some of the most delicious menus on the planet.

6. Head to a gay eatery

Although Sydney can surely offer many awesome munch spots for all members of the LGBT community, especially considering its foodie-mecca reputation, there is one particular place that you should definitely put on your must-see list. This little eatery can be found in Darlinghurst and Burwood, so you can take your pick based on your stay, and it’s called The Rusty Rabbit – they serve all-day breakfast and lunch specials, so it feels as an entire day of brunch. They have the classic avocado-infused breakfast, but we’d recommend some of the more creative items on the menu, such as their salmon with ginger.

7. Have a taste of their nightlife

Just in case you’re not familiar with the recent changes in Australia, the lockout laws that were introduced in 2014 also affected the nightlife of Sydney – meaning that in certain areas where the laws apply, bars and clubs now have a different curfew. However, other areas such as Newton still thrive, and a great spot to visit is the Imperial Hotel, known for their brilliant cabaret shows. This is the epitome of all things gay, and its diverse clientele will make you feel right at home, no matter how far you’ve traveled to get there!

8. Get your daytime groove on

This summerlicious dance party called Daywash is in fact a daytime event that is organized on a regular basis and keeping an eye on their Facebook page will let you know when you can join their next disco adventure brimming with hot men, delightfully (un)dressed and eager to party. The next one is on the 30th of September, so you might want to hurry up and get those tickets asap!

9. A bird’s-eye view

Not all activities on your list have to have that distinctly gay vibe if you’d like to have a taste of other Sydney’s popular experiences. This is your perfect chance to have an aerial view of this iconic city, by taking a leap of faith, so to speak, with a professional coach and jump master. You’ll have an unparalleled view of Sydney’s southern coast, and land on the Wollongong Beach, to end this adrenaline rush in style.

10. Don’t miss Oxford Street

Once upon a time, this stretch of concrete was rightfully dubbed “the Gay Golden Mile”, and as such, it deserves your undivided attention at least for an evening, or a daily stroll, the choice is yours. You may have missed this year’s Mardi Gras, but you can still enjoy the local bars and nightclubs, such as the phenomenal Palms on Oxford, with a laid-back atmosphere perfect for a casual evening out.