Switzerland is one of the few all-year-round countries, which offer a completely different yet enjoyable experience during every season of the year. As the country with the most imposing and diverse slopes in Europe, it is considered by many the absolute winter destination, thus neglecting its great summer holidays opportunities. Even if Switzerland does not own the beautiful beaches that you would find in Greece or Italy, it has a terrific countryside landscape that will literally leave you speechless.

In this article, we are going to talk about a very beautiful municipality in Switzerland called Leukerbad. Leukerbad lurks in the Canton of Valais, on the southwestern part of Switzerland, seducing thousands of travelers every winter with its breathtaking slopes and every summer due to beautiful green countryside. The weather in Leukerbad generally favors winter vacations, while December is the wettest month and April is the driest one.

If you are searching for a hotel that will make you escape from your daily routine, then you have to check out Hotel Les Sources des Alpes, located on the slopes of the impressive cliffs of the Gemni. In this resort, you will live your days in a carefree way that you will lose contact with the clock and the calendar.

Winter VS Summer: A Luxury Hotel Experience!

Operating since 1834,   Les Sources des Alpes Hotel has charmed thousands of travelers with its exceptional services and advanced facilities. The premium staying quality is guaranteed all-year-round, while the staff can become your perfect guide to the Must-Dos of each season.

Winter & Summer
Your summer and winter experience in Les Sources des Alpes Hotel will be equally thrilling. All of the hotel rooms feature advanced facilities and services, while the suites were specially created to give another touch of luxury to the travelers who simply want it all. 

Your days in Leukerbad will start with a delicious breakfast buffet featuring delicious a la carte dishes, made with fresh seasonal ingredients. Free Wifi can be found anywhere in the premises of the hotel, while the guests are given complimentary access to the thermal swimming pool, hammam, sauna, fitness room and solarium.

The Verdict
You will enjoy an equally premium staying experience both seasons, so this section is a double-win.

So, now that you know how your days in Leukerbad, let's going to find your most exciting winter vs summer experiences in Switzerland!

Winter VS Summer: Dining in Leukerbad!

The best restaurants in Switzerland adjust their menus according to the season and the available ingredients, thus your culinary experience will differ depending on the period that you visit. Many of the restaurants in Switzerland feature a different menu in summer and winter.

The recipes are adjusted with ingredients that can be found on each season, thus the summer menu is naturally lighter than the winter one. The hotel's gourmet restaurant, La Malvoisie changes its menu every summer and winter, offering a completely different culinary experience every season. Of course, there are restaurants like La Brasserie that offer all-year round recipes as well!

Winter Cuisine
The winter cuisine in Leukerbad is based on meat, wheat, and potatoes. All of the meals are ideally paired with red dry wine, while many of them are served in clay dishes. The lighter dishes of the season are based on vegetables like peas, zucchinis and more.

Summer Cuisine
The summer menu is heavily based on vegetables and fruits, as well as summer ingredients like summer truffle, elderflower and apricots. The menu is much lighter than the winter one and it's perfectly paired with white/rose wines with a fruity flavor. 

The Verdict
The winner of this section is... both. Each season features its own cuisine, so it is like we are talking about two different cuisines in the end. It clearly depends on your preferences; visit during summer if you prefer light meals and in winter if you want more "traditional" Swiss flavors.

Winter VS Summer: The Landscape!

If you have visited Switzerland and Leukerbad in Summer and Winter, you will know already that it feels like it's a completely different country.

The landscape of Leukerbad in Winter is white and snowy; people are all dressed in warm clothes, while all of the houses are bright red inside due to fireplaces that people light in order to warm up. In general, the Leukerbad in winter is like the typical snowy villages that you imagine when reading Christmas stories.

Leukerbad's landscape in Summer is green and sunny, just like in our favorite kids' movie "Heidi". The lakes are completely unfrozen during this period, while countryside is painted in a vivid green colour. Many locals and foreigners gather to enjoy pic-nics on the vast green fields while the adventurers go trekking to the mountain and the forest. There is not a more relaxing experience than a walk by the crystal-clear lake!

The Verdict
Both seasons have their advantages and disadvantages, and it clearly depends on your personal preferences. If you are a sun person, who hate snow and moody weather, then summer is the only option for you. If you like skiing, drinking hot chocolate while chilling in your cozy chalet or relaxing at your outdoor heated Jacuzzi, then you have to visit during winter.

Winter VS Summer: The Activities!

As an all-year-round destination, Leukerbad offers plenty of activities that you can enjoy only in winter, summer, or even in both seasons. Some activities that you can try all year-round include: relaxing sessions at the Thermal Baths, Wine tasting at the wine village of Varen, trekking and exploring the imposing mountains, paragliding, ice skating (yes, also available in summer), tennnis, badminton and more!

In winter, almost all of the activities take place on snow and ice. Skiing and snowboarding is, naturally, the most popular activity in the area, due to the destination's great slopes. Other activities include bathing in a heated swimming pool, skibathing in thermal snow, winter hiking, sledging, snowsheing, and skitouring.

In summer, the activities take place on the lush green mountains that used to be covered by snow. The summer activities include hiking in the area's over 200 km hiking trails, climbing at the edge of the mountains' breathtaking peaks, disc golfing, fishing at the nearby lakes, golfing, running at the stunning walking trails, and wall bouldering.

The Verdict
The best season to visit, considering the activities is... winter. Switzerland is, after all, the most popular destination for skiing and snowboarding. On the other hand, if you are not fond of cold weather and snow, then you will especially appreciate the summer landscape of Switzerland!

It's all up to you, after all!

In the end, there is not the perfect season to visit Leukerbad and Switzerland. It all comes to you and your personal choices. I would suggest you to visit it both seasons and see which side of Leukerbad would charm you the most. Don't waste any more time and   start planning your trip right-away!