Hospitality has been part of the Greek culture since very long time ago. As ancient Greek people called it, Ξενία (xenia) was the generosity and courtesy that the home owners showed to their household's guests. A fun fact is that, many times, guests were treated even better than the family members, taking the best seat in the table, and other unique traits. Let's get back to the "today", and see what's hospitality in Greece today

A popular place in Greece that holds dearly a great reputation for its hospitality is the Mediterranean Island of Crete. Crete, among others, boasts turquoise-water beaches, traditional villages, a rich cuisine and a tradition on hospitality that's nowhere else to be found in Greece.

Photo taken at Olive Green Hotel

Small traditional villas, family-run guest-houses and enormous 5-star hotels promise to offer you a memorable stay that you will treasure for a lifetime, but nowhere else in Crete, you will find the premium services offered in three amazing hotels in Heraklion.

Lato Boutique Hotel, Olive Green Hotel & Legacy Gastro Suites: these are the three hotels that have turned the upside down in the Cretan hospitality due to their innovative experiential concepts. Olive Green Hotel for its unique ecological consciousness alongside a cutting edge technology and highlights of tradition, Legacy Gastro Suites for its premium Greek gastronomy & cultural inspirations, and Lato Boutique Hotel for the panoramic views to the Cretan Sea and the historic Venetian sightseeings.

However, what's more surprising and less known to their visitors is that they are all connected, as they are all powered by the same team, sharing the same ideal of care, giving the same importance to people's wellbeing with a smile, and that all generously introduce us to the Greek & Cretan culture. This is Karatarakis Group Hotels & Restaurants family!

Karatarakis Group: hospitality that makes a difference!

Karatarakis Group is a family owned company that was founded by Michalis and Vangelio Karatarakis in 1976. The building used to house the homonymous private school until its full transformation into the very first hotel of the Karatarakis Group. Since then, Karatarakis has grown to welcome more than 34,000 guests every year, while offering more than 67,000 stays annually.

The chain's eco-friendly values and Social Responsibility make it even more appealing to the travel community. Approximately 78% of the hotel's energy consumption comes from renewable & cleaner energy sources, it saves up to 7% water due to its proper management, more than 21 tons of waste is recycled, while it uses zero fuel for heating. 

Three Hotels, Three Reasons to stay in Heraklion!

Although the hotels are part of the same chain, the only "thing" that connects them is their high ecological values and premium services. They all feature their own unique characteristics and traits to love!

Lato Boutique Hotel - Panoramic View to the Cretan Sea & the historic Venetian Sightseeings!

Photo Credits: Lato Boutique Hotel

Located at a key-location in Heraklion,   Lato Boutique Hotel boasts an iconic view of the Old Port, as well as easy access to Heraklion's central square. It works tirelessly all-year-round, making up the perfect accommodation option in Heraklion for short winter-breaks, or even spring excursions. It's a splendid choice for families, couples and business travelers, however, we particularly recommend it to travellers who want to explore Crete, as it makes up the perfect starting point for exploration.

Olive Green Hotel - Unique Ecological Consciousness alongside Cutting-Edge Technology & Local Tradition

Photo Credits: Olive Green Hotel

Also in the center of Heraklion, Olive Green Hotel stands out for its unique eco-friendly character and design. Cutting-edge technology ensures a high-quality stay with all the latest comforts, without losing touch with the Cretan culture. We can comfortably say that Olive Green Hotel has reached its goal to change the way of living in a city hotel. We would especially recommend   Olive Green Hotel to couples, business travellers and anyone with an ecological consciousness.

Legacy Gastro Suites - Premium Greek Gastronomy & Culture

Photo Credits: Legacy Gastro Suites

The newest member of the family,   Legacy Gastro Suites, has a unique goal to accomplish. The hotel will introduce you to the Greek Cuisine and Culture, taking inspiration of the iconic Cretan figures of El Greco, Nikos Kazantzakis and Vincenzo Kornaro. Highlight the excellence of Greek Gastronomy, this hotel is the only accommodation choice for the foodies-visitors of Crete. A medley of rich flavors and aromas will accompany your stay at Legacy Gastro Suites, introducing you to the very best products of the Greek province.

Highlighting Cretan Gastronomy since 2007

Photo Taken at 626 All Day Lounge & City Garden

Introducing innovative and unique food services & styles in Heraklion since 2007, Karatarakis Group is now the proud owner of three unique restaurants whose aim is to change the way you perceive Greek and Cretan Gastronomy.

Photo Credits: 626 All Day Lounge & City Garden at Olive Green Hotel

As the name suggests, 626 All Day Lounge & City Garden, is a cafe, Bar, Restaurant, perfect for any time of the day. For breakfast, you can choose from a diversity of salty & sweet choices, or opt for the delicious set breakfast menus including traditional delicacies. Of course, whenever you feel tired and hungry from your Heraklion exploration, you can take a break and enjoy lunch inspired by ‘626’ international cuisine or surprise your friends with great finger food and ice cold beer at the park.

Photo Credits: Brillant Restaurant at Lato Boutique Hotel

Brillant Restaurant is Lato Boutique Hotel's Winter Restaurant, serving nouvelle Grecque cuisine. The rich menu of Brillant Restaurant features fine local meat dishes, wild green salads, handmade pasta, fresh fish and homemade desserts. A pair of refreshing cocktails and fine wines will be at your full disposal to "wash it all down". This restaurant is perfect for romantic dinners, alongside private events and business meetings.

Photo Credits: Herb's Garden Restaurant at Lato Boutique Hotel

Herb's Garden Restaurant at Lato Boutique Hotel opens its doors from early May to late October, the best months to enjoy

the very best of the Cretan land. It is a landmark restaurant, with creative Mediterranean cuisine, high standard service and panoramic views to the Cretan Sea! Choose among the Chef’s exquisite creations from lunch to dinner time and create your unique moments under the starry skies, cooled by gentle breezes from the sea. The Herbs team is always ready to guess your will and offer high end services!

Karatarakis Group: Creating Experiences!

Photo Taken at Olive Green Hotel

In the end, Karatarakis Group will introduce you to a better lifestyle that's friendlier to the environment and closer to nature. If you want to learn more about the group, check out their website here!