The "Venice of the North", Stockholm, is one of those effortlessly photogenic destinations, whose beauty is visible from almost every angle. The city consists of 14 island coastlines while it's home to an assortment of stunning parks and gardens, that cover a third of its premises, and some of the most awe-inspiring landmarks in Sweden.

There is an abundance of things to do in Stockholm, and sightseeing is definitely among the most popular. In addition to the city's Old Town (Gamla Stan), where you will find some of the most picturesque buildings in Europe, the town is home to a great range of museums and sights that will leave you impressed.

So, let's discover the top sights in Stockholm during your most exciting Sightseeing Tour!

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1. Gamla Stan (Old Town)

Photo by Marten Bjork on Unsplash

Stockholm's compact historic center that dates back to the 1200s, is packed with historic sights, traditional restaurants and boutique shops, that make it feel like a proper, open-air museum. It's the perfect place to start your Stockholm exploration, get a glimpse of the local culture, and take some of the most stunning pictures of the city. At Gamla Stan, you will also find Stockholm's Cathedral, the Nobel Museum and the Royal Palace while every Christmas it hosts Julmarknad Christmas Market, definitely a worth-visit. 

2. Art in the Subway

Photo by Claudio Schwarz | @purzlbaum on Unsplash

Stockholm's subway system is rumoured to be the world's longest art exhibit, stretching through an area of 110 kilometers. Over 90 of the total 100 subway stations in Stockholm have been decorated with sculptures, mosaics, paintings, installations, engravings, and reliefs by 150+ artists. The first station to feature artwork was T-Centralen, and it soon became one of the most recognisable places of the city.

Other stunning stations include Stadion, Solna Centrum, Thorildsplan, Bagarmossen, Citybanan, Kungstradgarden, Solna Strand, Tensta, Ostermalmstorg, Hotorget, Tekniska Hogkolan, Hallonbergen, and Morby Centrum. 

3. Abba Museum

Photo by Andrew Ebrahim on Unsplash

Dedicated to the worldwide famous music group, ABBA Museum will travel you back to the 70's and early 80's, when the ABBA stormed the pop world with their music. It's located on the island of Djurgården, which is a short bus drive from Stockholm's city center.

During your visit there, you will be able to see the band's stage clothes, artifacts, footage from their concerts, interviews and other mementos of their time. You can also sing and dance with holograms of the ABBA, while a digital costume is projected on to you (we recommend that you record it).

Of course, even if you are not a ABBA fan, you will definitely find yourself emerged in this unique place, as it's home to the Swedish Music Hall of Fame. Don't forget to check-out the various activities and events taking place there.

4. Fotografiska Museet

Photo by Anna Hunko on Unsplash

Fotografiska is one of the largest meeting places for contemporary photography in the world. Opened in 2010 by Annie Leibovitz, it immediately became one of the most popular attractions of Stockholm. It hosts a unique array of exhibitions throughout the year, while offering some of the most enviable views over the city. Every year, it hosts about four large exhibitions and a wide array of smaller ones, attended by thousands of artists.

After your gallery exploration, you can take a break at the gallery's stylish bar and cafe area, where you can enjoy delicious snacks and coffee or choose from a selection of wines. Before leaving the gallery, make sure to pay a visit to the gift shop, where you will find some excellent souvenirs for your family back home. At first they might seem slightly over-priced, their uniqueness, however, will make up for it.

5. The Royal Palace

Photo by Fredrik Öhlander on Unsplash

You will certainly need a day or so to explore The Royal Palace. It's located on Gamla Stan, and it's the official residence of the King of Sweden - the Queen's residence, however, is located on Drottningholm. The palace boasts 600 rooms and several museums that mark it as one of the largest palaces in Europe. It's Baroque style houses many gems like Queen Kristina's silver thrones, the Museum of Antiquities, the Armoury, the Tre Kronor Museum, and the Treasury. There is also a daily changing of the guard, which is a must-see!

These are the top sights to visit while in Stockholm. Of course, there are tons of other awesome activities to do in Stockholm, especially at Gamla Stan - the city's Old Town. So, are you ready for the most exciting experience in Stockholm?   Book now at Hilton Stockholm Slussen, and enjoy the most exciting Stockholm experience of your life!