Planet Earth is a wonderful place to live because is full of astonishing places, dozens of cultures, and it offers you millions of opportunities to experience something new. But there’s more to our planet, the one thing that makes it so interesting are the mysteries that it holds.

The world we live in is full of mysteries and after all this time you’d believe that we solved them all, and yet there are mysteries that maybe we aren’t even aware of, according to Grademiners Reviews. But let’s stick to the mysterious places we know.

Therefore, if you’re a lover/hunter of secrets and legends, today we prepared for you our top 20 mysterious places in the world.

1. The Marquesas Islands – The Mysterious Islands at the End of the World

Photo Credits: Traveller

This place can be more than mysterious – it can be extremely scary. In this place may rituals were performed, including human sacrifices. There are huge sculptures and stones covered in old blood. This place is known to bewitch the visitors from as long as history knows, and the locals will prove.

2. Sagada, Philippines – The Hanging Coffins

Photo Credits: CemSites

There’s nothing more curious and creepier than a bunch of coffins hanging on a cliffside. If you are bored of normal cemeteries, Sagada is the place for you.

3. Highgate Cemetery, UK

Photo Credits: A Family Day Out

Probably one of the most fashionable cemeteries in the world, but as the timed passed it become extremely spooky. Highgate cemetery is now a popular location for paranormal activities and for occult and vampiric enthusiasts.

4. Alcatraz Island, San Francisco – The Prison

Photo Credits: Wikipedia

Prison isn’t particularly a mysterious place, but when people start to report seeing the ghosts of prisoners that died there, it certainly becomes one.

5. Mexico – The Island of the Dolls

Photo Credits: BrainCharm

This place isn’t for the faint-hearted – you will feel like in a real scary movie will all the old doll hanging around yourself and even hearing the dolls whispering. The legend says that the dolls belonged to a local young girl and the locals hanged her dolls in her remembrance. The girl might have left this world but her spirit didn’t – it’s still playing with its dolls, relate the specialists from A-writer.

6. China – The Mysteries of the Terracotta Army

Photo Credits: KidsNews

China’s top tourist attraction was discovered almost 50 years ago. What’s so curious about it is the fact that not one from the 8000 solders are alike and the same is with the rest 670 horses and 130 chariots discovered. The theories about this mystery can get really spooky.

7. Polynesia – Easter Island

Photo Credits: Express UK

Easter island used to be one of the world’s most isolated islands, until the 887 moai statues arrived there, which turned the island in one of the world’s mot known island. The theories are going wild and aliens seem to sustain a strong theory.

8. India – The Curse of Bhangarh Fort

Photo Credits: Anomalien

This place is well known for being the most haunted place in India because of the numerous supernatural and paranormal activities that happen there. The locals know well enough to stay away from that place and even the authorities forbid the tourists to adventure on that place at night. The reason behind the strange things that are happening there lies behind a very interesting story/legend, Assignment Help relates.

9. Egypt – The Pyramids at Giza

Photo by Ricardo Gomez Angel on Unsplash

Whether you love legends and mysteries or not, this place should be on everyone’s bucket list. We all know the legends about the treasures that come with curious curses, so if you love legends why haven’t you already been here?

10. New Mexico – Aliens are Welcomed

It all dates back to the summer of 1947 when witnesses said a UFO crashed outside the Roswell town and stated that aliens were still on board, so you should search whether this happened or not.

11. Poland – The Crooked Forest

Photo Credits: World Travel Magazine

Curious, very curious place is indeed Poland’s Crooked forest. Some tried to explain this strange thing as a result of a natural phenomenon like a wild storm, but that would too simple to be true.

12. Machu Picchu – The Archeological Marvel

Curious place Machu Picchu is – no one knows how, why, and when it was built or why it was abandoned. It was discovered 100 years ago and its purpose is still a mystery today.

13. Romania – The Legends of Transylvania

Photo Credits: Live Science

There are many legends about the Count Dracula that lived in Transylvania that many people know of today. But if you are curious to discover these legends, you should stick in Romania for a while because it holds more mysteries than many are aware of, according to Essayninja experts.

14. The Bermuda Triangle

Photo Credits: All that's Interesting

If you are courageous enough to test this mysterious place, at least let yourself be warned that you might not come back from this journey, but you might solve one of the world’s biggest mysteries.

15. Stonehenge, UK – Magnet for Mystics

Photo by Robert Koorenny on Unsplash

Stonehenge is the reason why many visits to London in the first place. The mysteries of the stone monument that lays there go beyond our imagination but one thing is sure – it possesses spiritual powers.

16. Scotland – Rosslyn Chapel

Photo Credits: The Rabbie's Blog

If you’re a fan of conspiracy theories, this is the place to be, but you should probably do your research before you go.

17. Colorado – The Stanley Hotel

Photo Credits: Amuse

Have you read Stephen King’s novel The Shining? If you did you should definitely visit this hotel because here lays the author’s inspiration.

18. US – The Eternal Flame Falls

Photo Credits: Flickr

Many scientists tried to explain this phenomenon logically, but they haven’t found the answer yet.

19. Nazca, Peru – The Lines in the Sand

One of the most mysterious things ever, the prehistoric cultures draw numerous lined in Peru’s dessert and the lines only make sense if are watched from the plane and once you do so you can only see numerous animal and geometrical shapes.

20. Kryptos, Virginia – The most Puzzling of Modern Mysteries

The sculpture might look like a simple piece of art to many but a mystery lay within its message that hasn’t been yet solved. While the code has been discovered, its meaning remains a mystery.


Planet Earth is a mysterious place that is worth discovering and exploring. So why waste another minute doing nothing when you can get your backpack ready and start solving the world’s biggest mysteries.