After saying ‘yes’, it’s time to think about all those lovely little details before you say ‘I do’. Wedding dress and honeymoon destination aside, it’s the venue that worries people the most. Finding the right wedding venue is always a challenge, but if you’re thinking about a tropical wedding destination, we’ve got you covered. We’ve prepared a list of the best and the most luxurious tropical wedding destinations around the world.


When you can’t seem to find a place in the States that’s exotic enough for you, you can always choose Hawaii instead. Only a five-hour flight from L.A. and you’ll be transported into a magical place where the weather is fantastic, the water is inviting, and the nature mesmerizing. You can easily find the place that’s close to a volcano or a beach that offers the most amazing view of the night sky. The best thing is that from December to May you can even spot whales in the distance while you’re walking down the sandy isle and listening to the soft ukulele music. Another useful information: you can apply for the marriage license online and just bring your valid IDs with you.


For people who would like to get married during summer, Greece is the perfect place to do so. The country provides a romantic backdrop for weddings and you’ll get to enjoy not only the azure sea but also the most delicious meals that will make you fall in love with the Mediterranean cuisine. Santorini is famous for its little white houses and amazing views, Mykonos offers a bit more cosmopolitan vibe and an around-the-clock party scene, whereas people who would like to avoid all the drama and the fuss can find peace in Crete. History lovers will fall in love with the medieval old town of Rhodes whereas Corfu will give you a chance to say your vows in one of the stunning bays.


Australia is one of those amazing countries that have so much to offer to hopeful young couples. From breathtaking vineyards in South Australia and sandy beaches to hidden garden wedding venues in Sydney and luxurious resorts along the Gold Coast, Australia has plenty of options for people looking for the perfect wedding destination. You can also get married in a park or even in the Taronga Zoo if you wish; Australia’s got you covered. It’s also a great idea to get married here because winters in the Land Down Under are hot and sunny so you can have a December wedding without snow.


A magical place that makes you feel like you’ve stepped into another universe – Tahiti will take your breath away. Neon-turquoise lagoons that hide stingrays and sharks, tattooed men in outrigger canoes, thatched overwater bungalows… The Islands of Tahiti have a number of popular wedding locations which are so beautiful that they seem otherworldly. You can even get married in a chapel that has a glass bottom in Bora Bora! Keep in mind that you’ll have to be married in a quick legal ceremony in a city hall first before you head out to say your vows in a place you and your future spouse have chosen.


An island with 700 miles of white and gold sand beaches and clear water, where you can see foliage-covered mountains in the distance, Jamaica truly resembles a place from a fairy tale. It doesn’t come as a surprise to see many people choose Jamaica as their destination wedding, because the experience is truly unique and the locals have been hosting weddings for decades. Being familiar with tourists’ needs and desires, pretty much every hotel has a wedding package available so you can get married on a spectacular beach, in a beautiful garden or in an elegant mansion.


Even though Fiji is best known for huts and thriving reefs, it consists of more than 300 islands where you can see and experience different things. Those in love with peace and quiet will find joy in Vanua Levu, a place with only one set of traffic lights or even more remote resorts on private islands. Keep in mind that your paperwork should be forwarded to the nearest Fiji registry office at least two weeks before you arrive, and before you get married, you should take all your documents to the registry office.

Of course, you don’t have to spend a fortune on a tropical wedding if you don’t want to. Many couples choose to have a small wedding at an exotic destination with a few close friends rather than an opulent wedding party for dozens of people. Talk to your partner and see if you can agree on a wedding destination both of you will love, and start looking for a tropical place where you’ll say ‘I do’.