In 2013, TripAdvisor included Santorini as one of the top ten European Islands, and it holds that title until today! Being deemed as "one of the most beautiful islands in the world" is a hard name to uphold, but seeing the stunning views from this volcanic Greek island will have you understanding why Santorini simply cannot be dethroned! 

Santorini was formed from one of the largest historical volcanic eruptions. Now, the still-active volcano is surrounded by multi colored cliffs, whitewashed architecture, welcoming culture and endless sunsets.

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Astra Suites: Greatness lies 20 minutes away from Fira!

We recommend staying at Astra Suites! It is located centrally, just 20 minutes away from the main town of Fira. 

Nearby, your shopaholic heart can rejoice in the abundance of boutiques and stores where you can buy souvenirs, clothing, delicacies and more!

The best times to visit are between the months of April to May, when the temperatures are warm enough and the seasonal shops are open, but without the influx of pricing and herds of tourists surrounding you.

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If you and your boo want some relaxing time for yourselves, look no further than the in-hotel spa! You can choose from a variety of wellness and spa services including massages, facial treatments and beauty therapies. 

There is even a Jacuzzi and Steam Room VIP Package which includes unlimited usage for all of the spa facilities, fresh fruit, chocolate and even a bottle of champagne! 

There are many romantic things for you to do with your significant other. You can stay in the shopping area of Fira, or in the sunset capital of Oia, or near the black sand beach of Perissa. You can enjoy a nice ride around the island on a tourist boat or experience Santorini nightlife!

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If you are feeling classy, make sure to head to a local winery (you may need a car to reach the closest one!) to enjoy some of the islands specialty drinks. Swing by Oia with your bottle of wine, sit on the beach and watch the sun transform into hanging stars for a calm and relaxing date night!

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We recommend two different types of rooms for you to stay in! If you opt for the Architect's House, you will have a private swimming pool and Jacuzzi, but if you stay in the Pool Suite, you will have your own private pool overlooking the Caldera! It comes down to personal preference! 

Akrotiri is considered one of the most romantic places in all of Santorini. Even though the old archaeological site dates back to 3000 BC and was destroyed by a volcanic eruption, most of the site has been restored today. If you climb to the top of the fortress, you can see most of the island including the caldera of the volcano. Along the way, you can wander through grape vines, geological formations and local Greek culture!

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If you head over to Imerovigli (if you can tough out the crowds), you will see a stunning sunset, including views of Ai-Stratis, Monastery of Saint Nikolaos, and Skaros! It's no wonder Imerovigli is named the "Balcony to the Aegean Sea". 

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Your stomach will never go hungry when staying at Astra Suites. For all meals, snacks and refreshments, you can choose to eat in the privacy of your own room or at the high class restaurants! 

The main restaurant serves traditional Greek and Mediterranean dishes with a contemporary twist, while the Pool Bar features signature cocktails and plenty of lighter fare.

Santorini is the perfect place for couples to spend their honeymoon in. The island looks exactly like the postcards and Google Images you drool over, the hospitality service is unparalleled, the people are friendly and the place practically oozes out romance! Head here for a trip you won't be forgetting any time soon!