Perhaps, everyone has a friend who travels a lot and then feeds you annoying stories about the places they’ve visited. Such stories may sound like bragging and, let’s be honest, that’s what they often are. We live in an era of social media where people constantly upload all of their experiences in the form of photos or videos to social media so that they can share them with friends and followers. There are thousands of travel bloggers who live their best lives, turning a traveler lifestyle into a synonym for happiness and wealth.

Obviously, not everyone can forget about their day job or family and live a dream, posting hundreds of photos of beaches and mountains. However, people often try to get closer to this perfect standard, which is a reason why sharing your travel experiences can lead to jealousy. As a result, some travelers decide not to share their experiences at all, visiting dozens of countries on different continents without making a single post on social media.

So, is sharing your travel photos a good or bad idea? Answering this question is up to you. Reasons why people do it are rather obvious — they want their friends and relatives to feel what they feel. However, let’s consider the reasons why some people prefer not to post photos from their trips on social media.

Reasons Why Some People Don’t Share Their Travel Experiences

1. They just don’t want to waste their time

When traveling, you can enjoy various activities. No matter whether you like hiking, swimming, shopping, or sightseeing, you can always choose a destination where you will be able to forget about your troubles and do what you love most. For some people, their vacation is an opportunity to turn off the phone and enjoy precious moments of their lives without wasting their time on social media. There’s nothing wrong with walking around with your smartphone but there are many other ways to make your travels memorable.

2. Fear of making a destination too popular

Once again, traveling offers many people a chance to escape their everyday routine and take some time for themselves. Imagine that you’ve found a perfect place where you can spend some time with your loved one. A quiet and romantic place, and only two of you, with no other tourists walking around. For many people, privacy is the only thing they really need. In this case, posting photos means promoting the place and making it more popular, especially if you have many followers. As soon as more people learn about your secret place, it will lose its value.

3. Fear of being a braggart

We’ve already figured out that sharing your travel experiences might look like bragging, and some people decide not to create such an impression. They will surely send you photos from their vacation if you ask them. However, they decide not to post photos on their social media so that nobody will see them as braggarts.

4. Different values

Although most of us cannot wait to share their great experiences with others, some people just don’t want extra attention. They don’t consider their trips an accomplishment worth sharing it with others. “Living in an era of social media, it becomes easy to forget that there’s nothing wrong with being humble or introverted. Don’t post your travel photos just because everyone does it — you may enjoy your vacation without it, as well,” explains Rachel Schneider, a lifestyle blogger and writer at College-Writers.

5. Missing that place

Finally, photos in social media can remind you that you’re no longer there. Some people feel sad scrolling their Instagram accounts while sitting in the office and realizing that they won’t be able to see that beautiful beach for a long time. It’s good if your memories make you feel happy but if they only make you feel sad about the current moment, posting travel photos on social media isn’t the best idea.


People love to share their experiences with others. Travel bloggers of all kinds share every moment of their lives with their followers so it may seem like your trip won’t be great if you don’t take a hundred photos and don’t post them on social media. However, some people decide to keep their experiences for themselves. Some of them don’t want to brag, while others just want to enjoy the moment without being distracted by social media. It’s important to understand that sharing your travel photos isn’t a necessity. Traveling is always a great thing, even if no one else will know that you’ve visited exotic places and had a good time. Just enjoy your trip and do what you want, no matter what others think.