Time to come clean. When a writer gets an assignment about a destination – no matter whether they’ve visited it or not – they always begin their research with a simple Google search. And when a New York Times travel piece covering this destination pops up, you know you’re set to write about a million-dollar place that everyone has to visit. This is what happens when you search for the best hotels at Chacras de Coria.

Where is Chacras de Coria, Mendoza?

Mendoza is a city located in western Argentina, and it’s known for being the center of the Argentinian wine industry. And given the fact that it’s located in the desert Cuyo region, knowing where the oasis is off the bat sounds like a legit argument.

This oasis is Chacras de Coria; a small city famous for its wineries and with a history dating back to 1568, when Juan de Coria Bohórquez and Beatriz Yánez Palma got married.

Boutique bodegas in Chacras de Coria aside, family’s always been a big issue — to think that the whole city was founded right after a wedding. And as a family-friendly destination, staying at a family-run boutique hotel in Chacras de Coria kind of makes sense. However, our recommendation is much more than that.

Picture a family-run hotel in Chacras de Coria offering various activities, unique rooms to choose from, a wine cellar of many surprises, traditional Mendoza decoration, and endless gardens.

This is an oasis within an oasis.


This is Casa Glebinias: One of the best hotels in Chacras de Coria

Just some miles away from the Mendoza River, Casa Glebinias is a place of many wonders. Get ready for some serious wine tasting experiences in one of the most famous wine boutique hotels in Mendoza where the smell of Argentinian wine lingers 24/7.

Yes.   Casa Glebinias is the perfect, cozy place to educate yourself on wine, to learn what foods you can pair with your favorite varietal, walk on one of the Wine Roads where it stands, drink high-end wines, and take winemaking classes down in the hotel’s cellar.

Wait! There’s more.

First, the setting itself feels like it’s been taken out from a different era. As soon as you enter the door, the warm living room extending towards the open kitchen and the large gallery will allure you. We’re talking about an authentic boutique hotel experience in Chacras de Coria.

Wait! There’s even more.

Go outside, and you’ll see that Casa Glebinias has a park of its own, a pool, a beautiful garden, and a friendly atmosphere to enjoy a delicious breakfast, a gathering, or a walk for two. In case you wondered, yes, wine is included. It is a wine hotel, after all.

But you’re not planning a vacation just to stay in your hotel the whole time, right? So, keep reading.

Top 3 things to do in Chacras de Coria

Now you know the best hotel to stay in Chacras de Coria. Let’s take a look at the activities and all the fun things you can do in the place that still resists urbanization. Chacras de Coria is populated by a diverse group of people, including photographers, artists, and craftsmen coming from many different areas of the world.

So, it comes as no surprise the fact that the things you can do in Chacras de Coria are so many that won’t even know where to start. Allow us to change that:

1. Become a sommelier

Okay, we might be taking it a little too far here, but you can definitely be a wine expert just by taking a few days off to take a Mendoza tour.

Start with Malbec, the purple grape variety winemakers use to produce red wine. Malbec wines are known for their fruity flavor, which is popular among beef lovers. Then, you can move on to different, more sophisticated varieties just by taking a winery hopping tour in Mendoza or even a bike tour around vineyards and production sites to see how this nectar is created.

Are you a true wine enthusiast? Do you want to take your love for wine to the next level? Try vinotherapy!

This ancient beauty therapy makes use of all the residue of winemaking to create a beautiful skin mask. You’ll be amazed by the exfoliating and anti-aging capabilities of these pips and pulp.

2. Satisfy your palate

If there’s one thing (yes, except for the wine) that Argentina is famous for, that would be the food. We all know how much Argentines love eating and how gatherings or dinners at home are viewed as symbols of friendship and affection.

Argentine cuisine is a cultural blending of Mediterranean and indigenous cooking habits — which means that it can only be described as perfect. But there’s an extra plus: The incredible raw materials ensued from the stunning climate and soil the land is blessed with.

So, eat! And eat a lot.

Taste the Mendoza olive oil (there are even olive oil tours to take a break from the wineries), take cooking classes, or just pick one of the many restaurants in Chacras de Coria to taste a traditional Argentine dish like bife de chorizo or beef asado.

Fun fact: Did you know that Argentina’s annual consumption of beef has averaged 100 kg per capita? This is like 270 grams of meat a day!

3. Go outdoors

You already know that Argentina is a beautiful country. Naturally beautiful. Sometimes, it feels like the universe has hallowed the whole country with a warm sun and diverse beauty. A beauty you need to explore!

Take an Andes tour from Mendoza, go hiking, have a road trip to the Chilean Border, or take a horse-riding class to experience the natural environment first-hand.

Whether you’re traveling to Mendoza alone, along with your better half, your family, or a group of friends, all these outdoor activities and natural grace will help you reconnect with the one person you’ve been sharing the most essential relationship with. Yourself.

But don’t forget to relax

Sometimes, while trying to figure out our vacation plans, we neglect something important: relaxation. And vacation is all about being with yourself and center. Luckily, a trip to Chacras de Coria is the best place to find serenity. And the gardens of Casa Glebinias, one of the best wine hotels in Mendoza, is a great place to start.