So little time, so many destinations to discover. Don’t you sometimes feel that 12 months are just not enough when planning your next vacation? We know the feeling. And what makes it even worse is that some destinations are great for the summer but “meh” for the winter.

But luckily there are places all-year-friendly that you can visit any time you want. All you have to do is book a ticket, find a hotel room, and have fun. 

One of these places is La Thuile right next to Mont Blanc. So, book your ticket,   find your La Thuile hotel, and you’re good to go.

“But a mountain in the summer?’” I hear some of you, whispering. The answer is yes.


Understanding La Thuile as a destination

Photo Credits: Opening a Bottle

The very first thing we need to say about La Thuile is that it’s a small town with big possibilities. Located right on the border between Italy and France, La Thuile offers a wide variety of influences since it’s connected to several cities in both countries.

As a destination between two cultures, the town is a fantastic choice both for summer and winter enthusiasts. Are you into swimming? La Thuile is the place to go. Are you into skiing? A La Thuile ski resort sounds like a perfect plan.

So, in this post, we’re exploring different things to do in La Thuile all year round. Let’s begin.

Things to do in La Thuile — Summer edition

So, let’s start with the season most people out there prefer. The summer, of course. It’s the time when Mother nature has woken up, her juices are flowing in waterfalls and lates, and the land is greener than ever.

And that was a brief description of La Thuile in the summer. Here’s a list of three top things to do during your stay.

1. Ride the horses

To explore and experience nature to its fullest, you need to feel free.

And to feel free, you need to get rid of all the luxuries the modern life has spoiled you with. Forget about cars, motorbikes, cellphones, the internet, or your Google Maps. Connect with nature, admire its beauty, and go back to the times all creatures used to live together. 

Ride a horse and start exploring the picturesque meadows, hills, and lakes. Get to know with the wild natural beauty of La Thuile and contact the spirits living in the trees, waterfalls, or even the soil.

This is freedom.

2. Find the lakes

We could write full paragraphs about ski resorts in La Thuile, or La Thuile hotels you should stay at. But there’s not much we can say about this magical place’s lakes. You have to see them in person to figure out why they are worth your attention.

Start with a stop at the Verney lake, the largest in the Aosta Valley. Admire the surrounding rare species of water-loving and carnivorous plants, and take 45 minutes to have the full walk around the lake. Climb up, and the stunning views across the Breuil valley will take your breath away.

Other lakes you should visit include Tormotta (with the blue-green waters) and Arpy.

3. Climb the mountains

Remember when we talked about freedom? Climbing a hill or mountain is the definition of feeling like the King of the World — yes, that was a “Titanic” reference. 

Climb all the way to the Rutor peak and enjoy the adventure that the wild, natural, beautiful habitat generously offers.

There’s something magical about hiking. You set your goals, and when you meet them, you want to give yourself a pat on the back. Just determine how high you want to go, push your limits, and finally reach your destination. 

You climb a mountain, you own a mountain.

Things to do in La Thuile — Winter edition

La Thuile in the winter is all about enjoying snow and skiing. So, if you’re not really a fan of the cold, we’d suggest that you avoid the place from November to February and visit it in the spring or summer.

But if you’re a winter (and snow) lover, you definitely want to keep reading. Here are three things to do in La Thuile in winter.

1. Skiing, of course

There’s something magical about skiing. The silence, the cold breeze touching your skin, the subtle scent of snow lingering, the white landscape. La Thuile comes with a wide range of excursions and routes. Either you’re a beginner or an advanced skier, you can choose among routes from 1.5 to 13 km long. 

Want an extra tip? Check the weather forecast before you go out there so you can set off fully equipped. Better safe than sorry!

2. Snowkiting

Ski resorts in La Thuile, are great if you want to take a glimpse of the luxurious side skiing is usually associated with. But there’s also a bunch of more fascinating, extreme activities such as snowkiting.

If you’re not an extreme sports enthusiast, you might have never heard of this term before. Snowkiting is an extreme winter sport where skiers leverage kite power to slide on snow or even ice. 

In La Thuile (Colle del Piccolo San Bernardo, to be precise), there’s a whole zone dedicated to snowkiting. Go all the way up to the sky to enjoy stunning views of Mont Blanc right on the border between Italy and France.

3. Dog sledding

You’ve seen it in the movies. But how is it in real life?

Get the exciting feeling of leading a pack of sled dogs while sliding right next to Mont Blanc. Feel the snowflakes hitting your face while pulled by 4 husky dogs and see how liberating the experience of gliding down a hill is. 

In case you didn’t get it, this is not just a cool way to see La Thuile’s attractions but an actual course on how to do. Don’t worry. It’s completely safe for children too!

Where to Stay in La Thuile

Now that you know what to do in La Thuile no matter the season, you need to find a cool place to stay. And we have the perfect La Thuile hotel for you!

See? We told you it’s the ideal destination both for the summer and the winter months? But where do you get to stay?

Montana Lodge & Spa is much more than a La Thuile hotel or even a La Thuile ski resort.

This place redefines luxury. Spend your night(s) in one of the many rooms ranging from 21 to 64 square meters. Each room offers a balcony so you can connect with the surrounding, majestic mountains.

Luxury can also be found in the hotel’s details. The furniture and interior design manage to strike a balance between Alpine tradition and modern Italian design. Ski resorts in La Thuile all look like chalets. Montana Lodge & Spa takes chalet-like architecture and combines it with a contemporary design made of local material.

Enjoy a 5-star dinner with local, yet gourmet, dishes. Organize a ski trip, explore Mont Blanc, and, of course, visit the hotel’s spa. Swim in the indoor heated pool, treat yourself, and see how good a sauna or a Turkish bath session will feel after an exhausting day of exploration.

This is a true La Thuile experience to remember.