One of the most common misconceptions when becoming a parent for the first time is that traveling is no longer possible due to the fact that the newborn baby cannot be left at home. However, the reality of the situation is totally different. Traveling with a child is absolutely possible when one learns the basics of packing and preparing for an exciting trip. Of course, if you are someone who has been used to traveling light with only one suitcase or a single backpack, then you may find the option no longer a possibility.

A word of caution; be prepared to stuff your bags with a bunch of things other than clothes, makeup, and shoes. One of the worst things that may happen if you leave unprepared is finding yourself without an extra pair of diapers on a crowded airplane or a bus. Nevertheless, what are the things that you as a new parent need to think of when traveling somewhere with a child? How to prepare for the trip and what exactly do you need to have on hand when times get truly critical? Certainly, these questions tend to pop up in every concerned parent's mind. Luckily in this article, you will find out all the must-haves which you should never leave without. If you successfully follow these tips and tricks you and your bundle of joy will have a much more enjoyable trip full of new experiences. Without further delays, here are the must-haves when traveling with a baby.

1. Infant first-aid kit

The very first thing on the list of must-haves when traveling with a baby is an infant first aid kit. Even though it seems like an obvious choice to pack a kit, a lot of parents do not realize they need it until it is too late. However, a household first aid kit is not enough and it will not serve its purpose entirely. Is there a rectal thermometer or a nasal aspirator in your regular first aid kit? Chances are that a lot of items which are needed for the baby's health are missing. So you need a custom-made first aid kit which will include things such as nail clippers, medication, and even miniature brushes. What else do you need in your kit? Consider saline nasal drops to make sure the baby is breathing properly at all times, a quality antibiotic cream, sterile gauze and so on. Also, do not forget the emergency contact card of your family's pediatrician in case you have questions.

2. A cute baby toy

Photo by Barrett Ward on Unsplash

Another item you must not leave your home without is your baby’s favorite toy. It is no secret that children, especially babies have a hard time going longer distances. If you are traveling by car, try attaching some cute toys to the seat of the vehicle using a sturdy plastic chain. This is especially helpful if you have a fussy baby who likes throwing items around. Also, see if you can try finding a toy which can easily be attached to the front part of the baby's car seat. This way the baby will certainly be distracted leaving you happy and smiling all along the way.

3. Quality baby skincare products

Every parent already knows the great importance of quality baby wipes and tissues. In fact, these are essential products every mum and dad need to have with them, especially if the baby is prone to making a big mess whenever the opportunity is presented. So in order to be extra sure that bacteria is out of the question, remember to run to the nearest drug store and stock up on baby wipes before catching your flight. Of course, remember to always read the labels and check whether the product is free of irritants and harsh ingredients such as alcohol. After all, one should always purchase a product which contains only natural ingredients, and which is free of chemicals. On a side note, it is a good idea to invest in a bottle or two of hand sanitizer. Most importantly, ask your pediatrician for specific recommendations if the baby's skin is extra sensitive.

4. Cribs and capsules

The next thing on the list of must-haves when traveling for a long period is a portable crib. So, is a portable crib mandatory when taking your baby with you on the road? Well, of course, babies are known for sleeping quite frequently, so a safe and comfy place to doze off is extremely important. However, if your child is still too small for a regular portable crib, then consider some of the best baby capsule products available out there. The best thing about getting a baby capsule is that you can relax while the newborn has its usual nap times. Sounds like a win-win situation!

5. Diapers galore

As already mentioned in the introduction, no one wants to end up stuck changing dirty diapers and realizing that you have not packed enough to last for the entire trip. If you are going to truly travel with only the must-haves, make sure to stock up on more diapers than you might think you will need. Are you aware that newborns use up almost a package of diapers in the course of a single day? To avoid taking up too much space in your bag, try investing in one-of-a-kind diaper backpack. These are relatively new inventions and they come in a variety of styles, so you can truly call yourself a chic momma or papa on the road.

6. An innovative baby stroller

Finally, do not forget to leave for the trip without taking your baby stroller with you. In fact, if you leave it at home by mistake, how are you supposed to take long walks with your bundle of joy and enjoy everything the new destination has to offer? Of course, if you do not own a practical stroller then do not worry. Fortunately, there are a lot of affordable quality products on the market. A helpful tip when looking for a stroller is to get an adjustable and compact one which you can fold up, so you can take it with you wherever you decide to go.

Most importantly, get the idea of not being able to travel with a baby out of your head. Finally, make a checklist and carefully plan out everything you are taking with you on the road. Have fun!