Mykonos is a must-visit Greek island, known for its picturesque blue and white buildings, numerous windmills and of course, the eccentric party life! Because of the young crowds and couples wanting to experience the night life and capture postcard-like photos, it can get pretty busy. If you aren't looking to spend your entire vacation surrounded by tourists, try out these 5 unique experiences that stray away from the mobs!

  • Agios Sostis Beach
  • Cine Manto
  • Minima Gallery
  • Armenistis Lighthouse
  • Aegean Maritime Museum
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Agios Sostis Beach

What is a trip to a Greek island without heading to one of the beautiful beaches! Although Mykonos has plenty of public beaches that have many amenities for rentals, the herds of tourists and loud music might steer you away. Head in the direction of Agios Sostis Beach! This beach is a hidden gem that is located on the northern side of the island, but is still reachable by car or bus. Whether you prefer to just lounge around and tan, or you enjoy swimming and snorkeling, you have come to the right place! What makes it even better is the fact that you will feel like you've rented out the whole venue! 

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Cine Manto

With perfect weather all year round, it's no wonder the Greeks take advantage of outdoor activities! Take an indoor classic, watching a movie, and move it outdoors for a completely new experience! Cine Manto is an open air movie theater in the center of Mykonos. Most films are displayed in their own language with Greek subtitles. Popular among locals, you can enjoy popcorn, a beer and a new flick under the stars!

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Minima Gallery

Minima Gallery is located nearby to Goumenio Square just off of the main plaza. It is situated inside of a small whitewashed house and features artwork from artists around the world! The variety of the pieces ranges from abstract paintings to realistic sculptures, and the collection changes every few weeks. Definitely bookmark this location to stop by if you want to cool down in the air conditioning and step back into culture and away from crowds.  

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Armenistis Lighthouse

Although Mykonos is renown for its lighthouses, not many people have heard about the hidden lighthouse of Armenistis, located right beside Mykonos. Armenistis was built in 1891 and features a winding trail to the top. Since the trek may be slightly difficult, make sure to take frequent breaks while admiring the detailing of the turbine and the backdrop scenery around. This is highly noted as one of the best sunsets in all of Mykonos! 

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Aegean Maritime Museum

The Aegean Maritime Museum is a non profit organization that was founded in 1983. It is located in Tria Pigadia, and was created with goals to preserve and promote the history and tradition of Greek Maritime. Here, you can find plenty of rowboat and sailboat replicas alongside ancient coins, maps and structures. 

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