Have you heard about Tinos before? Tinos is among the Greek Islands that have not yet received the reputation that it deserves, which is not bad at all, since this is one of reasons why it has managed to preserve its great natural beauty. Being an undiscovered destination, Tinos picks the interest of the adventurous travelers, making a hot topic for adventure seekers and explorers.

In a destination like Tinos, it is essential to choose a hotel like "Tutti Blu Living Space", where exploration becomes as easy as a pie. Tutti Blu is located in the traditional village of Mesi, and it has managed to become a reference point for locals and not.

Mesi Village is crossed by 5 main Tinos' roads, making navigation through the island very easy. The guesthouse's central location in the village, also encourages the guests to engage with various outdoor and indoor activitiesConsidering the available activities nearby the hotel, there are plenty and diverse.

You can try hiking in one of the numerous footpaths of Tinos, or village and church exploration, which is the best way to discover the local culture. Other activities include mountaineering, walking around the traditional vineyards and wineries, grape harvesting, spirit distilling and more.

Since we are talking about a Greek Island, you will are most probably wondering about the nearby beaches. Some of the best beaches around the island, including Santa Margarita, Lychnaftia, Livada, and Pachia Ammos are only 15'-30' away, where you can go for swimming and sunbathing. There are also various secluded spots nearby, waiting for couples to explore them.

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Living Space 1 - The Main House

The Main House is the biggest Living Space of the 4 rooms, covering a total area of 85 sqm. In addition to the two separate, the House includes a dining room, a living room, a utility room and a small wooden loft. It can host up to 6 adults, so it's a great option for small groups of friends and families. 

The Main House's renovation was based on the preservation of the Greek feeling that only a traditional Cycladic House could exhale!

Living Space 2 - The Old Ground Space

The Ground Space used to be the bottom part of the two storey house and the place where the animals were kept. This one-room apartment is the smallest of the 4 rooms, featuring a traditional Tinian stone volt in the middle of the room. It covers an area of 28 sqm, and it can host up to two people.

Living Space 3 - The Old Warehouse

The Old Warehouse Apartment is characterized by the traditional Tinian stone volt in its center. It covers a total area of 32 sqm., including a small wooden loft. It offers views over the west and it can accommodate up to 2+1 people.

Living Space 4 - The Old Stable

The Old Stable is actually the newest part of the complex, and it's located right where the stable of the house used to be, thus taking this name. It covers an area of about 50 sqm, split on two levels, the ground floor and the interior wooden loft. It can host up to 4 people in its 1 double bed and two single ones.

"Tutti Blu Living Space": Traditional Cycladic Architecture with a Modern Retouch!

Each Guesthouse has its own fully equipped kitchenette and dining room, bathroom and a sleeping area. The under-floor heating will make you feel pretty comfy even without slippers, while traditional Greek breakfast inclusion is also available.

The hotel's design was based on the typical Cycladic, vernacular architecture, and the building materials ensure a comfortable and stylish staying experience throughout the year.

Another unique aspect of the hotel is that each room is themed regarding the parts of a typical Cycladic house. Each Living Area (room) has a different concept, changing your travel experience depending on the room you choose to stay.

Concluding, we should note that Tutti Blu Living Space is a great place to stay throughout the year, being warm through the winter and cool through the summer. Since Tinos is an island mainly preferred for "religious" traveling, Christmas and Easter are two great periods to visit.   Check Prices directly from the Hotel!