Rapidly gaining long-overdue recognition as one of the most magnificent destinations in Greece, Karpathos boasts impeccable natural beauty manifested in the form of pristine golden-sand beaches with azure waters that seem to rub shoulders with rugged mountaintops dotted with picturesque villages against the backdrop of an unspoiled landscape. 

Though still cloaked in a veil of absolute seclusion, this charming island has become home to some of the finest resorts of the country that cater to sophisticated travelers, nature enthusiasts, and adventurous globetrotters looking for off-the-grid getaways. And yet, there’s one particular hotel that effortlessly stands out from the competition. Here’s how Althea Boutique Hotel went over and beyond the boundaries of mediocrity to become one of the most impressive boutique hotels in Karpathos.

Superb accommodation with timeless Dodecannese charm and exquisite amenities

Althea Boutique Hotel is much more than a boutique resort in Karpathos. It’s a haven of serenity that invites guests to enter a state of euphoria through an enchanting amalgam of comfort, stellar amenities, and signature elegant design blending traditional elements with contemporary grace. Spearheaded by Maria Loizou-Ioannidis, whose personal touch has rendered the resort capable of exceeding the expectations of the most discerning clientele, Althea Boutique Hotel is designed to impress

It features three different types of irresistible apartments with private balconies that offer breathtaking views over the aquamarine waters of the Aegean Sea. Inside, an alluring ambiance complemented by a fascinating handmade décor inspired by the heritage of the island and ample spaces equipped with all necessary amenities and modern comforts promise memories of an unforgettable vacation in Karpathos. And these memories are certain to last thanks to an enticing souvenir shop within the hotel’s premises with marvelous mementos on display for guests.

An impeccable seafront location at the edge of the Aegean

Prominent among the first things that will undoubtedly impress all the new guests of Althea Boutique Hotel is its exceptional location. This privileged boutique hotel occupies an advantageous hillside spot that offers amazing panoramic views over the crystal-clear waters of the Aegean Sea on the northern side of Amoopi, one of the island’s most famous beaches. But the unspoiled sands, cerulean waters, and stunning sunset views of Amoopi are not the only perks of the hotel’s location on the southeast of Karpathos. 

Some of the most exquisite shores of the island such as Amoopi Beach (small Amoopi), Peramos (big Amoopi), Votsalakia beach are just 150 metres away from Althea Boutique Hotel. Potali Beach, Kastelia Beach, and Fokia Beach can be found within just a short distance from the hotel on the shoreline, while on the other side, an imposing rocky landscape starts spanning toward the north of Karpathos. Be it adventurous thrill-seeking windsurfers in search of the ultimate wave, couples on a romantic escapade, or families on a long-awaited vacation, one thing is for certain; Althea Boutique Hotel has the ideal location to make its guests’ trip to Karpathos an unforgettable experience. 

Immaculate concierge services for an extraordinary stay 

Apart from the unbeatable location and the ethereal ambiance of the hotel’s engrossing interior design, Althea Boutique Hotel pride themselves in offering a wide array of personalized concierge services that guarantee a memorable vacation in Karpathos. After all, the notion of authentic Karpathian hospitality is at the core of the hotel’s philosophy, dictating even the tiniest little detail and defining every aspect of the guest experience. Starting off with a heartfelt welcome, a stay at the Althea Boutique Hotel is enriched with services that will secure your peace of mind such as airport and port transfers, babysitting services, hair, nail, and beauty appointments, and delightful massage treatments among many others. The hotel's staff will also help you plan and organize your dream vacation by unveiling the secrets of Karpathos through private or group tours to the remote beaches of the island.

Still, the real star of their services is the hotel’s breakfast, which is approved and sealed by the "Greek Breakfast" of the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels. Made exclusively with local ingredients like honey, virgin olive oil, and seasonal vegetables, every breakfast meal features a different specialty daily. At Althea Boutique Hotel, you’ll get the chance to tease your tastebuds with famous local delicacies like the Karpathian pancakes or the Karpathian omelet, both exemplary feats of the island’s rich history in gastronomy. 

All in all, the masterminds behind Althea Boutique Hotel have done wonders in creating an amazing resort that blends tradition and modernity while at the same time staying true to the principles of genuine, time-honored Karpathian hospitality. Its wonderful interior design, exceptional location, stunning sea views, and phenomenal concierge services are enough to make even the most demanding visitors return to Karpathos year after year. 

Greater than the sum of its parts, the overall experience of a stay at Althea Boutique Hotel, a hotel with the official seal "Boutique Hotel" from the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels, will convince you that it has rightfully claimed the title of one of the most impressive boutique hotels in Karpathos and that, beyond any doubt, it should be among your first options for your next trip to this enchanting island.

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