It's been 8 years since Travel by Interest was launched as a travel website, that collaborates with hoteliers, to help them target Gay, Luxury, Food and Wellness travelers, allowing them to receive bookings directly to their official booking engine. Working closely with more than 2.500 Hoteliers, TBI has been transformed into one of the fastest growing online travel projects and today it announces its biggest evolution with the launch of the BRAND NEW WEBSITE that is going to bring a big change to the hotelier industry.

Avoiding the generic press releases, this comprehensive article will help you understand Travel by Interest's “Grand Plan”, that will not only help hoteliers to increase their direct bookings but also becomes one of the most helpful tools for travelers who are looking to book their next hotel.

Keep in mind that:

  1. You can Register your Hotel for Free, get your own Booking Engine connected and access your hotel statistics
  2. TBI Experts will add your hotel in Hotel Collections for Gay, Luxury, Food & Wellness travelers, as well as in special Themed Hotel Collections.
  3. You will be informed about new Hotel Search Trends from Niche Markets, and be able to create Hotel SEO Content.

TBI is not only targeting Gay, Food, Luxury & Wellness niche markets, but opens up to more with new Hotel Collections.

As we already know, TBI targets the niche markets of Gay, Food, Luxury and Wellness. The new Hotel Collections help Travel by Interest to target more travellers, recategorising the hotels based on popular search trends and unique hotel characteristics. In the platform’s new version, you can find Hotel Collections by Interest, Hotel Collections by Destination Feature and Hotel Collections by Theme. The Hotel Collections by Interest target travelers from Gay, Food, Luxury and Wellness travel Interest. The other two types are categorizing hotels based on special destination features, for example “Hotels in Switzerland with a seductive wooden design!” or based on special themes, such as “Atmospheric Hotel Restaurants for moving wedding proposals” and “Iconic resorts to spend your honeymoon in 2019”.

TBI becomes a trustworthy decision making tool as it is based on the careful selections of Hotel Experts and Famous Influencers.

TBI Hotel Experts evaluate each hotel and approve it in the various Hotel Collections, assuring that every collection presents a variety of suggestions to travelers. In the next few months, TBI Hotel Experts will start working alongside with famous hospitality experts and Influencers, to create unique Hotel Collections that will be highly reliable, gaining ground as a platform that maintains a high-quality standard through its unique content.

TBI Hotel Experts inform hoteliers for new Hotel Search Trends, create special Hotel Collections and help hotels develop more targeted content.

TBI Hotel Experts are always in touch with hoteliers, helping them target the latest "Hotel Search Trends" they track down, by creating new Hotel Collections and developing more targeted hotel content. 

Based on TBI Experts' recent research, two special Campaigns have been created and they will be launched later this month, "The Best Romantic Hotels around the world" and "The top Hotels for Summer Holidays". Stay tuned because TBI Experts will soon announce more exciting Hotel Campaigns!

ΤΒΙ collaborates closely with hoteliers to create targeted content that includes the hotel’s booking engine.

Of course, since Hotel SEO Content is the key to effectively targeting niche markets and thematic searches, TBI focuses on creating unique targeted content for its collaborating hotels. "Hotel SEO Article" is an innovative content tool (article) which includes the hotel's official booking engine and comes with detailed statistics, of which hoteliers have 24/7 access.

The New TBI adapts to Hotelier's needs and the new Hotel Search trends, allowing hotels to promote their booking engine in more places in the platform, increasing the possibilities for direct bookings and traffic.

TBI launches a series of online trainings, with the purpose to help hoteliers understand "How to target niche markets" in 3 simple steps. 

Finally, Travel by Interest is announcing a series of FREE online emails, including exclusive tips and dynamic tools/strategies to train and help hoteliers target the niche markets while effectively increasing theirs direct bookings! If you are interested in this series of training, subscribe here and in the next few days you will receive the first out of the three steps on "How to target niche markets".

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