Travel By Interest could be described as “a new generation hotel search website”. In fact, this rising platform classifies the more than 3.500 already registered hotels in themed Collections, promoting them to ready-to-buy travelers looking for the best holiday accommodation. Moreover, travellers are able to access the hotels’ profile pages and official booking engines, which leads to higher direct booking potentials

Travel By Interest’s operational model, can be described in four main steps: 

  1. Generation of travel trends reports 

In recent years, travellers have become more demanding about their choices on holiday accommodation. The Internet has contributed to this direction, as tourists can now easily discover and reserve properties that fulfill their individual needs and wants. For instance, some travellers prefer luxury hotels, while others look for hotels close to nature. At the same time, several search for family friendly hotels, or even for adult-only properties. 

Through extended research and using online technological tools and applications, the team of Travel By Interest locates the latest trends and requirements of the global travel market and gathers them in organized reports. This type of research is carried out on a monthly basis, in order to always keep data up to date.

  1. Creation of special Hotel Collections 

Based on the above mentioned travel trends reports, Travel By Interest creates new Hotel Collections every month. These Collections are divided into three main categories:  

  • Hotel Collections based on travellers’ interests (Gay, Food, Wellness, Luxury)
  • Hotel Collections based on destination (e.g. Hotels in Greece, Hotels in Maldives) and 
  • Hotel Collections based on a specific theme (e.g. Hotels with impressive design, Hotels with homemade breakfast options). 

The number of Collections a hotel will be listed on is connected with the number/variety of photographs and the amount of information it provides to Travel By Interest. This method of property categorization drives targeted traffic to the official websites of the hotels, while the platform allows hotels to run a “top of the list” promotional campaign for their preferred collections, at a low cost.

As mentioned before, travellers who are looking for accommodation based on their personal likes and preferences can easily navigate through Travel By Interest’s website and find exactly the property they dream of!

  1. Activation of hotel website buttons and direct booking engine integrations 

Apart from getting their properties included for free in as many Hotel Collections as possible, hoteliers are also able to connect their website and direct booking engine to the Travel By Interest platform. In this case, a ‘Visit Website’ button is enabled across the hotel’s listing, while its official booking engine is directly linked to its profile, allowing travellers to begin their search within, but finalise the reservation in the hotel’s own environment.

It is important to mention that hotels can accept direct bookings from Travel by Interest visitors without any costs or commissions. This is one of the strongest competitive advantages of this modern travel website, since, contrary to its competitors, it enables hotels to increase their profit by offering net prices, while travellers can book at the lowest cost.

  1. Publishing of hotel SEO articles

In addition to  the Hotel Collections, Travel by Interest in collaboration with The Hotel Content Company offers an extra service to international hotels and hotel brands, since the platform’s highly-qualified Hospitality Experts are able to write and publish SEO optimized articles about their properties and destinations. . An innovative characteristic of TBI’s hotel articles is that they enable readers to interact with the content and even make direct bookings, using the relevant  booking masks that are placed within the  articles.

For the coming months, Travel By Interest plans to create special Collections for hotels in Europe and Asia. Moreover, various themed Collections for Christmas and Winter holidays will be launched soon. If you haven't registered your hotel on TBI yet, you can do so for free by clicking here. For more information, questions or inquiries, you may contact Travel By Interest via telephone at +30 21 0324 5142 or via email at