Perhaps we’ll have to postpone some of our travel plans in the next several months, but when you cannot visit those exotic places, you can bring them into your home through your menu! Ever since foodie travel officially became a “thing”, more people started discovering the culinary heritage of every single place on our humble planet. This might be your opportunity to get a whiff of the Mediterranean or bring the Orient to life in your own kitchen.

With the right ingredients, or the right take-out menu, you can travel the world from the comfort of your own home. Then again, if you still plan to fulfil your travel fantasies for this year, although perhaps a little later than planned, you can make a few worthy reservations and plan to try some of the following dishes while there!

Italy’s signature pasta carbonara

This Mediterranean jewel boasts quite a few stunning beaches for you to visit, but when it’s time to pack your sunscreen and prepare for an evening out, you shouldn’t go to a local restaurant unprepared. You’ve likely already tried and even prepared the classic Bolognese sauce for your own pasta dinners, but what about carbonara?

Al dente pasta paired with cream sauce, eggs, and a few strips of pancetta (or bacon, depending on what you have at your disposal), and topped with parmesan – it’s all you need for a flavor-filled Italian dinner.

A colourful bowl of Poke from Hawaii

Poke bowls have become the colourful favorite of many foodies around the world. If you find yourself immersed in the Hawaiian scenery, you should definitely treat yourself to a classic Ahi Poke bowl, where tuna will steal the spotlight, with numerous seasonal veggies to follow.

You can expect to be dazzled by the blend of tastes such as fresh radish, creamy avocado slices, edamame, and a touch of grated ginger. The dish is as refreshing as the country itself, so make sure to taste a few different combinations until you discover that personal, go-to favorite.

Kung Pao chicken as a Chinese staple

Asian food has become a global phenomenon, but Chinese recipes prevail as the most sought after due to their flavor complexity and the fusion of exotic spices available in each and every dish. Even though you probably already have your favorite recipe, you can create a dedicated Chinese dishes list to make sure you’ve tried the staples from each style of their cuisine.

That means that the famous Sichuan Kung Pao chicken should be at the very top of that list! Bite-sized fried chicken paired with crunchy peanuts and seasonal vegetables has quite a flavorful punch.

The taste of the Balkans wrapped in sarma

If you’ve never been to Serbia, food is the only reason you need to head to this small, but feisty country in the Balkans. Their rich history paired with a suitable climate gave birth to a diverse palette of tastes, with a strong focus on meat-heavy meals.

While there are several varieties of sarma that are worthy of your attention, you can start with the winter classic: minced meat wrapped in sour cabbage leaves, spiced with sweet paprika powder, traditional pepper, and bay leaves, oven-baked for hours with smoked pork ribs. Once you try them, you’ll never be able to go back to a sarma-free diet, rest assured.

The classic Greek moussaka

When you think of Greece, you envision turquoise, translucent waters much like the Caribbean, the sound of the playful bouzouki, and the unmistakable richness of olives. In all that natural wealth, it’s no wonder Greece is home to some of the world’s most palatable recipes, moussaka included.

Layered, sliced eggplant or potatoes with minced meat, soaked in milk and eggs, and mixed with a slew of Mediterranean spices. It’s filling and if you top it with béchamel, you’ll have the perfect Sunday lunch recipe on your hands.

Turkish baklava for those with a sweet tooth

This recipe is as sweet as it gets. It’s meant for true aficionados who appreciate the subtle, but rich flavours that come in this versatile dessert, whether it’s filled with pistachios or walnuts, and the overwhelming taste of sweet, sweet honey.

It comes from the Ottoman Empire, presumably from Turkey, but you’ll find it served expertly anywhere from Greece to Azerbaijan, in all kinds of curious aromas. 

Take on a Swiss mindset with fondue

Now served practically everywhere, fondue is an invention from Switzerland that has taken over the entire world by storm. Cheesy, creamy, and delightfully toasty, this communal dish is a perfect way to either warm up for the main course, or even as the main meal alone. It comes in sweet varieties, too, as you can melt chocolate and dip fresh fruit for a spotless dessert. 

For more Swiss delights that you have to try out when visiting this spectacular country, do not hesitate to visit this article that is dedicated to the most popular dishes of Switzerland.

Many of these dishes are widely available in various global restaurants, but they are truly best served in their places of origin. Whether you’re about to try your hand at preparing one of these meals like a true foodie, or you’re simply doing some research to fill out your travel itinerary, enjoy the many sweet and savoury flavours of the world to appreciate it even more!