Technology is taking over our society and cities silently expand. Our lives remain untouched from the rapid development around us... or this is something that we would like to believe. The truth is that nature deprivation is a real issue for millennials, and it impacts our physical and mental health in more ways that we can imagine. When was the last time that you took a trip to the countryside? Even if it was recently, was it enough to cast away your stress? Well, from a person who goes to the countryside frequently, I can comfortably say no.

If you want to make a true reboot to your inner self, you must either leave yourself to the hands of wellness specialists, or spend enough time in nature, breathe as much clean air as possible, and allow your brain take a break from your everyday worries. We all know that such spare time, nowadays, does not exist. This is why we have to make the most of our holidays, by leaving ourselves to experienced people. But, don't get us wrong here, this is not about living a lush life, this is about living a healthy life - a life that has been stripped away from most of us by modernization. 


25/5/19 - 26/5/19


- 1-night stay including breakfast
- Welcome drink
- Late check-out until 4.00 pm
- 2 buffet lunches and 1 buffet dinner
- Restorative Yoga Session – cleanse & balance Low Chakras (90 min.)
- Seated and Sensorial meditation in the garden (90 min.)
- Restorative Yoga Session – cleanse & balance High Chakras (90 min.)
- Body Scan meditation practice and walking meditation in the park (weather permitting)
- Access to the SPA & Fitness Area: Fitness Centre, Pool, Jacuzzi, Turkish Bath, Sauna, Emotional Shower, Ice Fountain and Kneipp Path
- 20% discount on selected SPA treatments
- Free garage
- Free shuttle bus service from / to Lugano city centre at scheduled times, as well as from/to Lugano train station and Agno airport on arrival and departure days
- Ticino Ticket: free to move with all public transport in Canton Ticino (discounts on cruises, funiculars and tourist attract)

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Living in nature: The Benefits!

Photo Credits: Resort Collina d'Oro - Shaolin Even at 21/5/19

We know that for many of you, the benefits of being in nature are obvious. But, sometimes, some things need to be said in order to be fully realized. A great number of studies and campaigns has shown that ecotherapy significantly reduces our stress and boosts our immune system. Let's discover the top 5 benefits of being in nature.

1. Reduces Inflammation & Improves Sleep Quality. Direct skin contact with earth reduces our potential positive charge, thus reducing inflammation in the body and greatly enhancing our sleep quality: this process is known as grounding.

2. Boosts our Vitamin D levels & Immune System. The deficiency of this vitamin is unfortunate, as it's plentifully provided by the sun. Vitamin D is provided by sun exposure, and it is proven to boost your immune system. Just make sure to be moderate, as too much sun exposure can also result in health problems!

3. Heals the mind. It's scientifically proven that being in nature increases your pleasant feelings, while greatly reducing bad feelings like anger, fear and stress. A 2009 study has also shown the people that connect with nature are less likely to suffer from anxiety or depression.

4. Reduces Body Tension. Even looking at scenes of nature reduces your cortisol, blood pressure, heart rate, and muscle tension. 

5. Improves eye health. Staring at a screen can lead to eye fatigue, headaches, neck or back problems, and other sight problems. This is actually the result of the artificial lighted created by the concentrated lumens on a specific spot.

As referred above, you need time to the above health benefits, you will have to leave yourself at the hands of a specialist. And we got the best one for you! 

A wellbeing oasis in a corner of paradise!

Natural & Tranquil: these two words perfectly describe Resort Collina d'Oro in Lugano. The Resort is well-appointed 520 meters above sea level, enjoying stunning views of the Alps and Lake Lugano. It is bathed in sunshine most of the year, as it enjoys approx. 2,500 sunshine hours per year. These are surely impressing numbers, however, we haven't reached the best part yet.

Resort Collina d'Oro is surrounded by 25 hectares of natural park so it's literally immersed in nature. Taking a walk at the hotel's gardens, vineyards and other natural areas actually become a morning habit. The best part is that, eventually, you don't even leave the Resort to enjoy a walk in nature.

Last but not least, the Resort Collina d'Oro's 1000 m2 SPA & Fitness Centre, as well as SPA Days and special offers, are available to anyone, even outside guests.

The best way to enjoy the Collina d'Oro Experience!

Picking the ideal wellness package for you is actually super easy, since there 4 and they are all pretty straight-forward.

The standard Collina d'Oro Day Spa Package includes access to the fitness centre, swimming pool, sauna, Turkish bath, multi-sensory shower and Kneipp path and a SPA Kit with bathrobes, towels and slippers. It can be further upgraded with a 2-course light lunch.

Then comes the Wellness Day SPA, that includes access to all the above, as well as a relaxing massage or face cleansing of 50'. The 2-course light lunch is also included in the package. The Platinum Day Spa includes all the above, and an additional 25' treatment of your choice like hydrotherapy/mud wrap/scrub.

And, last but not least, the Romantic Day Spa includes access to the wellness areas, a couple relaxing massage of 60' and a 2-course light lunch for two; perfect chance to relax with your other half, don't you think?

Relax your muscles with a refreshing massage!

You are in nature: birds sing around you, the stunning view of a lake keeps you company, and Collina d'Oro Resort's staff pampers you to the fullest. What could you possibly need right now? But, a massage, of course. Your wellness experience in Lugano will never be complete without a long, refreshing massage by the hands of the hotel's specialists.

Fortunately, Resort Collina d'Oro has created a rich menu of massages, including short 25' minutes, mid-sized 50' ones, and the super-sized 90' minutes ones. Whether you eventually prefer the hot stone massage, the californian massage, or the pneumatic lymph-drainage, you will all love it.

Beauty Treatments & Intense Hydrotherapy

You might not realize the big impact of air pollution to your face, but it definitely exists. If you make a research, you will actually find many anti-pollution skincare products. In any case, as you are already at it, why not elevate the level of pampering with a special beauty treatment. The Radio frequency/Oxygen therapy sound perfect to us.

Last but not least, a series of hydrotherapy treatments and wraps will make you break a sweat and release all the toxins that have built in your body. The Mud Wrap & Scrub might sound messy to some of you, but don't let that discourage you from trying. This is like a 50' miracle! 


06/05/19 - 15/06/19


1. Pneumatic Lymph-drainage
treatment with draining effect

2. Caffeine body scrub
Particularly suitable to fight cellulite and water retention

3. Silhouette massage
draining and shaping, to stimulate circulation and favour the reduction of water retention

A Few Words about the Accommodation

You might be wondering by now... what about the accommodation? Well, Resort Collina d'Oro seems to be uncompromising on the quality of its accommodation. It is home to 16 double rooms and 30 suites. All rooms feature brown oak floors and a creamy Mazzaro limestone in the bathrooms. The best part is that all the suites enjoy wonderful views of the surrounding nature.

Superior Double Rooms overlook the back side of the Hotel, however, we should note that staying in these rooms doesn't mean you will have to compromise on the accommodation quality, which is still top-notch. Then come the Suites. The Junior, Superior and Deluxe Suites are all spacious and with a handful of extra facilities that we think you will really value. For us, the most important part is that they are all spacious, spreading from 50 to 70 m2.

Your days at Lugano and Resort Collina d'Oro will flow peacefully and, without-a-doubt, quickly. In the end, you can't help but wish it lasted a little longer.