Santorini's iconic blue domed churches, white-washed villages and Caldera views have uplifted it into one of the most Instagrammable spots in the world. The island is visited annually by many celebrities, bloggers, influencers and a heck ton of travelers who mostly visit it for romantic holidays, destination weddings and honeymoons (youtube is literally packed with people vlogging their honeymoon/wedding there).

However, as Santorini's popularity is rapidly growing and considering the high budget for a proper honeymoon on this island, a burning question arises: Is it truly worth it? As a Travel Expert and Addict, I will try to answer this question as objectively as I can. And, I have to say that Santorini is totally f$%@ing worth it. Below, I will answer with a few simple words why I think Santorini is the perfect place for honeymoons (and vow renewals).

1. Santorini Landscape is exactly like in the photos

The concept of the perfect angle doesn't exist in Santorini as the landscape is exactly as it looks like in the photos. Every photo on this island seems perfect (at least, location and background-wise). The whitewashed towns and hotels found on the Caldera blend perfectly with the blue of the sea creating the gorgeous backdrop that every Instagram Photo of Santorini has. Your Santorini Photos will make a great addition to your Honeymoon Album, while we would also recommend your wedding photoshooting to take place there.

Of course, there is another part of Santorini that's hardly ever displayed in the photos. The part of Santorini that you see in the social media is the inner caldera. The rest of Santorini might not be that breathtaking but we would recommend spending a day to see the most important parts like the black beach, the Archaeological Site of Akrotiri and the huge vineyards. Pyrgos Kallistis is a trending village that might not be on the Caldera but it has caught the attention of many.


Authentic hospitality and high-end facilities combine to create the most luxurious accommodation experience in Santorini for couples. Alti Santorini Suites is characterized by its wonderful minimal design, and breathtaking views over the Caldera and the Mediterranean's deep blue.

Naturally, it's also one of the best places to watch the Santorini Sunset, something that you can also do while relaxing on a sunbed. The breakfast is served daily at the suites, which means that you will be able to enjoy it at the privacy of your own room's terrace, while overlooking the Caldera.

Lastly, the hotel organizes special honeymoon and anniversary surprises as well as decoration planning, which is a must-do, if you ask us.


2. The quality of the Hotels' Services is out-of-this-world

So, it's true that hotels in Santorini are expensive. But, do they justify for it? Absolutely yes! In Santorini, you don't pay just the views but the whole hotel experience. What do I mean by that? Personalization. Many hotels, especially on the Caldera, boast another level of interaction with their clients. Since they are small, almost boutique-sized, they can add some small details to their services that have huge impact on your stay. Like for example the hotel staff remembering your short name.

In the meantime, most of the hotels include special services and experiences for couples, as well as often packages for honeymoons and weddings. Some of the standing out services and experiences that you can enjoy with your other half in Santorini are watching the sunset from your room, enjoying your breakfast at your private terrace, and arranging a romantic candlelight dinner overlooking the Caldera.

3. People are different (in a good way)

This is something the videos, photos or even blogs never mention about Santorini. People on this island (and on every Greek Island, actually) seem to be very relaxed and friendly (at least when it doesn't include business). The positive energy that you receive from the locals and to a further extend from the fellow visitors is unimaginable.

That said, you might have often heard that Santorini is over-crowded. That's true if you visit Santorini as a tourist. And, what do we mean by that? Santorini, as all places in this world, has the so-called tourist traps. These places are naturally flocked with tourists, thus creating an unpleasant experience.

This is why you will find quite many people complaining about them, suggesting you not to visit the island. You have to play it smart. Make a research for the places that most people recommend and... avoid them.

4. Entire Towns hanging from a cliff (vertigo levels hit maximum)

If you are afraid of heights... well, you should better skip Santorini, or at least the Inner Caldera part. Only the thought that you are on a town that would fall apart with a simple earthquake is terrifying enough to pass away. Well, the scenery is surely worth it. The whitewashed, picturesque alleys of Fira, Oia and Imerovigli make every walk magical. It wouldn't be Santorini if it weren't this steep and breathtaking landscape anyway - it would be just another Greek Island. 


As Alti Santorini Suites is an adults-only resort, a premium experience is guaranteed through its grounds. There are currently 9 types of rooms available, all offering 100% privacy and seclusion to their guests. For Honeymooners, we highly recommend   booking at the homonymous Private Honeymoon Suite, whose unique and romantic atmosphere will surprise you.


5. It's all about the mood!

As Santorini is luxurious by nature, the breathtaking stiff cliffs, the mesmerizing sunsets, the picturesque streets and the white-blue churches will indulge you to the most romantic walks that will be long remembered. No matter where you come from,  if you are looking for the ideal setting for your Honeymoon, Santorini should definitely be among your top choices! See below a luxury collection of the best hotels and honeymoon suites in Santorini and live a privilege truly experience!