Portugal is a country of great beauty and historical value, however, you can't deny that the most picturesque area of Portugal, is undoubtedly the northern part of the country. Packed with little villages waiting for you to discover, rough mountains and beautiful wilderness for adventure lovers, UNESCO World Heritage Sites and much more. We can't but mention the country's great gastronomy as well, which can definitely become a reason for you to visit it.

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Since Portugal is a big country, you might be wondering... should you visit the biggest cities or prefer the countryside for a more traditional experience... Well, for this article, we have decided to collect six must-visit places you should not miss discovering during your next holidays in Portugal!


Porto | Travel by Interest

Porto is the second largest city of Portugal after Lisbon, and the capital of 'Norte' region. It definitely a must-visit destination in Portugal, or better say, Europe! Travellers love the city  for its old town in the Ribeira with the narrow streets, the Baroque buildings and monuments and of course for its gastronomy. Porto wines are among the most famous varieties in the world, so a wine tasting session is a must!

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The Douro Valley

The Douro Valley | Travel by Interest

A lush green environment, vineyards on mountains, gorgeous little villages and the Douro river, make The Douro Valley. A great destination in Portugal that everyone should visit at least once, for tasting its wine, strolling at the picturesque port and experiencing authentic Portuguese holidays.

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Viana do Castello

Viana do Castello | Travel by Interest

A combination of amazing beaches and medieval settings, turn Viana do Castello into a gorgeous place to discover! Rococo palaces, Manueline estates with late-Gothic hints and many Portuguese architectural sights will make your stroll fascinating and photo-worthy! As for your tan, there are a lot of beaches to enjoy swimming and sunbathing.

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Amarante | Travel by Interest

Amarante stretches along Tamega river — the longest tributary of Douro river — between a chain of mountains, with a lot of ups and downs in its narrow streets and bridges. An ideal choice for romance, gastronomy and alternative destination junkies!

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Caminha | Travel by Interest

Another northern Portugal destination that combines nature and architectural sights. In Caminha, you can find beaches, rivers, mountains and forests, as well as buildings that represent the story of Renaissance days!

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Vila Nova De Cerveira

Vila Nova De Cerveira | Travel by Interest

Vila Nova De Cerveira features gorgeous Gothic buildings, relaxing spots along the river banks and beautiful strolling/cycling paths. The city has a distinct artsy character, with art projects and props all around. The annual art festival taking place here is an excellent occasion for all culture lovers!

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