Getting Married in Santorini is a relationship goal for many couples. The island's breathtaking landscape, idyllic sunset and luxury 5-star resorts perched on the Caldera are enough to persuade any couple to visit Santorini or even organize their wedding/honeymoon on it. If you are not familiar with Santorini's breathtaking setting, we believe a scroll through Google's images about Santorini Honeymoon will give you an overall idea on what's honeymoon in Santorini all about.

However, Wedding in Santorini is not an easy task to do - especially, if you are making all the preparations from a distance. On this occasion, you will most probably need a coordinator to make all the arrangements for you, and, as Greeks seem to love paperwork, you need to be thoroughly planned before your wedding. Of course, arranging your wedding in a luxury hotel is a great way to deal with all wedding plannings - while, through this way, you might also be able to strike a deal for yours and your relatives' accommodation.

Getting Married in Santorini: The Experience

What is it like to get married in Santorini, you might wonder. Well, have you seen the movie "My Big Fat Greek Wedding"? If yes, you get the overall picture. If not, we highly recommend you watch it, as it's very entertaining. The best way to describe a Santorini Wedding is dream-like, out of this world and drenched in blue and white (from the white-washed villages and the vivid blue of the Aegean).

Close your eyes and picture yourself in front of a white-washed, blue-domed church. It's evening - the sky has turned into a crimson red, and you are about to say your second "I do". Your soon-to-become husband holding your hands and your closest people almost cheering at the audience. If that's not the ideal for a wedding experience, then what is?

Pegasus Suites & Spa: An Iconic Resort in Imerovigli that has become a sensation for its weddings overlooking the Caldera!

Pegasus Suites & Spa is one of those hotels that understands that your wedding is entirely your moment to shine. The hotel organizes both open and private ceremonies, so it's really up to you wether you want to invite all your friends or spend your wending only with your other half. The hotel's staff will take care of all paperwork for you without any additional cost, which means the only thing you'll have to do is lay back and just wait for the ceremony to happen - well, you will have to pick the dress etc. but these are all fun activities to do anyway. 

Moreover,   Pegasus Suites & Spa has created a series of packages for couples, ensuring a more romantic experience to the couple - or the couples of the group. You can choose between the three Romance Packages, which include from private transfer from/towards the airport, to Moët Champagne with strawberies, bouquets of roses, decorated rooms with roses and aromatic candles and other small perks to surprise your other half.

Pegasus Suites & Spa is home to some of the best honeymoon suites in Santorini while we highly recommend the Honeymoon Plunge Pool Suite for honeymooners. As the name suggests, this is the perfect suite for honeymooners, offering total privacy and seclusion to its guests, as well as some of the most breathtaking views of the Caldera. 

How to pick the perfect venue for your Wedding

As Santorini is a popular choice for destination weddings, finding a venue to organize your wedding is quite easy. The island boasts an abundance of wedding venues, while most of the hotels can organize your wedding in their premises. However, here in Travel by Interest, we believe that hotels are the best place to organize your wedding.

That's mainly due to the fact that, when arranging a wedding in a hotel, it's like finding a place to stay at the same time - with extra benefits. The hotels in Santorini try their best to offer an exclusive experience to their guests (you will understand that from the room rates) while you might end up with various extra perks like complimentary champagne upon arrival, airport transfers, romantic massages and other exclusive services.

If you are planning to invite many relatives and friends of yours in the wedding, you might also strike a deal with the hotel and decrease the expenses of your guests. So, no matter how you look at it, it's a win-win situation. If you are wondering if hotels organize private weddings - yes, most of them do.

Things to do in Santorini with your Friends/Relatives

Now that you managed to persuade your friends/relatives to follow you in Santorini, you have to find a way to fill your days there - just the wedding might not be enough to do that. Thankfully, Santorini is blessed with an abundance of activities to do, suitable for all ages and tastes.

Catamaran Cruise is certainly one of the must-do activities in Santorini. You and your friends can hire your own, personal catamaran, and go for an excursion at the Caldera. You will be able to dive in the midst of the crater, sunbathe and enjoy your favorite cocktails together. Just make sure that the cruise includes food as well, as Catamaran Cruise can last up to the evening.

Beach exploration is another must-do, as Santorini might not be an island particularly known for its beaches, but they are certainly all unique and breathtaking - like the red or black beach. Finally, a dinner on the Caldera will set the mood for what's to come.

The documents needed for a Wedding in Santorini

Now that you have somewhat pictured your wedding on Santorini, let's go to the most boring part of the entire procedure - the paperwork. For your wedding you will need passports, full birth certificates, certificate of non-impediment to marry from both the bride and the groom, a copy of the local newspaper where your intent to marry was published and affidavits stating the bride and groom are free to marry.

All documents must be translated in Greek and bear an Apostille stamp from the Greek Embassy in your country. If you are planning to make a religious ceremony, you will need two copies of all the above documents, one for the house of worship and one for the town hall. So, if you seriously consider planning your wedding in Santorini, don't hesitate any longer and contact Pegasus Suites & Spa right-away.

After a great wedding, comes greater honeymoon!

After your glorious Santorini wedding, it's time to relax and enjoy your first journey as a couple. The best part? You don't have to leave the island to do that! Take your time and do all the activities that you didn't manage to do due to the wedding preparations. Go on a wine tour, enjoy a romantic dinner on the Caldera for two, go on a catamaran cruise, stroll around Oia's picturesque alleys... so much stuff to do on this island, you will never want to leave!