Also known as the City of Bridges, Da Nang has charmed its way to the heart of many couples visiting Central Vietnam. This city has the power to turn every moment into a special occasion. While, its popularity as a romantic getaway has made it a hit for Valentine's Day Trips and Honeymoons.

Either you are on your honeymoon or on your casual yearly romantic trip, you must be searching for romantic things to do in this beautiful city. Well, rest assure, because we found the most romantic things to do in Da Nang, and we are pretty sure that you will love them as much as we do.

1. Go on a Dinner Cruise at Han River

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Taking a walk by Han River is surely exciting, but nothing compares to a dinner cruise on it. As the sun slowly disappears through the horizon and Da Nang is dressed with thousands of twinkling lights, you will be enjoying a delicious buffet dinner while soaking up this spectacle. A touch of glamourness is added to the romantic atmosphere of the cruise and, voila ~ is this reality or a movie?


Spectacular & luxurious, Altara Suites invites all couples to recharge and relax with the comforts and services of a refined apartment. Its state-of-art technology and a breathtaking design are more than enough to seduce couples to try the Altara experience. What stands out within the hotel grounds is the breathtaking view over Danang and the Ocean. The view can be observed from all hotel grounds, including the rooms, the rooftop pool, the gym, the sauna, and the level 33 reception.

Altara Suites is located at the end of Vo Nguyen Giap street, only a breath away from My Khe Beach. City navigation becomes a piece of cake when staying at Altara Suites. For couples, we recommend the Bliss or Peace Suites. Both feature high-quality facilities and services, with only difference being their view. Peace Suites face Da Nang City while Bliss Suites overlook the Mountains. In the end, it's only up to your personal preferences!

2. Enjoy a Massage for Two

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A romantic massage might not be the surprise that your partner needs, but it's surely the one that they deserve. Leave yourselves to the hands of the specialists and enjoy high-level massage that will relax your muscles and release your built-up tension. Of course, there is more to it. This time, you won't be enjoying your massage alone. But, you will take it side-by-side your other half. Followed by a relaxing session in your private jacuzzi. This is romance. Of course, we highly recommend you enjoy this massage at the beginning of your trip, as it sets the mood perfectly for what's to come next.

3. Take an evening stroll at My Khe Beach

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Pristine, white-sand beach with shallow, turquoise-colour waters and a stunning sunset that compares to none. This description is enough to make anyone realize why visiting this beach is among the top romantic things to do in Da Nang for couples. During the day, it's a hotspot for swimming, sunbathing and relaxing. While, in the evenings, the sunset transforms it into one of the most romantic places to be in Vietnam. Various evening events are scheduled during high season, so the beach is full of life.

4. Board the Sun Wheel of Da Nang

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Sit together, and admire the breathtaking view of Da Nang hand-in-hand - Attention: this is not an activity for the faint of heart. This ride is part of Asia Park, which you have to pay a small fee to enter, but the Sun Wheel ride is free. Even though this will be your highlight, we highly recommend you to take a look and join one or two more rides while you are at it. Bring your inner child out for once in a while, and let this carefree park travel you back in time. 


There are many reasons for couples to love Altara Suites, but, here we indexed the 5 most popular. Let's check them out.

1. The breakfast is absolutely delicious

Served in a buffet style, the breakfast is served at the hotel's main restaurant. The breakfast is sumptuous, including popular continental recipes, as well as some Asian favorites. Of course, you will be enjoying your breakfast with specacular views of Da Nang and the Ocean, and, nothing compares to that.

2. Rooftop Swimming Pool + Cocktails? Hell, yes!

The hotel's rooftop infinity-edge pool is absolutely breathtaking, offering 360 views of Da Nang. The all-day lounge provides delicious cocktails, refreshing drinks and light snacks, while it's easily one of the popular areas of the hotel. Suddenly, My Khe Beach doesn't sound so breathtaking.

3. Spacious, Luxurious & with Breathtaking Views Rooms

Is there a better to wake up rather than with a view of the ocean, or a stunning cityscape. We think not. Your room will become your favorite place to watch the city getting "alive" every evening. Of course, the luxury facilities and amenities with-in the rooms ensure a high-quality stay.

4. In-Room Dining - Enjoy your dinner in peace!

The available option for in-room dining, combined with the stunning views of Da Nang from the rooms make this one of the most romantic activities in the city. For a more personalized experience, you can always ask the hotel and they will surely help you.

5. Check-In with Style & a Welcome Drink

It's not about the drink itself, but more about setting the mood. The check-in actually takes place in the 33rd floor, allowing you to bask on the city views from the first moment you enter the hotel. The Welcome Drink immediately puts you in a mood for vacations!


5. Go on a Street Food Adventure at Helio Night Market

Photo Credits: Official Danang Tourism Website

They say "love passes through the stomach", and they are totally right. Helio is one of the most popular night markets in Danang, featuring an abundance of nice street food, beer, ice cream, and all sorts of delicious traditional Vietnamese recipes, and it's the best place to combine culture exploration with dining. Only the thrill of exploring new tastes is enough to get you excited. This might not be "romantic" but it's up to one's tastes!

Grab your partner & live your own romantic experience in Da Nang!

Of course, these are only some of the romantic experiences that you can live in Da Nang. There are many, many more things to do with your other half, as well as a ton of sightseeing attractions and breathtaking landscapes to admire. The only thing that you have to do is   book at Altara Suites right-away, and let your Da Nang experience begin.