Finding your ideal Hotel in Greece has become easier than ever, with Travel by Interest's new Hotel Collections about the famous destination. After making research on what the travellers search for about Greece, the TBI Hotel Experts have created amazing Hotel Collections about Greece, that will help you find a hotel that matches your preferences. On top of that, as hotels tend to give better rates and additional benefits if you book directly with them, all the TBI Hotel Collections feature special 'Check Prices' buttons, that allow you to book directly with the hotel you choose, getting instant availability and the best rates.

Some of the most interesting Hotel Collections, are:

Hotel Collections by Influencers!

In addition to the special Hotel Collections based on popular searches, TBI introduces for the first time its brand new feature, where popular Influencers & Travel Experts create their own Hotel Collections with their favorite properties. To make special collections about Greece, TBI invited its CEO, Nikos S. Morantis, who has created the following:

Find your classics

As always, travellers are able to find in TBI the all-time classic Hotel Collections by Interest, that help Gay, Luxury, Wellness and Food travellers to find the best Hotel for their next holidays in Greece.

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