Hotel SEO is one of the vital elements in a hotel's marketing strategy and a great way to target niche markets. A good method that leads to good SEO results for your Hotel, is to have quality articles in third party channels with optimized and related to your hotel content, as well as back links to your website. 

As TBI specializes in Hotel SEO, it has launched a dedicated product that helps hotels target niche markets and improve their own SEO. The TBI Hotel SEO Articles are written by our advanced SEO Copywriters, targeting keywords with a great potential and providing a back link to your official website. On top of that, the articles carry your own booking engine, allowing travellers to proceed with a price check directly from your hotel the moment they are reading the article, hence increasing the potentials for a direct booking. 

How it Works:

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Our Experts make a research about your destination as well as global trends, recommending keywords that present increased potentials for your property.
  • We create high-quality articles with trustful information & rich visual material, as well as engaging content about your hotel, always related to the article's subject.
  • We connect your own booking engine and add a direct link to your website, allowing travellers to book directly with your property and supporting at the same time your own SEO.
  • Our Editorial Department constantly improves the article's SEO, aiming to further improve its results over time.


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      Hotel SEO Article Benefits

      • The Articles perform great on Search Engines, as they feature high-quality information that gives trustful answers to the travelers. 
      • Your Hotel has a direct benefit, as the article carries your own booking engine as well as a link to your official website.
      • Through the above back link, your Hotel receives a quality visit from an article with related content to major keywords you wish to target. This practice guarantees quality traffic for your hotel. 
      • IMPORTANT! In order to ensure the high quality of our articles and back links, our Editors use only the best practices and include hotels that actually match with the travellers' searches.
      • The results get better & better over time, as they mature within the various search engines, and efficiently give better results to the collaborating hotels.

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      This is how a Hotel is featured within an Article:

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