Santorini is connected to certain types of vacations: honeymoons, destination weddings & romantic trips. But, that doesn’t mean that the rest of travelers are entirely cut off from its rare beauty.

Santorini has gained quite the reputation as a family-friendly destination the past few years and various family-friendly accommodation have popped out in 2017-2018. It might not hold a reputation like Syros or Tinos, but it is surely a rising competitor.

Let’s start from the basics.

Where to Stay in Santorini as a family!

Santorini is blessed with many hotels, most of which are adults-only. Most Santorini Suites are created for two people - even if some of them boast of being able to host up to three people - so they are a no-go. Your best bet when it comes to family holidays in Santorini are either villas and studios (small families) or rentable houses (bigger families).

Yes, there are actually several houses in Santorini that you can rent for holidays and the best part is that some of them are actually on the caldera. Well, to save your time from searching, we have searched and found 2 houses in Santorini that might not be on the Caldera however they are the only option if you want high-quality accommodation, reasonable prices and stay away from the most tourist locations.

Kalypso Houses: Two Houses invite us to the unspoiled side of Santorini!

So you might be wondering by now: why did we pick Kalypso Houses? Why not a family house on the Caldera? There are the 3 reasons for that:

1. Very close to the beach

It’s summer. The temperatures average from 30 to 40 Celsius. The last thing you want is to find yourself and your children on an altitude of 1000m above sea level unprotected from the sun’s extreme rays and far from the cool breeze of the sea.

Both Kalypso Houses will give you ease access to Monolithos Beach so you can take a dive or two with your children anytime of the day. Keep in mind that Monolithos beach is an organized and safe for children beach with calm waters and fine sand. There is also a park there for your children to play.

2. Prices are reasonable

Truth be told when you are staying in a hotel in the Caldera, you are mostly paying the view. We are not here to judge if that’s good or bad, however, we know that many of you prefer spending your money on activities to do on the island or buy things for your children.

Well, Kalypso Houses boasts very good prices, especially if you are staying for long periods (it has a special offer with up to 20% off based on how many days you stay). Of course, all that, without compromising on the quality of the accommodation. This is a win win situation!

Kalypso Houses is actually one of the 15 hotels featured in our special collection of the best family hotels & villas in Europe for family-bonding vacations. 

3. Far from the large Santorini Crowds!

Santorini has come to be quite a popular island and it’s flocked with thousands of tourists every year (especially during the summer months May - September). This can lead to a not-so-stunning experience for families.

Well, that’s not the case with Kalypso Houses. Both Daphne & Elia Houses are found in the charming area of Agia Paraskevi, found at the unspoiled part of Santorini. Both you and your family will enjoy plenty time surrounded by nature while the aroma of pistachios and Nychteri grape definitely mark your days there.

Before going to explore the best things to do in Santorini as a family, you can find more information about Kalypso Houses by visiting their website here, or you could check prices directly at the hotel by clicking here!

Things to do in Santorini as a Family!

From super fun cable car rides to fascinating wine tours and awesome sailing trips on the Caldera, the activities to do in Santorini are plenty and diverse. Even though the island is small, you will still need a car to navigate around and make the most of your Santorini Adventure (taxis are out-of-option as there are very few on the island and they are actually not big enough for families). Your best bet is to rent a car!

1. Go Sailing on the Caldera!

Kids love sailing. And parents are extra calm when they are on Santorini due to its calm and safe waters. There are 3 types of sailing trips: the budget, the mid-range and the high-end.

The high-end experience means that you can rent a small boat and enjoy the catamaran only by yourselves. We would recommend you go for the mid-range catamaran though, as they are super fun and not reasonably priced.

2. Fun rides with the cable car!

This photo of Santorini Cable Car is courtesy of TripAdvisor

As the capital, Fira has many things to do with your family. The most fun thing to do is by far to catch the cable car reaching down to the seafront. Of course, as long as your children are not afraid of the heights.

The price is only 3€ per person so it’s very cheap. At the end you will find a cafe to enjoy a fresh juice or a refreshment while overlooking the sea. You are all definitely gonna love it.

3. Bask in the sun at Red & Black Beach!

Santorini might not stand out for its abundance of beaches, but the few beaches found on the island are quite unique. Two particular beaches have caught the attention of the visitors due to their unique colour of sand. We are referring none other than the Black Beach of Perissa and the Red Beach at Akrotiri. Both beaches are great for families!

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