Algarve's reputation as a wellness destination is steadily rising over the years. As people are realize the beauties of its beaches, fishing towns, cuisine and amazing weather, more and more visit it to relax and be refreshed in nature. Travelers looking for a relaxing weekend or a spa getaway need not look further! A spa weekend in Algarve is not hard to find!

There are plenty of different spas to choose from, depending on personal preference and location. In fact, many of hotels are equipped with spas inside, and there are plenty of relaxing and rejuvenating activities to do in the city as well!

In this article, we will give you some ideas on how to have the perfect spa weekend, including starting off with breakfast, going to a spa, going on a boat tour and staying at a luxurious hotel.

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Start off your spa weekend at a Juice Bar with a healthy and delicious breakfast before your day spa. Many spas have juice bars inside of them, but if yours doesn't, we recommend going to check out the Woods. With a spectacular rooftop view and delicious options such as acai bowls and fresh smoothies, you will get in the right mindset before starting off this day!

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Going to a Day Spa
Planning a spa day can take months of planning. The first thing you must do is to pick a spa to go to! In Algarve, there is no shortage of spas. When choosing a spa, it is advised to choose ones with amenities that you would like to use, and nice and personable staff.

We recommend going to the Serenity Spa in Algarve. Voted Europe's best Wellness spa, they emphasize on  visitors well being. Upon arrival, guests are greeted by smiling and enthusiastic employees. From there, guests can choose individual treatment plans and massages to help lead them on track to reaching tranquility and balance in their lives. There are couples packages and surprise packages available at an additional cost. 


Some of the treatments that are available include a thermal oasis, facial treatments, body treatments, serenity massage, hands & feet, signature treatments, and a hairdresser.  There are also a series of wellness programs that can be chosen, such as detox, fitness, weight management, serenity and yoga. At Serenity Spa, they are equipped with saunas with Himalayan rock salts, ice fountains, indoor/outdoor relaxation areas, indoor/outdoor pools, steam baths, jacuzzis, juice bars and more.

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Boat Tour

Following the day spa, we recommend heading to a boat tour. The Ria Formosa is a group of lagoons and waterways where birds and aquatic life are abundant and was voted as one of the 7 natural wonders of Algarve. Formosamar is a company that holds eco tours for groups. You can choose optional activities on these boat tours such as snorkeling with sea horses, swimming with dolphins or enjoying a boat lunch with fresh fish. What's more therapeutic than lounging around on a private boat, soaking in the sun and enjoying the beauty of Mother Nature?

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Where to Stay

To wrap up your ultimate relaxing weekend, we recommend staying at Hotel Alba. If you are already missing your spa experience, this hotel has got you covered with an outdoor pool and spa pool! Right on the coast of Monte Gordo beach, you can unwind and catch the beautiful sunset over the glistening water.

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We hope that with this guideline of what to do, you have a fantastic spa weekend in Algarve!