With the endless sand beaches, blue waters and epic sunsets, a trip to Phuket is remarkably romantic! If you are planning a honeymoon here, there are no shortage of memorable sights and activities you can see and do. Instead of just lounging around at your resort, we recommend taking a few days to do some island excursions! It is easy to get around Phuket with public transit, or by renting an ATV, motorbike or car! Here is our list of the top 5 things to do! 
  • Head to the Beach
  • Scuba Diving 
  • Have a Relaxing Massage 
  • Wat Suwan Khiri Wong
  • Watch the Sunset at Karon Viewpoint
Photo Credits: Phuket

Head to the Beach

The number one activity chosen by locals and tourists are to head to a beach. Phuket has no shortage of beaches, but we highly recommend visiting Pa Tong, Karon or Kamala!  If you are looking to get off of Phuket, why not consider going to one of the six small islands nearby? They are open year round, we we suggest going to Phi Phi Island! There are hundreds of beaches in Phi Phi for you to choose from, many of them with private bays.

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Maikhao Dream Villa Resort and Spa features 22 private villas designed with Royal Beach House architecture in mind. There is even a man made waterfall inside the stunning front lobby. Upon request, you can go for rides in the hotel's limousines, yachts or even helicopters!

Scuba Diving 

Phuket is listed as one of the top ten diving spots in the entire world, so make sure to spare some time to go underwater with your loved one when on a honeymoon! You can explore the coral reefs, see adorable aquatic creatures and more! If you decide you want to go scuba diving, make sure to head to Phuket between the months of November and April when the waters are most visible!

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There are plenty of food options if you decide to stay at the resort. Even though they are known for specializing in seafood and Thai food, feel free to make special requests (vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, whatever you want!). Maikhao also serves a delicious buffet breakfast and candlit, poolside lunch and dinners!

Have a Relaxing Massage 

Of course, when in Thailand, you must try a Thai massage! Luckily, local spa packages are very affordable and the quality is never compromised. Thai massages are a great way to relieve stress, tension and stiffness. You and your partner will leave the spa feeling rejuvenated and healed! 

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In Phuket, anything you want - swimming, diving, shopping, nightlife - they have it!

For those who want a more low-key holiday, feel free to unwind and browse through Maikhao's personal library collection or catch up on a Netflix series or two in the private lounge. 

Wat Suwan Khiri Wong

Definitely one of the most popular tourist attractions in Phuket are the Buddhist temples. For those who are inspired by the popular Hollywood blockbuster "Eat Pray Love", head over to Wat Suwan Khiri Wong to enjoy the beautiful architecture and learn more about the historical significance. It is also conveniently located within walking distance to the main beach!

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  Maikhao Dream Villa Resort and Spa cares deeply about their guests well being. Whether it be providing them with nutritious  meals at their restaurants or offering  fitness and activities for all ages and skill levels, they want visitors to leave feeling better than when they first came in!

Maikhao features many wellness packages, each with different purposes. Some of their most popular ones include the Detox, Anti Stress, Weight Management and a Customizable one!

Watch the Sunset at Karon Viewpoint

After a long day of lounging around or sight seeing, you and your partner should end it off with a majestic sunset! Karon Viewpoint offers panoramic views of Phuket and its surrounding beaches, and is the perfect location to watch the sun set and transform into stars.

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